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Plot 162:   Broadhaugh  -  whole park or croft

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This plot:

Plot IDAreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesProperties
162Broadhaughwhole park or croft


Sub-plots created from this plot :   

Plot IDAreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesProperties
170Broadhaugh(Duncan / Walker)60 West Rd
171Broadhaugh5 pieces of ground(McEwan, Symon, Kermath)44 West Rd
173Broadhaugh(Landale, Holden)4 West Rd
174Broadhaugh48 yds N-S, 43' E-W(David Just, 1)River House, West Rd
175BroadhaughE half of small park(David Just, 2)28-42 West Rd
176Broadhaugh(Robert Just)Just's Land, West Rd
177Broadhaughpiece of ground(Henderson)Coronation Garden, Well Cott, Riverside Cott [3]
178Broadhaughpiece of ground(Patrick, Bell / Hill 1, Shaw & Bell)62 West Rd (part)
181BroadhaughFig Tree / Harris Land2 houses with garden behind & on west side(A Baird / Ann Just)Fig Tree / Graham Place / Harris Land
182BroadhaughW half of small park(Barbara Mackie & Robert Just)West Rd: 48- 50, garden of 44
195Broadhaughpiece of ground & buildings(Thomas Just)70-76 West Rd, 1-3 Riverside Lane
217Broadhaughpiece of ground (+ additional 5 sq yd added 1864)(Ritchie, Chapman)68 West Rd
258Broadhaughpiece of ground(Kilgour)66 West Rd
363Broadhaugh50 pol(Wm Just / Cramb)52 West Rd
364Broadhaugh(Wm Just / Mackie)54-58 West Rd
377Broadhaughpiece of ground at riverside(David Just)24-42 West Rd (ground to the north)
378Broadhaughpiece of ground & growing timber (pt 1)(McEwan, Symon, Kermath)44 West Rd


Sasine Abridgements (in reverse order):

