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Index to Dean of Guild Plans, 1890 - 1907 (incomplete)

The Dean of Guild Court was the committee of the Town Council responsible for approving building applications. Surviving plans are held by Fife Archives.

The information was taken from an old list of 'Plans not yet added to the Catalogue'. This list has been superceded and the references have changed. Refer to Fife Archives.

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AddressApplicantArchitectWorksDateNote Old Ref
Plan missing nd DG/N/1/1 0 sheet 
Cupar Road and Kilburn Place, Newport Newport Police Commission proposed footpaths and crossings (marked Newport Police Commission sketch plan) 1890  DG/N/6/1 1 sheet 
West Newport Andrew Leitch Thomas M Cappon, Dundee [? WC and waste area] 'Approved of by the Commissioners of Police of the burgh of Newport so far as regards the levels of the foundations.' 11 May 1891 Location 1 DG/N/6/2 1 sheet 
High Street, Newport James Brown Durward Brown and A J Gordon, SW appoved of 'so far as regards the levels of the foundations'. 14 March 1892 [also 14 High St]Location 1Location 2DG/N/6/3 1 sheet 
High Street, Newport David H Robertson Thomas M Cappon, Dundee alter shop (approved so far as regards the levels of the foundations) 14 March 1892 Location 1 DG/N/6/4 1 sheet 
Gowrie Hill Road, East Newport (near station) Alexander Robertson [? Alexander Robertson] Eight new semi-detached houses 11 July 1893 [Norwood: 14-24 and 2 others]Location 1Location 2DG/N/1/50/5 4 sheet 
West Newport (between Shepherds Brae and Public Road) John C Niven T M Cappon, Dundee additional first floor bedroom 4 September 1893 Location 1 DG/N/1/5 1 sheet 
Woodhaven Daniel Lawson Thomas M Cappon, Dundee Two new semi-detached villas 2 October 1893 Location 1Location 2DG/N/1/6 2 sheets 
St Marys Episcopal Church, High Street, Newport St Marys Episcopal Church T M Cappon, Dundee New rectory and church hall 5 March 1894 Location 1Location 2DG/N/1/7 2 sheets 
Seymour, Newport John A Leng T M Cappon, Dundee Additions to Seymour offices, laundry, wash house and coats. (Passed by the Commissioners subject to declaration that the brick walls in back offices be made nine inches thick instead of 4 and a half). 24 April 1894 Location 1 DG/N/1/8 1 sheet 
Ashbank, East Newport Alexander Scott T M Cappon, Dundee Addition of servants bedroom 24 April 1894 Location 1 DG/N/1/9 1 sheet 
West Newport Misses Brown T M Cappon, Dundee Extension to cottage 24 April 1894 [possibly this house]Location 1 DG/N/1/10 1 sheet 
street off Castle Road, West Newport Robert Chalmers Thomas M Cappon, Dundee Two new semi-detached villas 24 April 1894 Location 1Location 2DG/N/1/11 3 sheets 
Roadway between Newport and Wormit, West Newport David Lindsay Albert Square, Dundee New villa 4 June 1894 Location 1 DG/N/1/12 6 sheets 
Norwood and Newport Empty folder no drawings nd DG/N/1/13 0 sheets 
Turnpike Road, Woodhaven James Murdoch James Hutton, Dundee Two new semi-detached villas 7 August 1894 Location 1Location 2DG/N/1/14 4 sheets 
Queen Street, East Newport Joseph Fairweather WC to be constructed in and form part of existing roof 7 August 1894 Location 1 DG/N/1/15 1 sheet 
Old Kirk Road, West Newport (between Old Kirk Road and North British Railway) David Thomson A Hutcheson, Dundee Two new semi-detached houses 7 August 1894 Location 1Location 2DG/N/1/16 2 sheets 
Kirk Road, West Newport Alexander Geddes Thomas M Cappon Two new semi-detached villas 1 October 1894 Location 1Location 2DG/N/1/17 2 sheets 
Kirk Road (Tayfield Estate next to Waterstone Crook) A A Paul James Maclaren and Sons, Dundee Two new semi-detached cottages 13 November 1894 Location 1Location 2DG/N/1/18 4 sheets 
Ellenmount, Kirk Road, West Newport James Hynd Thomas Just, Dundee Extension to existing villa (ground, first and attic floors) 1 April 1895 Location 1 DG/N/1/19 1 sheet 
Cupar Road, East Newport Miss Helen P Whittet Alex Hutcheson, Dundee Addition of wash house and bathroom 6 May 1895 Location 1Location 2DG/N/1/20 1 sheet 
