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Vicarsford Cemetery

Vicarsford Cemetery was opened in August 1894 to serve the Parish of Forgan and Burgh of Newport after the kirkyard at Forgan (half a mile to the east) was full.

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= Forgan Kirkyard
= Vicarsford Cemetery

Forgan Kirkyard had been in use for several centuries, but by 1883 the Heritors & Parochial Board were seeking additional space - either by extending the existing kirkyard or by choosing another site. Space was so limited, that some Forgan inhabitants bought lairs in Ferryport-on-Craig Cemetery (in Tayport) which opened in 1887. After much searching and argument, land was eventually purchased (actually in Leuchars parish) and Vicarsford Cemetery, half a mile west of the existing kirkyard, was opened in August 1894. It is believed that no new lairs were created at Forgan although existing lairs continued to be used.

The Leng Memorial Chapel



The memorial chapel was constructed between 1895 and 1897 by local architect Thomas Martin Cappon for the Leng family and in particular as a memorial for Lady Leng. The chapel is based largely on La Saint Chappelle in Paris although on a smaller scale. The chapel is not a regular place of worship and is in fact non-denominational.

Canmore page (National Record of the Historic Environment, Scotland)


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