RefIn BriefAbridgementRegisteredPlot IDs
1894.00165Thomas Just to Robert Thomas JustExtract decr by Sherriff Subst Fife & Kinross finding that Robert Thomas Just clerk residing at The Terrace, West Newport is entitled to procure himself infeft of the following subjects in which Thomas Just, feuar, Justfield, died last vest & seised viz. - 2 houses & yds, : S by public road, being pts of the croft of Broadhaugh with privilege of bleaching green & well - which subjects were feued by Thomas Just to himself & Barbara Mackie in fee & liferent ... & children in fee ... conform to Con. of Marriage (6 Mar 1810) between them, 11 Jan 1894. 516.1586 Feb 1894176, 162
1883.03359Wm Just to Andrew Kilgour (1826), Trs William Turnbull, Peter Turnbull & Jessie Turnbull (as superiors) to Elizabeth Kilgour / DoigCh Novod. By (1) Trs deceased William Turnbull, millwright for behoof of his son Peter Turnbull (2) Trs Jessie Turnbull, daughter of William Turnbull, at the request of Andrew Kilgour, 2 Highriggs, Portland Place, Edinburgh & his sisters Isabella Kilgour, wife of Thomas Wood spirit merchant Dundee, & Elizabeth Kilgour wife of John Doig, barkeeper Royal Hotel Newport … to Elizabeth Kilgour / Doig of pce ground : S by King's highway, : N partly by common road to the sea, pt of croft of Broadhaugh & pt of lands of Inverdivet … & privilege of shipping goods … etc …18 Jul 1883258, 162sasine extract
1868.03131Authority to Trs Margaret Mackay to complete titleJudicial factor on trust estate of Margaret Mackay residing Newport gets decr authorising him to complete a title to a pce grnd with the growing timber thereon, pt of croft of Broadhaugh on N side of road Newport - Woodhaven1 Aug 1868364, 162sasine extract
1868.03067Trs William Just to John & James CrambJohn Cramb & James Cramb reg disp to themselves by Trs William Just who resided Newport, consent of John Cramb 1864, 1865 of 50 pol grnd & ho t/on, on N side of highway, pt of croft of Broadhaugh9 Jul 1868363, 162sasine extract
1864.03026Trs William Just jun to Trs William Turnbull on behalf of Peter Turnbull (1/2) and Jessie Turnbull (1/2)Trs William Turnbull millwright Newport (for behoof of Peter Turnbull his son) to the extent of one pro indiviso half, and Trs for behoof of Jessie Turnbull Newport his daughter to the extent of the other pro indiviso half reg disp to themselves by Trs William Just jun consent Robert Boyd of (1) pce land & houses called Wellgate Park and (2) croft of land & houses called Broadhaugh, pts of Inverdovat29 Dec 1864161, 162
1863.02133Tayfield to surviving trustees - George Just, David Just, Ann Just, & heirsTrs William Just jun residing Newport registers ch conf & novod to themselves by John Berry, Tayfield of (1) pce land called Wellgate Park & houses t/on and (2) a croft of land with houses t/on commonly called Broadhaugh, pt of lands of Inverdovat30 Oct 1863161, 162sasine extract
1853.02109William Just to Thomas Ritchie (1826); Thomas Ritchie to Margaret & Helen Ritchie (1851); Margaret Ritchie / Chapman to James Chapman & Mary ChapmanJames Chapman & Mary Chapman as heir to Margaret Ritchie spouse of said James Chapman her mother seised pce of grnd pt of croft of Broadhaugh on feu disp by William Just mason Justfield to Thomas Ritchie mason, Waterside, Newport 2 Dec 1826; Decr Gen Serv of said Margaret Ritchie & Helen Ritchie servant to Robert Geekie, Blairgowrie as heirs portioners to their father Thomas Ritchie 3 Sep 1851; & disp & assig by said Helen Ritchie 10 Jun 1853; & decr gen serv 26 Jun 1853.11 Aug 1853217, 162sasine extract
1846.00478William Just to Thomas Just to Rev Thomas JustRev Thomas Just, Newport, as heir to Thomas Just, lately residing Newport, seised pce of grnd, pt of Broadhaugh & buildings t/on on feu disp or feu ch by William Just, mason, Justfield to said Thomas Just 2 Dec 1826 and Ret Gen Serv 9 Dec 184621 Dec 1846195, 162sasine extract
1843.01210William Just to TrsTrs William Just residing Newport seised pce of land called Wellgate Park & houses etc t/on; & croft of land & houses t/on commonly called Broadhaugh, parts of lands of Inverdovat (under exc) & …. (Ferryport on Craig) …. these subjects first mentioned burdened with liferent of Anna Robertson relict of William Just, mason, Justfield - on disp & settl by said William Just15 Sep 1843161, 162
1839.04584William Just sen to Ann Robertson / Just & William Just junAnn Robertson, relict of William Just, mason, Justfield, & William Just, his nephew, seised in liferent & fee Wellgate Park & houses t/on; & croft of Broadhaugh; (& said William Just jun sesied eod die a tenement etc in Ferryport on Craig under burden of liferent of Margaret Kinnear relict of George Robertson, weaver in ground of Friarton;) …. on disp & settl & assig by William Just sen, 22 Apr 1839, (& on disp by William Robertson, mason, to William Just sen, 18 Apr 1838)22 Oct 1839161, 162
1838.03969William Just to William Duncan & Margaret Walker / DuncanWilliam Duncan, formerly coachman to Archibald Stewart of St Fort, now residing Newport, sesied pt of croft of Broadhaugh on feu disp by William Just, mason, Justfield, 2 Dec 1836, and Margaret Walker his spouse seised in liferent said subjects prop manibus William Duncan6 Nov 1838170, 162sasine extract
1836.02472Thomas Just to Barbara Mackie / Just & Robert Just (1820)Barbara Mackie relict of Thomas Just, feuar, Justfield, & Robert Just his son, seised in liferent & fee the W half of a small park, pt of Broadhaugh; & ho & yd, pt of the lands of Wellgate - on feu disp by said Thomas Just, 3 Apr 18204 Feb 1836182, 89, 161, 162sasine extract
1835.02346Thomas Just to Ann Just / Arthur Baird (1807)Ann Just spouse of Arthur Baird, weaver, Broadheughs, seised 2 houses at Broadheughs with the garden behind & on the west side of same on feu disp by Thomas Just, mason, Broadheughs, 11 Feb 180727 Oct 1835181, 162sasine extract
1828.04551William Just to William Patrick to Alexander Bell & Margaret HillAlexander Bell & spouse Margaret Hill siesed fee & liferent pce of grnd pt of Croft of Broadhaugh on disp by William Just, mason, Justfield to William Patrick, boatman, Newport, 2 Dec 1826, & assig by him, Oct 182826 Nov 1828178, 162sasine extract
1828.04316William Just to David Henderson (1826)David Henderson, son of Thomas Henderson, wright, Newport seised pce ground pt of Broadhaugh Croft on feu disp by William Just, mason, Justfield, 2 Dec 18269 Jul 1828177, 162sasine extract
1828.04315William Just to David Just (1825)David Just, brother of William Just, mason, residing Newport seised pce ground pt of Croft of Broadhaugh on feu disp by said William Just, 1 Feb 18259 Jul 1828377, 162sasine extract
1828.04314Thomas Just to David Just (1817)David Just, son of Thomas Just, feuar, Justfield, seised E half of sm park of land, pt of Croft of Broadhaugh on feu disp by said Thomas Just, 1 Feb 18179 Jul 1828175, 162sasine extract
1828.04313Thomas Just to David Just (1809)David Just, mason, Justfield, seised pce of ground & ho t/on pt of Croft of Broadhaugh on feu disp by Thomas Just, Justfield, 28 Mar 18099 Jul 1828174, 162sasine extract
1828.04270Thomas Just to Charles Landale (1809)Charles Landale, civil engineer, seised pce ground & houses t/on pt of Croft of Broadhaugh on feu disp by Thomas Just, feuar, Justfield, 12 Jun 180910 Jun 1828173, 162sasine extract
1824.01973William Just to David McEwanDavid McEwan seised piece ground pt of croft of Broadhaugh on disp by William Just, mason, formerly residing at Scotscraig cottown, now at Newport4 Sep 1824378, 162sasine extract
1821.00395Tayfield to William JustWilliam Just, mason, Justfield, seised land called Wellgate Park & houses t/on, & croft of land & houses t/on called Breadheugh on ch resig by William Berry, Tayfield, 3 Aug 182125 Sep 1821161, 162sasine extract
1786.01529John Lyon to Thomas JustThomas Just of Justfield seised 30 Nov 1786 in Wellgate Park & Breadhaugh being parts of Innerdivot, parish of St Phillans on disp by John Lyon of Kinnaird, 1 Apr 1786. Pr. 36.15619 Dec 1786161, 162sasine extract

