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1912-13 MacDonald dir      There are 575 records.

Hodson, Rev. Sam. B., High street, East NewportLocation
Holden, Miss M., Woodmoor, Wester NewportLocation
Honeyman, Wm. C., Cremona Villa, CraigheadLocation
Hood, Misses, Roselea, Laurel terrace Location
Hood, Wm., Braeside Villa, Wester NewportLocation
Hopkins, Mrs. 12 Hope ter., WormitLocation
Horsburgh, James, Newport and Wormit. Phone Nos. 99 and 20 : Merchants (Coal)
Horsburgh, Mrs, Roselea, Queen st.Location
Howden, W. C., Elmbank, Wormit Location
Howell, Mrs, Woodhaven
Hudson, W. H., Kilnburn terrace Location
Hunter, Robert, Holme Leigh, Wester Newport
Husband, Andrew, Gauldry : Grocers[not in Forgan parish]
Husband, J., Lyndhurst Villa, CraigheadLocation
Hyslop, J. B., Woodstock. Laurel ter.Location
Inch, John, Victoria Villa, Wester NewportLocation
Ireland, Henry B., NorwoodLocation
Jack, James S., R.P., Tayport road; and at Wormit; sanitary plumber and hot-water engineer. Telephone No. 9 : Plumbers And GasfittersLocation Location (2)
Jeffrey, W. D., 16 Kilnburn place Location
Jenkins, A. H., Dalvreck, Wormit Location
Johnston, George, Robert st. : JoinersLocation
Johnston, Mrs B., Hillside, St Phillan's pieceLocation
Johnstone, Alex, Rowan Bank, WormitLocation
Johnstone, J. J., CraigheadLocation
Johnstone, Miss Jane, Thymbra Lodge, Easter NewportLocation
Jones, R. D., Tighnreich, Wormit Location
Just, Misses, Gowanbank, Wester NewportLocation
Kay, Alex., Flass [under Farmers, Forgan parish]Location
Kay, J., jun., James square : GrocersLocation
Keay, A. G., Pierhead : ConfectionersLocation
Keay, Joseph, Pierhead : NewsagentsLocation
Keddie, Mrs, Westfield, Wester NewportLocation
Keenan, Thomas, Rosehill Cottage, Wester NewportLocation
Kelman, Mrs, Rosebank, Wester NewportLocation
Kemp, F. G., 2 Wellpark ter., Wester NewportLocation
Kemp, Frederick G.; Chamberlain [under Town Officials ]
Kerr, H., Oakdene, Wester Newport Location
Kidd, Wm., Whitehill Villa, Tay st.
Kidney, Mrs. 12 Hill cres., Wormit Location
King, Alex. S., Ravenscraig Villas, WormitLocation
Kinlay, John, Newton : BlacksmithsLocation
Kinnes, Robert, Kincraig, Wormit Location
Kirk & Coutts, Robertson place; tinplate workers and gasfitters. Telephone No. 85 : IronmongersLocation
Kirk, R., Seacraig HouseLocation
Kirkcaldy, Robert, Gauldry : Grocers[not in Forgan parish]
Laird, E. B., 3 Hill ter., Wormit Location
Laird, J., Conway, Wester Newport Location
Laird, Miss, Ingleside, Wester Newport
Latto, J. M., Union street : JoinersLocation
Latto, Miss A., Robert st.; also confectioner : Grocers

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