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These are the entries in the Books of Reference - the key to the sketch maps of Newport and Woodhaven - accompanying the various railway plans on this site.

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Co.YearPlanRefDescriptionOwner or reputed ownerOccupier[Comments]Location
E & N1845RHP8526153Granary and private roadsWilliam Berry (superior); James Wilson (proprietor)James Wilson & John Aymer[Opposite the bottom of the Cupar Rd]Location Location 2
E & N1845RHP8526154Braes & pastureWilliam BerryMrs Anne Brand
E & N1845RHP8526155Dwelling houses & garden groundWilliam BerryWilliam Turnbull, John Bell, Alexander Milne, Alexander Harris, Mrs Menzies Mackie, John Kidd, Thomas Pinn & Mrs Catherine Brown[At the top of the High St]Location Location 2
E & N1845RHP8526156Old lock-up houseWilliam BerryUnoccupiedLocation
E & N1845RHP8526157StableWilliam BerryMichael SmithLocation
E & N1845RHP8526157/1Coal shedWilliam BerryDavid SpenceLocation
E & N1845RHP8526158Old pierWilliam BerryThe Public[Old Pier]
E & N1845RHP8526159Occupation or servitude road, pier-head and groundWilliam BerryThe Public
E & N1845RHP8526160GranariesWilliam BerryJames Bogie, James Lindsay, & part unoccupiedLocation Location 2
E & N1845RHP8526161Sea wallWilliam Berry
E & N1845RHP8526162Stables, coach houses, sheds, cellars, areas, or vacant ground, stable-yard, court & private roadWilliam BerryCharles Mitchell (lessee & occupier)[part of Newport Hotel]Location
E & N1845RHP8526163Dwelling house, outhouses and water cisternWilliam BerryCharles Mitchell (lessee & occupier)[Newport Hotel]Location
E & N1845RHP8526164Garden groundWilliam BerryCharles Mitchell (lessee & occupier)[Bottom half of the High St; ground let with Newport Hotel]
E & N1845RHP8526165Dwelling house, garden & private roadWilliam BerryMrs Anne Brand[4/6 High St]Location
E & N1845RHP8526166Dwelling houseWilliam BerryMrs Margaret Foreman or Henderson, and part unoccupied[Demolished, site of shed at 4/6 High St]Location
E & N1845RHP8526167Arable groundWilliam BerryWilliam Berry
E & N1845RHP8526168Dwelling house, garden and areaWilliam BerryMrs Margaret Foreman or Henderson, and Charles Mitchell[Old St David's Inn, site of Trinity Church]Location Location 2
E & N1845RHP8526169Dwelling house & gardensWilliam BerryMargaret Meldrum, John Duncan, Alexander Moir and Thomas ClarkLocation Location 2
E & N1845RHP8526170Dwelling house, garden, private road & wellWilliam BerryJames Smith[Chapel House]Location Location 2
E & N1845RHP8526171Garden groundWilliam BerryJohn Just (lessee & occupier)[Seamills]
E & N1845RHP8526172Dwelling house, kiln, shed, outhouses, courts, ground & private roadsWilliam BerryJohn Just (lessee & occupier)[Seamills]Location
E & N1845RHP8526173Barley mill, meal mill, area & private roadWilliam BerryJohn Just (lessee & occupier)[Seamills]Location
E & N1845RHP8526174Mill lade & mill raceWilliam BerryJohn Just (lessee & occupier)[Seamills]
E & N1845RHP8526175Warehouse, granary, ground & shedWilliam BerryMrs Anne Brand (lessee & occupier), the Scottish Central Railway Co (occupier), & part unoccupiedLocation
E & N1845RHP8526176Dwelling houseWilliam BerryCharles Mitchell (lessee & occupier)
E & N1845RHP8526177Passage pier & shedTrustees of the Tay Ferries; or the Scottish Central Railway CoThe Owners & the Public[Ferry Pier]Location
E & N1845RHP8526178Coal shedsTrustees of the Tay Ferries; or the Scottish Central Railway CoThe Owners

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