The Newport, Wormit & Forgan Archive

Hearth Tax Assessment, 1692-1695

Original at National Records of Scotland, E69/10/2/21 and can be viewed at ScotlandsPeople.
Information about this transcription is on the Methodology page.

St. Fillance Parish
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Wil. Dumbar for himself & Coters17
Dav. Moor himself & Coters11
Wil. Lumsden himself & Coters5
Wil. Paton1
Alexr. Walker2
Kirkton House & Tenents11
And. Melvil1
Dav. Kay1
Rob. Sead1
Alexr. Shepherd1
Dav. Reeky1
Wil. Henderson1
John Paty1
Dav. Ferguson1
Dav. Ferguson younger1
And. Paty2
John Anderson1
Wil. Henderson1
Allan Younger1
Jam. Alexander1
Dav. Walker1
Alexr. Bary1
Dav. Bunton1
Jam. Murdo1
Thos. Kay1
John Melvil1
Wil. Imbrie1
Jam. Couper1
Jam. Tailor1
Dav. Oven1
John Dryburgh1
Dav. Henderson1
Jam. Shipherd1
Jam. Orrock1
Isobel Rowen1
Dav. Just1
Alexr. Barkly1
John Ramsy1
And. Paterson1
Jam. Reeky1
Alexr. Walker1
And. Melvil1
David Scots Smith2
Jam. Hamilton of Inderdivet4
Dav. Auchnleck1
Dav. Clerk1
John Smith1
Dav. Lyng1
Jam. Weems1
Katrin Millar1
Dav. Reeky1
Jam. Watson1
Jam. Will1
[page 2]
John Paton1
Wil. Grig1
John Patreck1
Thos. Sheepherd younger1
Jam. Ady house & kill2
Dav. Sheepherd1
John Mairton house & forge2
Jam. Crookshank1
William Fortie1
Patrick Lowsin in Nuton1
Wil. Paterson1
Jam. Smith1
Dav. Melvil1
John Patrick1
Alexr. Mount1
Wil. Gray1
And. Baxter1
John Smith2
John Reeky1
John Ramsy Smith2
Wil. Gilchrist1
Alexr. Patrick1
Thos. Shepherd Elder3
Wil. Paty1
Rob. Malloch3
John Watson1
Thos. Nory1
Dav. Baxter1
John Smith1
Patrick Baxter1
Jam. Tullace1
Geo. Tuch1
Dav. Simson1
Wil. Barkly1
John Bunton1
Elizabeth Romsy1
Janet Niocle1
Wil. Paterson1
Alex. Praen1
Wil. Dickson1
John Dickson1
Jam. Swan1
John Just1
Neither Samforts house and Kill4
Antony Paterson1
And. Paterson1
Jam. Paterson1
Wil. Couper1
Wil. Grig1
Dav. Adamson1
Jam. Adamson2
[page 3]
Dav. Wilson1
John Imbrie of Flass6
Jam. Kinsman2
Rob. Gille1
John Millar1
Geo. Anderson1
Dav. Donaldson1
Wiliam Imbrie1
Wiliam Donaldson1
Alexr. Black1
Jam. Oven1
Wil. Farmar tenent in litle Freertoun1
Alexr. Fettrs1
Dav. Weems1
Elspet Bary1
Geo. Hay of Morton5
Dav. Pride1
Dav. Fairly1
John Ferguson1
John Paty1
Euphne Ramsay1
David Ireland1
And. Paty1
Elspit Paton1
Cirsten Jack1
John Melvil1
Michel Ramsy1
Rob. Lelaw1
The house of over Sandfort2
The Minister Manse5
The first side is nintie nine99
The second is sixtie four64
The third is fourtie five45
The heall is tuo hundreth and eight208


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