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Early Land Taxation, 1649 - 1820

This page has transcripts of some Cess or Land Tax Valuation Rolls from 1649 to 1820. Apart from the 1649 records, all the entries are based on the assessment made in 1656 which remained in use until 1854 when the new Valuation Rolls were created.

The records are held by the National Records of Scotland, ref. E106. The originals are online at ScotlandsPlaces which also has transcripts of the documents. Interpreting old documents can produce different results.


August 1649

[Source: Land Tax Rolls - various counties vol. 2]

[Unlike the other entries, this entry is the rent roll for the whole of Forgan parish, given as a mix of money and grain, and includes the tax paid to the exchequer.]

EntryValuationNotesSource Ref
The Rooll off the Rentt off the sherifdome off fyffe … 4 August 1649 E106/1/2/286
forgond Parisch E106/1/2/323
The free Rentt payid to the heritors lyfrenters proper wedsetters and wthers within the Parisch off forgond E106/1/2/323
  off money seven hundereth thretie fywe pund ane schiling seven pens 735-01-7 E106/1/2/323
  off wheatt tuo boolls 13-13-4 E106/1/2/323
  off Beare fourtie fywe chalder tuo boolls 3489-13-4 E106/1/2/323
  off Meall and oatts sextie three chalder 4284-00-00 E106/1/2/323
  Summa is aught thousand fywe hundereth tuentie tuo pund aught shillillings three peneis 8522-08-3 E106/1/2/323
More Payid in take teind and fewe dewtie E106/1/2/323
  off money fourtie three pund sextein shillings 43-16-00 E106/1/2/323
  off Beare tenne boolls 48-06-8 E106/1/2/323
  Summa is nyntie tuo Pund tuo shillings aught penneis 92-02-8 E106/1/2/323
More Payid in mortifeid rentt E106/1/2/323
  off money seventie sex pund 76-00-00 E106/1/2/323
  off Wheatt sex boolls 41-00-00 E106/1/2/323
  off Beare four chalder seven boolls 343-10-00 E106/1/2/323
  off Eats and meall aught chalder fourtein bools three firletts 606-13-4 E106/1/2/323
  Summa is ane thousand sextie seven Pund three shillings four penneis 1067-03-4 E106/1/2/323
More Payid to his mateis exeguer [majesty's exchequer] E106/1/2/323
  off Quhytt aught boolls 54-13-4 E106/1/2/323
Summa off the whooll free rentt off this Parisch besyd whatt is Payid in mortifeid rentt and to his mateis exeguer is aught thousand sex hundereth and fourtein Pund ten shillings ellewen Pinneis 8614-10-11 E106/1/2/323
J S Bogie J:P: com [commissioner, who signed all the pages] E106/1/2/323



[Source: Land Tax Rolls for Fife vol. 1]

[This and subsequent entries are the valuations of land in Forgan parish. The proprietors of the land were the heritors of the parish. Only a few names are given : John Imbrie, Flass; Mr Hay, Morton; Mr Hamiltoun, Inverdovat; Mr Walker, part of St Fort; Mr Nairne, part of St Fort; Mr Leslie, Newton.]

EntryValuationNotesSource Ref
St Andreus prysbetrie Forgane parish E106/15/1/13
Kirktoun Ane Thousand tuo hundreth and sixteen pund 1216 E106/15/1/13
Bank of Innerdovat Ane hundreth Threttie three pund 133 E106/15/1/13
John Imbrie of Flass Tuo hundreth fourtie four pund 244 E106/15/1/13
Mortoun Hay Ane hundreth sixtie on pund 6s 8d 161-6-8 E106/15/1/13
Wormitt tuo hundreth and on pund 201 E106/15/1/13
Innerdovat Hamiltoun three hundreth sixtie three pund 13s 4d 363-13-4 E106/15/1/13
St Foord Walker three hundreth fourtie on pund 341 E106/15/1/13
Woodhaven Ane hundreth eightie tuo pund 13s 4d 182-13-4 E106/15/1/13
Harlawsheills Ane hundreth tuentie six pund 126 E106/15/1/13
St Foord Nairne Ane thousand three hundreth & nyne pund 13s 4d 1309-13-4 E106/15/1/13
Neutoun Lessly six hundreth and fourtie pund 10s 640-10-0 E106/15/1/13
Litle Friertoun tuo hundreth tuentie sex pund 10s 226-10-0 E106/15/1/13
Summa fyve thousand ane hundreth fourtie fyve pund 6s 8d 5145-6-8 E106/15/1/13



