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These inscriptions were recorded between 1992 and 1997. Some of the photos were taken at that time but most have been taken within the past 10 years. Since I did the original surveys, weather and time have taken their toll - some of the inscriptions are no longer visible and some stones have fallen face down.

Quite a few photos have still to be taken.


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The Gravestones:

The stone numbers only refer to this website. They are not used anywhere else.

Indistinct characters have been inserted in (round brackets); missing characters are shown by a single dot; longer gaps by a series of 3 dots; editorial additions are inserted in [square brackets]. Most of the inscriptions are on the east side of the stones. Where there are inscriptions on more than 1 side, this is indicated.

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      There are 231 records.

1 PlanErected by Jane Murray in memory of her beloved husband Robert Gray who died suddenly at Killiecrankie 27 July 1873 and was interred here 30 July 1873; the above Jane Murray died 12 December 1892 aged 87 years.
2 Plan[built into wall] In memory of Robert Just born 1890 died 1963 and his wife Elizabeth Birrell born 1887 died 1969; and their son Robert Just born 1922 died 1998, and his wife Mary Caroline Just born 1921 died 1996.
3 PlanErected by William Fenton, Newport, in memory of his eldest son John who died 11 February 1890. Above William Fenton died 20 January 1908 in his 65th year; also his wife Helen Morrison died 3 April 1923 aged 78 years.
4 Plan[west] Erected by David Smith in memory of Catherine Henderson his wife who died 29 December 1816 aged 49; and of his father David Smith who died 11 November 181(5) aged 875 [sic]. [east] Puritas. A Rachel's beauty Lydia's open heart A Martha's care and Mary's better part in her were all combined. Her spirit fled from earth to heaven Her body here to dust is given Both shall again be join'd. [symbols]
5 Plan[shuttle] I M E H Here lies Elizabeth Melvil daughter to James Melvil weaver who dyed in the year 17(04) in the first year of h... ..mento mo..
6 Plan[built into wall] [shuttle] W B veveer A V Here lays John Billye son to Wilem Billye churches elder who died in the year 1709 and of his age ... [skull, crossed spades, crossed bones]
7 PlanErected by Alexander Lindsay in affectionate remembrance of his beloved wife Mary McKinnon who died at Friarton Bank 14 December 1884 aged 46; above Alexander Lindsay died at Easter Kinnear 25 January 1893 aged 53 years.
8 PlanIn affectionate remembrance of Katy Thomson the dearly beloved wife of T H Fraser of Newport who died 18 April 1891 aged 40 years; also their twin sons born 29 September 1889 and who died in infancy; above T H Fraser died in Glasgow 9 February 1904 aged 56 years and was interred here; their sons Andrew Seath died in Edinburgh 2 December 1919 aged 36 years and was interred here; Thomas Houston died in London 12 June 1942 aged 66 years. God knows best It's only a little while before.
9 PlanErected by John Baillie mason Newport in memory of his daughter Ann who died 5 November 1848 aged 18 years. John Baillie died 5 May 1866 aged 66 years; also Annie Dickson wife of the above who died 1 November 1870 aged 71 years.
10 PlanErected by Amelia Moncur in memory of her husband Thomas Young shipmaster Dundee who died at Newport 21 April 1869 aged 73; also her sister Margaret who died 3 September 1873 aged 69; the above Amelia Moncur died 23 September 1887 aged 86 years.
11 PlanErected by Robert Ramsay in memory of his father Peter Ramsay, late farmer Woodhaven who died 7 February 1872 aged 75 years; his mother Catherine Downie who died 22 November 1863 aged 60 years; his sister Jessie who died 24 February 1870 aged 28 years; his brother Peter who died 17 June 1871 aged 41 years.
12 Plan[now fallen; summary of inscription] Robert Murdoch, mercantile clerk Edinburgh, died at Twinkletree 12 March 1879 aged 29; his son David died 22 September 1878 aged 6 months; his daughter Catherine Cunningham died 14 April 1881 aged 4 1/2; his wife Elizabeth Bett.
13 Plan[east] Erected by David Murdoch smith St Fort in memory of his sister Jean who died 6 January aged 26; his father William who died 8 February aged 61; and his son Andrew who died 14 September aged 17 months all in 1827. Jane Gibson the beloved wife of David Murdoch died 8 January 1871 aged 67 years; David Murdoch died 27 November 1886 in the 89th year of his age. [west] Mary wife of George Young Dundee died 21 February 1871 aged 36; John died 26 December 1871 aged 33; Henry S died 11 October 1872 aged 36; all children of David Murdoch. Agnes Jamie wife of the said John Murdoch died 19 March 1871.
