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1912-13 MacDonald dir      There are 575 records.

Lawson, Archibald, Brockville Location
Lawson, Daniel, Kilnburn House Location
Lawson, John S., Carseview, WormitLocation
Lawson, Miss, Woodmuir, Wester Newport
Lawson, R., Helen Villa, Wormit Location
Lee, Wm., Oakhurst., Woodhaven Location
Leighton, R., Duncraig, Wester NewportLocation
Leitch, A., Netherlea, Wester Newport Location
Leitch, Dr Arch., Broadhaugh, Wester NewportLocation
Leitch, Robert T., Hillcrest, West NewportLocation
Leitch, Robert Thomson; Provost [under Town Officials ]
Leng, Dame Mary, KinbraeLocation
Leng, John A., Seymour House, Tayport roadLocation
Leng, W. C., Highfields, Wester NewportLocation
Leslie, John, 6 Youngsdale place Location
Lindberg, Mrs Otto M., Fernbrae, Wester NewportLocation
Lindsay, Alex., Seaton Brae, Wormit Location
Lindsay, Alexander; Bailie [under Town Officials ]
Lindsay, Mrs, WoodhavenLocation
Logie, James, 11 NorwoodLocation
Low, And., Sunnybank, Hillside placeLocation
Low, Capt. J., 11 Hill ter., Wormit
Low, D., Rock Cliff, WormitLocation
Low, J C., Brooklyn Villa, Craighead Location
Low, John C., InglewoodLocation
Low, Mrs John, Myrtle terraceLocation
Lowe, James, Marybank VillaLocation
Lowe, M. M., Clifton Bank. Laurel terr.Location
Lowson, Mrs, 4 NorwoodLocation
Lowson, Mrs, Albert cres., Albert stLocation
Lowson, P., teacher, Wormit
M'Donald, Alex., 6 Hill ter., Wormit Location
M'Donald, Mrs, ThornbankLocation
M'Gavin, Robert E., 13 Linden avenueLocation
M'Gregor, Misses, Whinfell, Wormit Location
M'Gregor, Mrs, Alpine Cottage, Wester NewportLocation
M'Gregor, Mrs, Elmslea, Wormit Location
M'Gregor, Rev. P., M.A., Manse road Location
M'Intosh, Thos., Taycliffe, WormitLocation
M'Kechnie, James, Taybank, Wormit Location
M'Kenzie, D., Bal-na-Craig, WormitLocation
M'Kenzie, F. J., Sylvan HouseLocation
M'Kenzie, Mrs E, 5 Woodbine terrace Location
M'Kinnon, D. J., WormitLocation
M'Lagan, William, Albert stLocation
M'Laggan, John, Craignish, Wester NewportLocation
M'Laggan, Misses, 14 Kilnburn placeLocation
M'Leod, Wm., Dunvegan, Wormit Location
M'Walter, J. M., Waterston Cottage, Wester NewportLocation
M'Walter, J. S., Helenslea, Tayview terraceLocation

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