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1912-13 MacDonald dir      There are 575 records.

Peacock, A. L., 7 Alma ter., Wester NewportLocation [probably 8 Alma]
Peat, Jas., Craiglea. WormitLocation
Peattie, G., Drumalis, Woodhaven Location
Peebles, John A. Waterside, Wormit Location
Peebles, William, 10 High st. : BooksellersLocation
Peebles, Wm., 10 High st. : NewsagentsLocation
Petrie, W. M., Kintyre, Wormit Location
Philip, James B., Viewmount, Maryfield terraceLocation
Philip, Robert, Woodhaven
Philip, Walter, 8 Kilnburn place Location
Philip, Wm., Marrbank, Laurel terrace Location
Phillips, James B., 5 Union st. : Grocers
Pilkington, R. M., St Fort House Location
Pirie, David, 1 Norwood terrace Location
Porter, Misses, St Leonards, Wormit Location
Proctor, J. P., teacher, 6 Tay terrace Location
Prophet, Wm., Viewbank, Wormit Location
Ramsay, Mrs, Primrose Bank, Wester NewportLocation
Reid, Mrs, Cragside, WormitLocation
Reid, R., Harris buildings : Refreshment RoomsLocation
Reid, Wm. P., Greenbank, Wester NewportLocation
Reoch, Misses, Grenada Villa, CraigheadLocation
Rhydt, C. Vande, 3 Youngsdale place Location
Richmond, Rev. J. M., Kinbank, WormitLocation
Ritchie, Dun., Prosen Cottage, Wester NewportLocation
Ritchie, G. B., Wellgate Park, Wester NewportLocation
Ritchie, Miss Alice, 7 Linden avenue Location
Robb, J. B., Crosshill ter., Wormit Location
Robb, James Barry; Councillor [under Town Officials ]
Robb, Mrs, 10 Hill cres., Wormit Location
Robbie, H. P., Viewmount rd., Wormit Location
Robertson, D. H., 17 Kilnburn place Location
Robertson, J. P., Eastbrook, Albert st. Location
Robertson, J., Hollybank, Wester NewportLocation
Robertson, James, Woodbank Villa, Wester NewportLocation
Robertson, Mrs, Balmore, Wester NewportLocation
Robertson, Mrs, Westfield, Wester NewportLocation
Robertson, Robert, Woodmuir Park, Wester NewportLocation
Robertson, Wm., Struan Bank House, WormitLocation
Roche, Rev. John, R.C., King st. Location Location (2)
Roger, Thomas, & Son, High street; tea warehousemen; agents for Melrose and Mazawatee Tea Co. Phone No. 48 : GrocersLocation
Roger, Thomas, Snowdon Bank Location
Rollo, George, 5 Struan placeLocation
Rollo, George, Woodbine terrace Location
Rollo, George; Councillor [under Town Officials ]
Ross, John, & Son, 11 High st.; workshop, Gas Work lane; funerals conducted; furniture removed and stored. Telephone No. 1X1 : Cabinetmakers And UpholsterersLocation
Ross, P. M., Strathview, Maryfield ter. Location
Rowbottom, G. H., Vandebury, Wormit Location
Russell, James, 7 Kilnburn place Location
Rust, Dr M., Holly Bank, Wester Newport

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