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1912-13 MacDonald dir      There are 575 records.

Soutar, John M., Elmbank, Wester NewportLocation
Stamford, J., Craighead : DairykeepersLocation
Stark, W., 12 Robert st. : Fruiterers
Stewart, Alex., Crossmount, Wormit
Stewart, D., Riverlea, Wormit Location
Stewart, Dr T. P., Loraine Villa Location
Stewart, Thomas P.; Medical Officer [under Town Officials ]
Stirling, Mrs, Park House, Wester NewportLocation
Stiven, James, Struan placeLocation
Stiven, Mrs, RosemountLocation
Storrier, J., Union street; house. Tayport road; also slater. Telephone No. 1X3 : Plasterers And SlatersLocation (2)
Strath, J., teacher, Bellevue terrace Location
Sturrock, A., Rockard House, Wormit Location
Sturrock, J., 9 Hill ter., Wormit Location
Sturrock, Mrs E. E., Ellerslie, Wester NewportLocation
Sturrock, Wm., Earnbank, ScroggiesideLocation
Sutherland, Prof. L. R., Wellgate HouseLocation
Swann, W., Annfield, WormitLocation
Tait, Robert, Queen st. : BuildersLocation
Taylor, R. R., Alma House, Wester NewportLocation
Taylor, R., Gauldry : Grocers[not in Forgan parish]
Tayside Laundry, Northfield : Laundries Location
Thain, Miss, 4 Alma terrace, Wester NewportLocation
Thom, Mrs, Clivemount, 9 Linden ave. Location
Thomas, Richard F., Gowanbank, Wester NewportLocation
Thomson, Alex., Ravensby, Norwood Location
Thomson, David, Danellvid Wester NewportLocation
Thomson, David; Bailie [under Town Officials ]
Thomson, J. M., Wormit
Thomson, J., Eifer Lodge, Tayport rd. Location
Thomson, James, WoodlandsLocation
Thomson, Mrs Jane, Dunearn, Tay st. Location
Thomson, W. D. C. & F., Floralbank, Tay streetLocation
Thomson, Wm., Duncraggan, Tayview terraceLocation
Tosh, Alex., Woodmuir Park, Wester NewportLocation
Tudhope, G., Holmbrae, WormitLocation
Valentine, E. S., Ashcliffe, ScroggiesideLocation
Vickery, Rev. Joseph, Woodmuir Park, Wester NewportLocation
Walker, Mrs, Westwood, Wester NewportLocation
Walker, Robert C., Wingate place Location
Wallace, Mrs P. U. (Trs. of), 2 St Phillan's placeLocation [should be 4]
Wallace, Thos. L., St Phillan's pl. : BootmakersLocation
Watson, E. A., Wellpark ter., Wester NewportLocation
Watson, H. S., Albert st.Location
Watson, Rev. R. A., Abercraig House. Wester NewportLocation
Watt, J. G., Hazelwood, Wormit Location
Watt, Mrs, Woodhaven
Webster, D., Woodriffe terrace
Webster, Mrs J. L., Fairview Cottage Location
Wedderspoon, G., teacher, Woodhaven, Wormit

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