The Newport, Wormit & Forgan Archive

Map of Place Names & Old Places in Forgan Parish

The Place-names of Fife is a study by Simon Taylor and Gilbert Markus of the University of Glasgow. It has been published in 5 volumes of which vol. 4 includes Forgan parish. For each place name the meaning of the name is given, plus extensive early source references. The information has been published on the Glasgow University study page and this map has been created from that data.

This map also shows some other local old names, not included in the Glasgow survey, and some (at present) unlocated local names.

Clicking on the place name or the map marker will highlight the location on the map, which can then be clicked to bring up links to the Glasgow study pages and the pages on this site.

Names in the Glasgow Survey:      Baledmond      Bogearn      Boulterhall      Burnside      Byrehills      Camp Wood      Castle Hill      Cauldhame      Causewayhead      Chesterhill      Cow’s Hole      Craig Head      Drybrae Scalp      Easter Friarton      Esky Loch      Flass      Forgan      Friarton      Gateside      Gowrie Hill      Greenside      Inverdovat      Kempstane      Kirkton      Kirkton Barns      Kirktonbarns Law      Knock Hill      Laverock Law      Lawhouses      Leightonslands      Links Wood      Long Craig      Lundin Burn      Melcrether      Morendy      Morton      Motray Water      Muttonhole Wood      Myreside      Naughton (in Balmerino parish from 1650)      Newport-on-Tay      Newton      Ninewells      Northfield      Pilkenbare      Ploughlands Of St Fort      Pluck The Crow      Poachers’ Clump      Priorinch      Roseberry      Roseberry Hill      Ryhinche      Scroggieside      Sea Mills      Seggieden      Sheirsland      Slatemuir      St Fort      Swanlyloch      Tayfield      Tremblayslands      Washer Willy’s      Wester Friarton      Woodhaven      Wormit      Wormit Hill      

Other old local names:       Ford Cotton (Forefield)      Harlowshiels      Hays Mill      Mountmerrygog      Sunny Braes      the Waterside (East Water)      the Waterside (Midwaterside)      the Waterside (West Water)      Vesselhills      White Mire      

Location Unknown at present:       Hillside       Myre End      Nova Frank       Watery Butts      


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