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These are the entries in the Books of Reference - the key to the sketch maps of Newport and Woodhaven - accompanying the various railway plans on this site.

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Co.YearPlanRefDescriptionOwner or reputed ownerOccupier[Comments]Location
G & D J1845RHP8525493aRocks & rough groundHenry Stewart[not shown]
G & D J1845RHP8525494Dwelling house & garden groundHenry StewartAlexander Robertson (lessee & occupier)[Fisher's Cottage]Location
G & D J1845RHP8525495Dwelling house or fisherman's bothyHenry StewartAlexander Robertson (lessee & occupier)Location
G & D J1845RHP8525496Pier or jettyHenry StewartAlexander Robertson (lessee & occupier)
G & D J1845RHP8525497Occupation roadHenry StewartJames Ronald, Alexander Kermath, Thomas Welch
G & D J1845RHP8525498Pasture, rough ground & rocksHenry StewartAlexander Robertson (lessee & occupier)
G & D J1845RHP8525499GranaryHenry StewartJames Ronald, Alexander Kermath[Rock House]Location Location 2
G & D J1845RHP85254100Wood-yard, wright's shops, sheds & outbuildings, & access roadHenry StewartGeorge Just (lessee & Occupier)Location
G & D J1845RHP85254101Court or mason's yard, sheds & access roadsHenry StewartGeorge Just (lessee & Occupier)Location
G & D J1845RHP85254102Dwelling house, outbuildings & garden groundHenry StewartMrs Elizabeth Thomson or Mackie[Woodhaven Cottage, 1 St Fort Road]Location
G & D J1845RHP85254103Pasture ground & woodHenry StewartThomas Welch
G & D J1845RHP85254104Burn or streamHenry StewartThomas Welch
G & D J1845RHP85254105Harbours, piers & landing placesHenry StewartHenry Stewart, Thomas Welch
G & D J1845RHP85254106Road to pierHenry StewartHenry Stewart, Thomas Welch, the Public
G & D J1845RHP85254107Granary & warehousesHenry StewartHenry Stewart, Thomas Welch[later joiner's workshop]Location
G & D J1845RHP85254108Pasture groundHenry StewartAlexander Rhind
G & D J1845RHP85254109Granary, cart shed, mill shed, barn, cattle shed, dung court, stack yard & access roadHenry StewartAlexander Rhind (lessee & occupier)[Woodhaven Farm buildings]
G & D J1845RHP85254110Rough ground, pasture ground, rocks & woodHenry Stewart
G & D J1845RHP85254111Dwelling house & garden groundHenry StewartRobert Phillip[Woodhaven Inn, later Mars Cottage]Location
G & D J1845RHP85254112Arable, garden ground & outbuildingsHenry StewartRobert Phillip
G & D J1845RHP85254113Dwelling house & stableTrustees of Cupar District of Turnpike Roads in the County of FifeWilliam Stobie (lessee); James Wright, Robert Phillip (occupiers)[Woodhaven Toll]Location
G & D J1845RHP85254113aTurnpike roadTrustees of Cupar District of Turnpike Roads in the County of FifeThe Public
G & D J1845RHP85254114Dwelling houses & garden groundHenry StewartThomas Welch (lessee & occupier)[Site of 89-95 Riverside Rd]Location
G & D J1845RHP85254115Dwelling house & garden groundHenry StewartSusan Brown, Mrs Margaret Mitchell or Patrick[Site of 89-95 Riverside Rd]Location
G & D J1845RHP85254116Dwelling houses & garden groundHenry StewartAlexander Rhind (lessee); William Ogg, Arthur Latto (occupiers)[Site of 89-95 Riverside Rd]Location
G & D J1845RHP85254117Garden ground, outbuildings & footpathHenry StewartThomas Welch, Susan Brown, Arthur Latto, William Ogg
G & D J1845RHP85254118Dwelling houses & garden groundHenry StewartDavid Kay, George McIntosh[85/87 Riverside Road]Location Location 2
G & D J1845RHP85254119Dwelling house, outbuildings, garden ground & footpathHenry StewartMrs Ann Melville or FotheringhamLocation
G & D J1845RHP85254120Dwelling housesHenry StewartArchibald Aitken, Margaret Kidd or Greig, Janet Kidd, Janet WilliamsonLocation
G & D J1845RHP85254121Dwelling houseHenry StewartJames PeeblesLocation
G & D J1845RHP85254122Garden ground & footpathHenry StewartMrs Margaret Mitchell or Patrick & Mrs Ann Melville or Fotheringham
G & D J1845RHP85254123Garden ground, pasture, trees & outbuildingsHenry StewartJames Peebles, Archibald Aitken, Alexander Tosh, Mrs Margaret Kidd or Greig, Janet Kidd, James Wright, Arthur Latto
G & D J1845RHP85254124Occupation roadHenry StewartAlexander Rhind, Alexander Robertson
G & D J1845RHP85254125Dwelling house & gardenHenry StewartJames SimpsonLocation
G & D J1845RHP85254126Dwelling houses, outbuildings & garden groundHenry StewartJames DuncanLocation
G & D J1845RHP85254127Dwelling house, stable & outbuildingsHenry StewartAlexander Tosh, James DuncanLocation
G & D J1845RHP85254128Malt-barn, kiln & granaryHenry StewartAlexander Rhind (lessee & occupier)[site of 79 Riverside Road]Location
G & D J1845RHP85254129Pasture, trees & footpathsHenry StewartThomas Welch
G & D J1845RHP85254130ArableHenry StewartAlexander Rhind (lessee & occupier)
G & D J1845RHP85254131ArableHenry StewartAlexander Rhind (lessee & occupier)[Riverside Gardens car park]
E & N1845RHP8526144Ground covered by high waterThe Crown, or the Lords of the Admiralty, or William Berry, James Wilson, the Scottish Central Railway Co & John RogersThe Owners and the Public
E & N1845RHP8526145Ground under low waterThe Crown, or the Lords of the Admiralty, or William Berry, James Wilson, the Scottish Central Railway CoThe Owners and the Public
E & N1845RHP8526146Dwelling houses, outhouses, garden ground, pasture ground, sea braes & private roadWilliam BerryJames Wilson (lessee & occupier), John Harris (occupier)[not shown. Kempstane]Location Location 2
E & N1845RHP8526147Bleaching green, pasture ground, sea braes or common, 2 wells, bathing house & rocksWilliam BerryThe Owner, William Turnbull, James Wilson, John Harris and the Public[Ran from the foot of William St to just past the foot of James St]
E & N1845RHP8526148Salmon fishingsWilliam BerryAlexander Harris[not shown]
E & N1845RHP8526149Pasture ground and sea braesWilliam BerryMrs Anne Brand
E & N1845RHP8526150Turnpike roadTrustees of Turnpike Roads, St Andrews DistrictWilliam Stobie, tacksman of tolls (lessee); the Public (occupiers)
E & N1845RHP8526150/1Sea wallTrustees of Turnpike Roads, St Andrews District or Trustees of Tay Ferries, or Scottish Central Railway Co
E & N1845RHP8526151StackyardWilliam BerryCharles Mitchell (lessee & occupier)Location
E & N1845RHP8526152Mill shed, stables, outhouses and courtWilliam BerryCharles Mitchell (lessee & occupier)[On the corner of Tay St and Cupar Rd]Location

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