Abbreviations in the notes
t/on - thereon;   t/p - turnpike;   dw - dwelling;   ho - house;   pt - part;   pce - piece;   grnd - ground;   bldg - building;   Tr/Trs - Trustee/Trustees;   dec - deceased;   ... - words omitted;   pol - poles;   yd - square yards;   : - bounded;   rd - road;   ' - feet;   " - inches;

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Names in Sasines:

1835.02346Baird, Ann
1835.02346Baird, Arthur
1828.04551Bell, Alexander
1828.04551Bell, Margaret
1863.02133Berry, Tayfield
1821.00395Berry, Tayfield
1864.03026Boyd, Robert
1853.02109Chapman, James
1853.02109Chapman, Margaret
1853.02109Chapman, Mary
1868.03067Cramb, James
1868.03067Cramb, John
1883.03359Doig, Elizabeth
1883.03359Doig, John
1838.03969Duncan, Margaret
1838.03969Duncan, William
1828.04316Henderson, David
1828.04316Henderson, Thomas
1828.04551Hill, Margaret
1843.01210Just, Ann
1839.04584Just, Ann
1835.02346Just, Ann
1894.00165Just, Barbara
1836.02472Just, Barbara
1828.04315Just, David
1828.04314Just, David
1828.04313Just, David
1846.00478Just, Rev Thomas
1894.00165Just, Robert Thomas
1894.00165Just, Thomas
1846.00478Just, Thomas
1836.02472Just, Thomas
1835.02346Just, Thomas
1828.04314Just, Thomas
1828.04313Just, Thomas
1828.04270Just, Thomas
1786.01529Just, Thomas
1868.03067Just, William
1864.03026Just, William
1853.02109Just, William
1846.00478Just, William
1843.01210Just, William
1839.04584Just, William
1838.03969Just, William
1828.04551Just, William
1828.04316Just, William
1828.04315Just, William
1824.01973Just, William
1821.00395Just, William
1863.02133Just, William jnr
1839.04584Just, William sen
1883.03359Kilgour, Andrew
1883.03359Kilgour, Elizabeth
1883.03359Kilgour, Isabella
1839.04584Kinnear, Margaret
1828.04270Landale, Charles
1786.01529Lyon, Johnn
1868.03131Mackay, Margaret
1894.00165Mackie, Barbara
1836.02472Mackie, Barbara
1824.01973McEwan, David
1828.04551Patrick, William
1853.02109Ritchie, Helen
1853.02109Ritchie, Margaret
1853.02109Ritchie, Thomas
1843.01210Robertson, Ann
1839.04584Robertson, Ann
1839.04584Robertson, George
1839.04584Robertson, Margaret
1839.04584Robertson, William
1883.03359Turnbull, Jessie
1864.03026Turnbull, Jessie
1883.03359Turnbull, Peter
1864.03026Turnbull, Peter
1883.03359Turnbull, William
1864.03026Turnbull, William
1838.03969Walker, Margaret
1883.03359Wood, Isabella
1883.03359Wood, Thomas


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