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These are the entries in the Books of Reference - the key to the sketch maps of Newport and Woodhaven - accompanying the various railway plans on this site.

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Co.YearPlanRefDescriptionOwner or reputed ownerOccupier[Comments]Location
G & D J1845RHP8525448Pleasure ground & shrubberyWilliam BerryWilliam Berry
G & D J1845RHP8525449Mill-dam & treesWilliam BerryJohn Just (lessee & occupier)
G & D J1845RHP8525450Burn or streamWilliam BerryJohn Just (lessee & occupier)
G & D J1845RHP8525451ArableWilliam BerryWilliam Berry
G & D J1845RHP8525452Mills, mill-houses & leads, outbuildings, court & access roadsWilliam BerryJohn Just (lessee & occupier)[Seamills]Location
G & D J1845RHP8525452aDwelling house, load-house, kiln, shed, outbuildings, rough ground & footpathsWilliam BerryJohn Just (lessee & occupier), James Brand (occupier)[Seamills farm buildings]Location Location 2
G & D J1845RHP8525452bDwelling house, barn, byre, stable, outbuildings, barnyard & courtWilliam BerryJohn Just (lessee & occupier)[Seamills farm buildings]Location
G & D J1845RHP8525452cOccupation roadWilliam BerryWilliam Berry, John Just
G & D J1845RHP8525452dGarden groundWilliam BerryJohn Just (lessee & occupier), James Brand (occupier)
G & D J1845RHP8525453Weigh and pack house, warehouse, granary & outbuildingsWilliam BerryJames Bogie, Mrs Ann Cramond or BrandLocation Location 2
G & D J1845RHP8525454Rocks, rough ground, pasture ground, byre, court, private road & woodWilliam BerryMrs Ann Cramond or Brand
G & D J1845RHP8525455Dwelling houseWilliam BerryCharles Mitchell (lessee & occupier)
G & D J1845RHP8525456ShedWilliam BerryDundee Banking Co, Scottish Central Railway Co
G & D J1845RHP8525457PlantationWilliam BerryWilliam Berry
G & D J1845RHP8525458Dwelling house, outbuildings & garden groundWilliam BerryJames Smith[This was Chapel House]Location Location 2
G & D J1845RHP8525459Dwelling houses, outbuildings, garden ground & footpathWilliam BerryAlexander Muir, John Duncan, Thomas ClarkLocation Location 2
G & D J1845RHP8525460Dwelling house, outbuildings & gardenWilliam BerryCharles Mitchell, Mrs Margaret Foreman or Henderson[Formerly the old St David's Inn; on the site of Trinity Church]Location Location 2
G & D J1845RHP8525461Rocks, rough ground, pasture ground, wood & outbuildingsWilliam BerryJohn Stewart[not shown]
G & D J1845RHP8525462Dwelling house, outbuildings, garden ground, rough ground & footpathWilliam BerryJohn Stewart[Abercraig - not shown]Location
G & D J1845RHP8525463Dwelling houses, stable, coach house outbuildings, garden ground, shrubbery, rocks, rough ground & woodRichard Gleadhill Holden (proprietor); William Berry (superior)Richard Gleadhill Holden[4 West Road - not shown]Location
G & D J1845RHP8525464Dwelling houses, outbuildings, garden ground, rocks, rough ground & woodArthur Baird (proprietor); William Berry (superior)Arthur Baird[site of 10 West Road]
G & D J1845RHP8525465Arable, used as bleaching greenMrs William Just (proprietor); William Berry (superior)Richard Gleadhill Holden, Arthur Baird, Robert Just, Mrs Barbara Mackie or Just, David Just, Margaret Mackie, Mrs Margaret Walker or Duncan, Mrs Margaret Hill or Bell, Andrew Kilgour, Alexander, Margaret& Helen Ritchie, James Smith, Thomas Just, Mrs William Just, Mrs Magdalen Greig or Kidd
G & D J1845RHP8525466Occupation roadHenry Stewart, William BerryAlexander Robertson
G & D J1845RHP8525467Dwelling houses, wright's shop, outbuildings & garden groundMrs Barbara Mackie or Just (liferentrix); Robert Just (fiar); William Berry (superior)Mrs Magdalene Greig or Kidd, Mrs Bathia Wood or Hay, Mrs Barbara Mackie or Just, Robert Just[Just's Land]Location Location 2
G & D J1845RHP8525468Pier or jettyHenry StewartAlexander Robertson (lessee & occupier)
G & D J1845RHP8525469Garden ground & rough groundDavid Just (proprietor); William Berry (superior)David Just
G & D J1845RHP8525470Dwelling house, byre, barn, outbuildings & garden groundDavid Just (proprietor); William Berry (superior)David Just[the block to left of the number 70 is on back garden of 28/30 West Rd, and the block beneath the number 70 is the building known as River House]Location Location 2