Newport David Brand Thomas M Cappon, Dundee Alterations move staircases, remove partitions, move range, bunker and sink and add conservatory. 6 May 1895 Location 1 DG/N/1/21 1 sheet 
East Newport Thomas Roger Thomas M Cappon Add porch 6 May 1895 [probably this house but could be 12 High St]Location 1 DG/N/1/22 1 sheet 
street off Castle Road, West Newport Robert Chalmers Thomas M Cappon Two new semi-detached villas 3 June 1895 Location 1Location 2DG/N/1/23 3 sheets 
Cadzow Castle, Kirk Road, Newport James Maclaren and Sons Bank Street, Dundee Add lobby, larder, scullery on ground floor, bathroom on first floor 9 July 1895 Location 1 DG/N/1/24 1 sheet 
Tay-brae, Newport Miss Mary Smith Add lavatory 9 July 1895 Location 1 DG/N/1/25 1 sheet 
Seacraig House, Newport James Fyffe and Son James Fyffe and Son Add bathroom and cloakroom 9 July 1895 [probably this house]Location 1 DG/N/1/26 1 sheet 
Albert Street, East Newport (junction with Causewayhead Road) G and L Ower FRIBAvillas 2 September 1895 Location 1Location 2DG/N/1/27 3 sheets 
Newport Public School, Scott Street, Newport Forgan School Board Thomas M Cappon, Dundee Extension for secondary education 2 December 1895 Location 1 DG/N/1/28 2 sheets 
Meldrum Square, Queen Street, East Newport Miss Meldrums Heirs David Robertson, builder, Tayport New tenements 6 January 1896 Location 1Location 2DG/N/1/29 
Public Road, Newport Thomas Duncan Reform Street, Dundee Alterations additional bedrooms, bathroom and scullery 2 March 1896 Location 1 DG/N/1/30 3 sheets 
Royal Hotel Buildings, Newport Robert Hunter R Hunter, Dundee Arrangement of WCs and sinks on first and second floors 2 March 1896 [various properties]Location 1Location 2DG/N/1/38 1 sheet 
Yellow Castle, Old Kirk Road, West Newport John Robbie Add photographers studio and porch in garden adjoining the Yellow Castle 6 April 1896 Location 1 DG/N/1/31 1 sheet 
?Newport David Latto 6 April 1896 [could be the house or the workshops]Location 1Location 2DG/N/1/32 1 sheet 
Albert Street, East Newport J P Robertson Empty folder no drawings ndLocation 1 DG/N/1/33 
Taygrove House, Tayport Road, East Newport William Smith Thomas M Cappon, Dundee Add conservatory and drawing room to ground floor and add two bedrooms to first floor. 4 May 1896 Location 1 DG/N/1/34 2 sheets 
East Newport Frederick Thomson Thomas M Cappon, Dundee Add cloakroom and WC to villa 4 May 1896 Location 1 DG/N/1/35 1 sheet 
Braeside Villa, West Newport Peter Fleming Improvements two additional bedrooms and wash-houses 1 June 1896 Location 1Location 2DG/N/1/36 2 sheets 
Alexander Robertson Alexander Robertson Empty folder no drawings nd DG/N/1/37 0 sheets 
Tayfield Estate Office, High Street, East Newport William Berry Alter WCnd Location 1Location 2DG/N/1/39 1 sheet 
street off Castle Road, Newport (by Newport Dundee railway line) Jason Worrall J and F Salmond, Dundee Two new semi-detached villas 14 July 1896 Location 1Location 2DG/N/1/40 3 sheets 
Meldrum Square Tenement, King Street, Newport (at junction with Robert Street) John M Burnside Alex Hutcheson, Broughty Ferry Conversion to tenements 2 November 1896 [doubtful; possibly this block; block on corner of Robert St. was Poplar Place]Location 1 DG/N/1/41 2 sheets 
Sea Mills, Newport John T Young Temporary shed nd Location 1 DG/N/1/42 1 sheet 
Derby House, East Newport J B Murray (Factor for proprietors) Richard G Murray, Dundee alterations 1 February 1897 Location 1Location 2DG/N/1/43 2 sheets 
between Tayport Road and Tayview Terrace, Newport Mrs James Reoch Thomas M Cappon Alterations to house 1 February 1897 Location 1 DG/N/1/44 4 sheets 
Prosen Cottage, West Newport Mrs William Scrimgeour James Lowe, Dundee Add bedrooms and bathroom in attic floor 1 February 1897 Location 1 DG/N/1/46 1 sheet 
3 Myrtle Terrace, Newport Charles Duncan Alter first floor nd Location 1 DG/N/1/48 1 sheet 
Newport Free Church Newport Free Church 33 Albert Square, Dundee Add organ chamber 5 April 1897 Location 1 DG/N/1/49 3 sheets 
Tayfield Estate, Newport 10 Whitehall Street, Dundee New street from Railway Bridge past Craighead Farm nd [East Queen St / Craighead Cresc] DG/N/1/50/1 1 sheet 

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