14 Plan[Iron frame, heart & cross, surmounted by compasses & square. No stone.]
15 PlanIn memory of Henry Baxter born Dundee 14 December 1844 died at Newport 18 February 1889; his wife Agnes Miller born Leslie 20 July 1845 died at Edinburgh 5 August 1925; her sister Ellen Munro Miller born Leslie 9 February 1847 died at Dundee 17 February 1937.
16 Plan[east] [square & compasses; mason's tools] [west] Erected by Thomas Duff labourer Cobaky in memory of his son John Duff, mason, who died 3 September 1818 aged 26 years; Thomas Duff died 28 September 1835 aged 72 years; also his wife Helen Williams died 12 February 1848 aged 89 years.
17 Plan[fallen] [mason's tools & symbols] W J K N [di Folco recorded the other side of this stone as follows: "Here lyes Willhim Just uho died in Iun 1748 aged 75 uith his spouse Ketron Nokloson uho died Iktobr 1735 aged 55 an thri children Iames Just William Just Elspit Just her interred laving on son David Just..." rest below ground level]
18 PlanSacred to the revered memory of William Just Newport who departed this life 30 July 1839 aged 53 years. The graves are ready for me - Job. Also Ann Robertson his wife who died 30 December 1860 aged 73 years.
19 PlanErected by Robert Just Newport in memory of his father Thomas Just of Justfield who died 8 January 1821 aged 80 years; Barbara Mackie his mother who died 8 December 1855 aged 80 years. Christian Edie his wife who died 4 July 1882 aged 74 years; also the above Robert Just who died 11 October 1893 aged 82 years; also his son Robert Just who died 5 December 1919 aged 72 years; also Jane Low beloved wife of the above Robert Just who died 17 July 1944 aged 86 years.
20 Plan[tablestone] Heir lyes the corpse of a godly woman Ann Medseo spous to David Just mason who departed this life 24 March 1772 aged 60; also her husband David Just of Justfield died June 1794 aged 80 years; interred here also Jean Simpson spouse to Thomas Just of Justfield who died July 1809 aged (68); also Thomas Just her husband who died 8 January 1821 aged 80 years.
21 PlanSacred to the memory of Mr Thomas Just pastor of the Independent Church Newport for 38 years died 1 November 1844 aged 67 years; also in memory of his daughter Jane who died 31 September 1830 aged 18 years; of his daughter Elizabeth who died 5 October 1837 aged 26 years; and his son George who died 19 December 1842 aged 24 years.
22 PlanErected by James Fernie, coachman St Fort, in memory of his son William Wilson Fernie died 12 April 1865 aged 31 years; also the above James Fernie died 21 March 1876 aged 69 years; also his wife Janet Wilson died 24 February 1878 aged 73; and their son James Fernie died 21 May 1878 aged 36 years; also their grandson William W Fernie died 18 May 1877 aged 2 1/2 years. Not gone from memory nor gone from love but gone to dwell with Christ above.
23 PlanErected by Agnes Fyffe in memory of her son Charles Fyffe Anderson who died at Comerton 7 May 1917 aged 46; also her mother Agnes Keay died 16 September 1888; and her father John Fyffe died 13 September 1896 at Comerton; also the above Agnes Fyffe died 7 March 1921 aged 76.
24 PlanErected by William Watson in memory of his son James S Watson died 24 February 1857 aged 3 years.
25 PlanMemento Mori This stone was erected by David Melvill and Janet Merton in memrandam of their son William Melvill who decst the 24 of Subtembr 1786 aged 26 years.
26 Plan[east] Erected by John Elder wright Newport in memory of his spouse Isabella Landsman who died 2 March 1831 aged 77 years. Interred here on the right John Elder and Charles Landsman and on the left Margaret Gibson second spouse to John Elder. [west] John Elder died 29 July 1833 aged 66; Margaret Gibson died 5 January 1834 aged 45; Charles Landsman died 25 June 1834 aged 82 years.
27 Plan[east] E B Hier lyes Elisbeth Boist dachter to David Boist who departd the ... day of March 1690 and of hir age 20 yiars. Remember man that God hath granted you another day this night may be to you the lest mi end mortalety. [west] This is a Gift [di Folco recorded the date as 24 March]
28 PlanErected to the memory of James Duncan joiner Woodhaven died 31 August 1862 aged 68.
29 Plan1849 Erected by Jean McIntosh in memory of her beloved brother Alexander late of the Royal Mail Coach Office, Edinburgh who died 30 April 1848 aged 32 years.
30 PlanIn memory of the Rev. Thomas Just 1874; and Rose Mary Batchelor his wife died 1887.
31 PlanSacred to the memory of William Just, third son of David Just feuar Newport who died 10 August 1845 aged 24 years; his 5th son Thomas who died 25 September 1845 aged 21 years; also his 2nd daughter Jane who died in infancy 1816; his 5th daughter Elizabeth who died 9 January 1847 aged 18 years; his 3rd daughter Jane who died 4 May 1849 aged 26 years; Margaret who died December 1851 aged 38 years; also the said David Just died 11 June 1858 aged 76 years; also his faithful wife Elizabeth Gibson died 16 January 1872 aged 82 years; Annie died 8 December 1906 aged 81 years.