G & D J1845RHP8525471Dwelling house, outbuildings & garden groundJohn Just (proprietor); William Berry (superior)Miss Katherine Small, Mrs Isabella Miller or Scott[36/38 West Road]Location Location 2
G & D J1845RHP8525472Dwelling house, outbuildings & garden groundGeorge Just (proprietor); William Berry (superior)William Thornton[40/42 West Road]Location Location 2
G & D J1845RHP8525473Dwelling house, outbuildings & garden groundAlexander Kermath (proprietor); William Berry (superior)Alexander Kermath[Broadhaugh, 44 West Road]Location
G & D J1845RHP8525474ArableRobert Just (proprietor); William Berry (superior)Robert Just[not shown]
G & D J1845RHP8525475Dwelling house, outbuildings & garden groundMrs William Just (proprietor); William Berry (superior)Mrs William Just[52 West Rd - not shown]Location
G & D J1845RHP8525476Dwelling houses, outbuildings & garden groundMiss Margaret Mackie (proprietor); William Berry (superior)Miss Isabella Thomson, Miss Alison Thomson, Robert Rintoul, Miss Margaret Mackie[54-58 West Rd - not shown]Location Location 2
G & D J1845RHP8525477Dwelling house, byre, outbuildings & garden groundMrs Margaret Walker or Duncan (liferentrix), William Duncan (fiar); William Berry (superior)Mrs Margaret Walker or Duncan, William Duncan[60 West Rd - not shown]Location
G & D J1845RHP8525478Dwelling house & garden groundMrs Margaret Hill or Bell, relict of Alexander Bell wine merchant Dundee (proprietor); William Berry (superior)James Miller[62 West Rd - not shown]Location
G & D J1845RHP8525479Dwelling house & garden groundMrs Margaret Hill or Bell, relict of Alexander Bell wine merchant Dundee (proprietor); William Berry (superior)[Well Cottage - not shown]Location
G & D J1845RHP8525480Dwelling house, outbuildings & garden groundAlexander Jack, island of Trinidad (proprietor); William Berry (superior)William Duncan[Coronation Garden]Location
G & D J1845RHP8525481Dwelling house, outbuildings, garden ground, rough ground & rocksAndrew Kilgour (proprietor); William Berry (superior)Andrew Kilgour[66 West Rd]Location
G & D J1845RHP8525482Dwelling house, outbuildings & garden groundAlexander Ritchie, Margaret Ritchie, Helen Ritchie (proprietors); William Berry (superior)James Smith[68 West Rd]Location
G & D J1845RHP8525483Byre, stable, shed, outbuildings, court & garden groundThomas Just (proprietor); William Berry (superior)Thomas Just[site of 70 West Road]Location
G & D J1845RHP8525484Occupation roadWilliam BerryThomas Just, Mrs Isabella Brown or Cameron, Margaret Brown, Andrew Kilgour, James Smith
G & D J1845RHP8525485Dwelling house, straw house, outbuildings & garden groundThomas Just (proprietor); William Berry (superior)Thomas Just[1 Riverside Lane and 74 West Road were built on the site of, or converted from, Thomas Just's house. 76 West Road was later added on to the west.]Location Location 2
G & D J1845RHP8525486Bathing house & arableThomas Just (proprietor); William Berry (superior)Thomas Just[Riverside Cottage]Location Location 2
G & D J1845RHP8525487ArableThomas Just (proprietor); William Berry (superior)Thomas Just
G & D J1845RHP8525488Dwelling house, outbuildings & garden groundMrs Margaret Hill or Bell, relict of Alexander Bell wine merchant Dundee (proprietor); William Berry (superior)Mrs Isabella Brown or Cameron, Margaret Brown[demolished, was Riverside [3] ]Location
G & D J1845RHP8525489Dwelling house, outbuildings, garden, pasture ground, rough ground & rocksHenry Stewart (proprietor); William Berry (superior)William Thornton (lessee); David Pitcairn (occupier)[Wellgate House]Location
G & D J1845RHP8525490Dwelling houses, outbuildings & garden groundWilliam BerryMrs Jane Cameron, David Scott, John Baillie, Peter Inglis[Pluck-the-Craw, now the site of 84 West Road]Location Location 2
G & D J1845RHP8525491Rough ground, rocks & woodWilliam Berry
G & D J1845RHP8525492Arable, rough ground, rocks & woodWilliam BerryMrs Ann Cramond or Brand[site of 88/90 West Road]
G & D J1845RHP8525493Pasture & treesHenry StewartThomas Welch[not shown]

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