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1912-13 MacDonald dir      There are 575 records.

Blumenreich, Mrs, Ravenscraig, Tay st.Location
Boase, H., Tighnavon, Wester Newport Location
Bowden, W., Tay st. : Spirit Dealers
Brand, Mrs, Bay House, Tay st. Location
Bremner, J., Esley, Wester Newport Location
Brown, A. L., Edenbank, Scroggieside Location
Brown, Alex. D., 3 Kilnburn terrace Location
Brown, G., Tay Cottage, CraigheadLocation
Brown, Miss, Ivy Bank, Wester Newport
Brown, Misses, Tay View terrace Location
Brown, Mrs Helen, Clinton Cottage, CraigheadLocation
Bruce, James, Seabank Cottage Location
Bruce, Wm., Inverlee. WormitLocation
Buik, Charles W., Braeknowe, Wester NewportLocation
Buik, Charles William; Councillor [under Town Officials ]
Buist, Wm., Woodhaven : JoinersLocation
Calderwood, Wm. J., Primrosebank, Wester NewportLocation
Caldwell, James, Strawberry bank : DairykeepersLocation
Caldwell, James, Strawberry Bank [under Farmers, Forgan parish]Location
Cameron, Alex., Bellevue, Wormit Location
Cameron, J., teacher, Forgan Location
Campbell, Miss, Fernlea. Laurel ter. Location
Campbell, Rev. James, D.D., Seacraig, Tay streetLocation
Cappon, Miss, Cliff BankLocation
Carmichael, J., Northfield [under Farmers, Forgan parish]Location
Carmichael, John, Northfield Farm : DairykeepersLocation
Carstairs, W., Tayview, Wormit
Carswell, Wm., Ascot, Wester Newport Location
Chalmers, A., Pierhead : Chemists And PharmacistsLocation
Chalmers, Robert, Westfield terrace, Wester NewportLocation
Chalmers, Wm. F., 4 Kilnburn ter. Location
Chapman, Jas. jun., Wormit House Location
Christie, J., Ninewells [under Farmers, Forgan parish]Location
Christie, James M., Morton [under Farmers, Forgan parish]Location
Christie, Miss, Craigation, Laurels Location
Christie, Mrs, NorwoodLocation
Clark, Geo., M.A., Ythanbank, Wester NewportLocation
Clydesdale Bank, Ltd. : Banks
Cochrane, Miss H., 5 Alma terrace, Wester NewportLocation
Collie, George, Wormit. Telephone No. 12 : Livery Stable KeepersLocation
Comar, A. L., Tay View terrace Location
Congleton, Mrs, Hillview, Wormit Location
Connell, John M., 10 Hill ter., Wormit Location
Cooper, David S., 4 Youngsdale place Location
Coutts, James; Councillor [under Town Officials ]
Coutts, Rev. Jas., Ashford, Woodhaven Location
Cowley, William, Riverside, Wormit Location
Cowley, Wm., Craigie Knowe, Wormit Location
Coyle, Patrick, High st. : Spirit DealersLocation
Cram, J., 3 Prospect ter., Craighead Location

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