32 PlanIn happy memory of George Just 1810 - 1883; Laura Begg 1824 - 1910; our brother David Lindsay 1868 - 1887.
33 PlanIn memory of David Wilson died 5 November 1884 aged 28 years; his son Thomas died 26 July 1903 aged 20 years; and Elspeth Brand wife of the above David Wilson who died 3 January 1940 aged 83 years.
34 Plan[obelisk, urn] Erected by David and James Brand in memory of their father James Brand who died 12 November 1862 aged 54 years; their mother Janet Hallyburton Hill who died 7 June 1855 aged 52 years; and their only sister Jessie Hallyburton who died 30 November 1846 aged 4 years; James Brand born 23 April 1838 died at London 18 July 1889 and interred here.
35 PlanIn loving memory of William Fearn who died 26 June 1906 aged 21 years; his twin sisters Lizzie and Mary who died in infancy; Thomas Fearn father of the above who died 9 October 1922 in his 74th year; Thomas Fearn, son of the above who died 1 November 1926 in his 35th year; Ann Smith, wife of the above Thomas Fearn senior, died 31 March 1932 in her 82nd year.
36 PlanErected by Elizabeth Jamieson, Flass, in memory of her nephew John Jamieson died 15 June 1877 aged 17; her mother Beatrice Young died 5 October 1878 aged 75; her father Alexander Jamieson died 12 October 1878 aged 69.
37 PlanErected by John Jackson Newport in memory of his children Samuel Fairley died 12 February 1852 aged 9 months; Jane Clark died 4 February 1862 aged 6 years; David Brand died 27 June 1862 aged 3 years; also of his brother Charles died April 1834 aged 17 months; also his mother Margaret Bruce died 30 October 1875 aged 82 years; and his father Charles Jackson died 7 March 1878 aged 88 years; his son Charles Jackson died 10 August 1883 aged 36 years; also his sister Ann Jackson died 4 May 1886 aged 64 years; John Jackson died 5 March 1895 aged 74 years.
38 Plan1827 Erected by Robert Wilson in memory of his wife Catharine Robertson who died 18 June 1826 aged 21 years; also his father John Wilson who died 16 April 1827 aged 61 years.
39 PlanErected by Jane Whyte in memory of her husband Alexander Stewart who died 7 March 1883 aged 58 years; also her sister Margaret Whyte who died 12 March 1887 aged 73 years; the above Jane Whyte who died 12 August 1913 aged 93 years.
40 PlanErected by David Brand in memory of Elizabeth Thomson widow of George Mackie who died 24 January 1878 aged 85 years; also their daughter Jane who died 21 May 1890 aged 67 years.
41 Plan[east] [symbols] ; [west] 1740 A M, M W, A M, W M, I M, S M Here lyes Margaret Walker spouse to Alexander Mackie who died 20 December 1732 aged 51; and 6 children interred beside her.
42 Plan[east] [symbols] P M I S ; [west] Heir lies Patrick Mak.. with his s...s Ihanit Smith who did in the year 170(.) ag...6 W M, T M, I M, A M, M M
43 Plan[west] Erected by John Anderson wright Dundee in memory of Ann Mackie his spouse who died 10 June 1800 aged 47 years. [east] Life how short eternity how long.
44 Plan...their son who died 29 September 1823 aged 22 years.
45 PlanIn memory of John Knaggs, son of John and Mary Knaggs of Raw, Fylingdales, Yorkshire, who was accidentally drowned at Tay Bridge 31 January 1877 aged 22 years. Erected by his fellow workmen by whom he was much respected.
46 Plan[broken] Erected by Euphemia Kinnison in loving memory of her brother John who died at Newton 26 June 1898 aged 18; also her mother Robina Kinnison Riley who died 13 November 1898 aged 38; also her grandmother Isabella Shaw, wife of Donald Kinnison, who died 8 October 1908 aged 91 years; also her grandfather the above Donald Kinnison who died 20 August 1911 aged 94; and Euphemia Kinnison her aunt who died 20 December 1911 aged 55.
47 PlanSacred to the memory of George Braid mason died at Pickletillum 11 June 1887 aged 63 years; his wife Jane More died 27 January 1894 aged 70 years; their daughter Catherine died 11 March 1936 aged 81 years; Jane Ann Braid died 22 January 1944 aged 83 years. Till He Comes.
48 Plan[now fallen; inscription partly from Mitchell] 1843 Erected by John Murray feuar Marytown to the memory of James Murray carpenter who died 24 March 1842 aged 26 years; John Murray died November 1854 aged 84 years; Mary Melville his wife died January 1856 aged 85; Catherine Murray their daughter died May 1856 aged 47; Marjory Gibbs their daughter died 10 April 1888 aged 76 years.
49 Plan[blank]
50 PlanErected by James Mitchell in memory of his father Francis Mitchell who died at Comerton 9 April 1882 aged 65 years; and his mother Euphemia Thompson who died at Comerton 14 August 1884 aged 70 years.

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