[Source: Land Tax Rolls for Fife vol. 2]

EntryValuationNotesSource Ref
The new book of vallouatione of the shyre off fyff E106/15/2/1
St Andrews presbitrie, Forgane parish E106/15/2/7
Kirkton Ane thousand tuo hunderith & sextin pund 1216 E106/15/2/7
Bank of Innerdovat Ane hunderith threttie thrie pund 133 E106/15/2/7
Flas Tuo hunderith fourtie four pund 244 E106/15/2/7
Morton hay Ane hunderith sextie on pund 6s 8d 161-6-8 E106/15/2/7
Wormitt Tuo hunderith & on pund 201 E106/15/2/7
Innerdovat Thrie hunderith sextie thrie pund 13s 4d 363-13-4 E106/15/2/7
St foord walker Thrie hunderith fourtie on pund 341 E106/15/2/7
Woodhaven Ane hunderith eightie tuo pund 13s 4d 182-13-4 E106/15/2/7
Harlaw sheills Ane hunderith tuentie sex pund 126 E106/15/2/7
St foord nairne Ane thousand thrie hunderith & nyne pund 13s 4d 1309-13-4 E106/15/2/7
Neutoun Leslie sex hunderith & fourtie pund 10s 640-10-0 E106/15/2/7
Litle friarton Tuo hunderith tuentie sex pund 10s 226-10-0 E106/15/2/7
Summa fyve thousand Ane hunderith fourtie fyve pund 6s 8d 5145-6-8 E106/15/2/7
Da: Malcolme clk [clerk, who signed all the pages] E106/15/2/7



[Source: Land Tax Rolls for Fife vol. 3]

EntryValuationNotesSource Ref
St Andrews Presbitry, Forgan Parish E106/15/3/12
Flass 244 E106/15/3/12
Friertoun 505 E106/15/3/12
Little Friertoun 226-10-0 E106/15/3/12
Harloschiels & Woodhaven 308-13-4 E106/15/3/12
Innerdovat 723-9-7 E106/15/3/12
Kirktoun 711-8-0 E106/15/3/12
Mortoun 161-8-0 E106/15/3/12
Neuton 640-10-0 E106/15/3/12
Scotscraig 314-3-4 E106/15/3/12
Newport Dondee 64-16-10 E106/15/3/12
St ford 1044-6-6 E106/15/3/12
Wirmot 201 E106/15/3/12
[Total] 5145-5-7 E106/15/3/12
James Moncrief [who signed all the pages] E106/15/3/12


8 January 1811

[Source: Land Tax Rolls for Fife vol. 4]

[The notes made on this entry could be references to other documents concerning the lands. There are now several more names given. The rate of taxation is also given : 18s. 1d. Sterling per £100 Scots - by my reckoning this is a rate of almost 11%.]

EntryValuationNotesSource Ref
Valuation Book of The County of Fife. Land Tax at 18/1 Stg per £100 Scots of Old Valued Rent. E106/15/4/1
St Andrews Presbytery, Forgan Parish E106/15/4/1
Archd. Stewart proprietor [of] Flass 244 F.1192 E106/15/4/1
do. Part of Friarton 220-6-11 F.1192 E106/15/4/1
do. Harleyshills & Woodhaven 308-13-4 F.1192 E106/15/4/1
do. St. Fort 1044-16-11 F.1192 E106/15/4/1
do. Little Friarton 226-10-0 (F.1192) E106/15/4/1
Hugh Hay proprietor [of] Morton 161-6-8 (F.360) E106/15/4/1
Alexr. Wedderburn proprietor [of] Wormit 201 (F.2089) E106/15/4/1
Lord Dundas proprietor [of] Newton 640-10-0 (F.1197) E106/15/4/1
David Gillespie proprietor [of] Kirkton 711 (F.450 - £88.6.1) (F.1365) E106/15/4/1
do. Part of Friarton 284-13-1 (F1365) (& F1192) E106/15/4/1
John Berry proprietor [of] Bank and Lightons land and Innerducat 723-9-7 (F.370) (F.2111 - Part of Inverdovat £95) Ch. of Scotland E106/15/4/1
do. Newport 64-16-10 (F.370) E106/15/4/1
William Dalgleish proprietor [of] Causewayhead 314-3-4 (F.370) E106/15/4/1
[Annotated against the Berry & Dalgleish entries : ] Part conveyed to Church of Scotland OVR [old valued rent] £98-4/- Scots E106/15/4/1
[Total] 5145-6-8 E106/15/4/1


1 January 1820

[Source: Land Tax Rolls for Fife vol. 5]

[This entry is a typescript transcript (undated) which shows the changes made to the lands over the years up to 1820. Note that the values are still those assessed in 1656.]

