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Railway Plan for the proposed Edinburgh & Northern Railway (Cupar to Ferry-Port-on-Craig and Newport extension), November 1845

Plan of Part of Newport in 1845

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                Edinburgh & Northern Railway.     This proposed branch terminated at Newport Ferry Pier. At the Ferry-Port-On-Craig (Tayport) end it would continue to Leuchars and then to Cupar.

The Edinburgh & Northern Railway Company proposed, in November 1845, a branch to run from Cupar through Ferry-Port-on-Craig (Tayport), then along the coast to a terminus at the Newport ferry. It was one of many branches and proposals made by the company at this time. This part of the line was never built, instead a large harbour was built at Tayport and roll-on, roll-off train ferries (designed by Thomas Bouch) operated across the river.

The sketch map below is taken from the Edinburgh & Northern Railway (Cupar to Ferry-Port-on-Craig and Newport extension) plans, November 1845, at the National Records of Scotland, ref. RHP85261.

The solid red line indicates the positon of the proposed railway line. Apart from this, the plans show who owned, lived in, and had an interest in, every property along the proposed line. The properties are limited in scope to a small distance on either side of the railway line (the 'limits of deviation' - shown by red dashed lines), which is why some buildings are detailed on these plans while others, which are possibly more important, are not mentioned.

The numbers refer to the details given in the accompanying Book of Reference, given below.

There is another plan of this area for part of the Glasgow and Dundee Junction Railway.


[The map below covers the area from William Street on the east, to the foot of Boat Brae on the west. No. 63 is the Newport Hotel.]

Newport Pier 1845

There is a ? shown just east of 63, Inn (actually Newport Hotel). On the original this is given as 45 - which it cannot be, as this refers to land below low water. A mystery.

RefDescriptionOwner or reputed ownerOccupier[Comments]Location
44Ground covered by high waterThe Crown, or the Lords of the Admiralty, or William Berry, James Wilson, the Scottish Central Railway Co & John RogersThe Owners and the Public
45Ground under low waterThe Crown, or the Lords of the Admiralty, or William Berry, James Wilson, the Scottish Central Railway CoThe Owners and the Public
46Dwelling houses, outhouses, garden ground, pasture ground, sea braes & private roadWilliam BerryJames Wilson (lessee & occupier), John Harris (occupier)[not shown. Kempstane]Location Location 2
47Bleaching green, pasture ground, sea braes or common, 2 wells, bathing house & rocksWilliam BerryThe Owner, William Turnbull, James Wilson, John Harris and the Public[Ran from the foot of William St to just past the foot of James St]
48Salmon fishingsWilliam BerryAlexander Harris[not shown]
49Pasture ground and sea braesWilliam BerryMrs Anne Brand
50Turnpike roadTrustees of Turnpike Roads, St Andrews DistrictWilliam Stobie, tacksman of tolls (lessee); the Public (occupiers)
50/1Sea wallTrustees of Turnpike Roads, St Andrews District or Trustees of Tay Ferries, or Scottish Central Railway Co
51StackyardWilliam BerryCharles Mitchell (lessee & occupier)Location
52Mill shed, stables, outhouses and courtWilliam BerryCharles Mitchell (lessee & occupier)[On the corner of Tay St and Cupar Rd]Location
53Granary and private roadsWilliam Berry (superior); James Wilson (proprietor)James Wilson & John Aymer[Opposite the bottom of the Cupar Rd]Location Location 2
54Braes & pastureWilliam BerryMrs Anne Brand
55Dwelling houses & garden groundWilliam BerryWilliam Turnbull, John Bell, Alexander Milne, Alexander Harris, Mrs Menzies Mackie, John Kidd, Thomas Pinn & Mrs Catherine Brown[At the top of the High St]Location Location 2 Location 3
56Old lock-up houseWilliam BerryUnoccupiedLocation
57StableWilliam BerryMichael SmithLocation
57/1Coal shedWilliam BerryDavid SpenceLocation
58Old pierWilliam BerryThe Public[Old Pier]
59Occupation or servitude road, pier-head and groundWilliam BerryThe Public
60GranariesWilliam BerryJames Bogie, James Lindsay, & part unoccupiedLocation Location 2
61Sea wallWilliam Berry
62Stables, coach houses, sheds, cellars, areas, or vacant ground, stable-yard, court & private roadWilliam BerryCharles Mitchell (lessee & occupier)[part of Newport Hotel]Location
63Dwelling house, outhouses and water cisternWilliam BerryCharles Mitchell (lessee & occupier)[Newport Hotel]Location
64Garden groundWilliam BerryCharles Mitchell (lessee & occupier)[Bottom half of the High St; ground let with Newport Hotel]
65Dwelling house, garden & private roadWilliam BerryMrs Anne Brand[4/6 High St]Location
66Dwelling houseWilliam BerryMrs Margaret Foreman or Henderson, and part unoccupied[Demolished, site of shed at 4/6 High St]Location
67Arable groundWilliam BerryWilliam Berry
68Dwelling house, garden and areaWilliam BerryMrs Margaret Foreman or Henderson, and Charles Mitchell[Old St David's Inn, site of Trinity Church]Location Location 2
69Dwelling house & gardensWilliam BerryMargaret Meldrum, John Duncan, Alexander Moir and Thomas ClarkLocation Location 2 Location 3
70Dwelling house, garden, private road & wellWilliam BerryJames Smith[Chapel House]Location Location 2
71Garden groundWilliam BerryJohn Just (lessee & occupier)[Seamills]
72Dwelling house, kiln, shed, outhouses, courts, ground & private roadsWilliam BerryJohn Just (lessee & occupier)[Seamills]Location
73Barley mill, meal mill, area & private roadWilliam BerryJohn Just (lessee & occupier)[Seamills]Location
74Mill lade & mill raceWilliam BerryJohn Just (lessee & occupier)[Seamills]
75Warehouse, granary, ground & shedWilliam BerryMrs Anne Brand (lessee & occupier), the Scottish Central Railway Co (occupier), & part unoccupiedLocation
76Dwelling houseWilliam BerryCharles Mitchell (lessee & occupier)
77Passage pier & shedTrustees of the Tay Ferries; or the Scottish Central Railway CoThe Owners & the Public[Ferry Pier]Location
78Coal shedsTrustees of the Tay Ferries; or the Scottish Central Railway CoThe Owners


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