EntryValuationNotesSource Ref
State of the Valued Rents of the Heritors of the County of Fife on the 1st January 1820 E106/15/5/1
The following state of the Valued Rents of the County of Fife is intended to shew the whole changes which have been authorised by the Commissioners of Supply on the Revaluation Book made up by the Commissioners in the year 1695.
The order in which the Presbyteries, Parishes and valued Rents stand in the Revaluation Book has been invariably observed, at least as far as possible.
Where Valued Rents have been split into others, the warrants of this are referred to by the letter D with the dates of the warrants and the numbers of the Abbreviates which were madeout shewing the substance of the different disjunctions.
Notes have also been added. They will be found, to shew what sums make up the cumulo Valued Rents which are split into others, when these sums are numerous; and also to explain many circumstances which could not have been well introdued into the state without encumbering it with explanations and extending it to a greater length than was judged proper.
St Andrews Presbytery, 21. Forgane Parish E106/15/5/52
John Gillespie of Kirkton per D. 1 August 721 No. 32 711-0-0 E106/15/5/52
Friarton purchased by Robert Stewart per D. 19 January 1797 No. 568 220-6-11 E106/15/5/52
do. by Dr. Gillespie per do. 284-13-1 E106/15/5/52
Sum of 'Kirkton' 1216-0-0 E106/15/5/52
Bank of Innerdovat Note 1. 133-0-0 E106/15/5/52
John Imbrie of Flass 244-0-0 E106/15/5/52
Morton Hay 161-6-8 E106/15/5/52
Innerdovat 363-13-4 E106/15/5/52
One half of Lightons lands of Innerdovat of old belonging to David Lindsay per D. 5 August 1800 No. 616 : £135-8-1.5 E106/15/5/52
One half of do. which belonged to A Balfour per do. : £135-8-1.5 E106/15/5/52
Sum being part of St. Ford Nairne per D. 2 Febry 1725 No. 55 : £270-16-3 E106/15/5/52
Causewayhead belonging to William Dalgleish per D. 8 March 1743 No. 174 : £314-13-9 E106/15/5/52
Guildry of Dundee for Newport Dundee per D. 6 March 1746 No. 188 : £20-16-10 E106/15/5/52
Land of Nether St. Ford of which the Superiority was liferented by Thomas Rattray per D. 17 March 1768 No. 335 : £313-16-8.8 E106/15/5/52
Haysmill and Mill lands do. per do. : £118-7-1.2 E106/15/5/52
St. Foords remaining lands per do. : £612-2-8 E106/15/5/52
Sum (being St. Ford Nairne £1309-13-4 [and] St. Ford Walker £341-0-0) 1650-13-4 E106/15/5/52
Carried over 3969-13-4 E106/15/5/52
Brought forward 3969-13-4 E106/15/5/53
Woodhaven 182-13-4 E106/15/5/53
Harlansheills 126-0-0 E106/15/5/53
Newton Leslie 640-10-0 E106/15/5/53
Little Friarton 226-10-0 E106/15/5/53
Summa £5145-6-8 E106/15/5/53
21. Forgan Parish - Note 1: E106/15/5/176
The following valued Rents were once united vizt:- E106/15/5/176
Bank of Innerdovat : £133-0-0 E106/15/5/176
Innerdovat : £363-13-4 E106/15/5/176
Part of St. Ford Nairn per D. 2 February 1725 No. 55 : £270-6-3 E106/15/5/176
Sum. : £767-9-7 E106/15/5/176
And this sum of £767-9-7 was disjoined as follows: E106/15/5/177
Guildry of Dundee's purchase from Gavin Hamilton of Innerdovat per D. 8 November 1750 No. 220 : £44-0-0 E106/15/5/177
Remainder of Innerdovat : £723-9-7 E106/15/5/177
[Sum] : £767-9-7 E106/15/5/177


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