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1859 Election for Fife MP      There are 46 records.

No.Enrol DateNameOccup.AddressQualificationPropertyatWdNotes
Arthur, Robert Lord Loughborough (Conservative)Location
Berry, John Lord Loughborough (Conservative)Location
Bogie, James Lord Loughborough (Conservative)Location
Brodie, George Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Brown, Archibald Lord Loughborough (Conservative)Location
Brown, James Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Brown, William Lord Loughborough (Conservative)Location
Buist, James Lord Loughborough (Conservative)Location
Calman, David Lord Loughborough (Conservative)Location
Chapman, James Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Cowie, Robert Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Cunningham, John Lord Loughborough (Conservative)Location
Dalgleish, William Ogilvie Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Fell, David Lord Loughborough (Conservative)Location
Gellatly, David Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Gibb, William Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Gibson, Kenneth Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Harrower, George Ker Lord Loughborough (Conservative)Location
Henderson, Alex Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Jackson, John Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Just, David jun Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Just, George jun Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Just, Rev Thomas Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Just, Robert Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Kilgour, Andrew Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Knox, Andrew Lord Loughborough (Conservative)Location
Knox, Andrew jun Lord Loughborough (Conservative)Location
Landsman, Thomas Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
McGillivray, F Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Murdoch, David Lord Loughborough (Conservative)Location
Nicol, Robert Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Oliphant, William Lord Loughborough (Conservative)Location
Paton, James M Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Ronald, James Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Sheppard, James Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Sidey, Duncan Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Simpson, Edward Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Sinclair, Alexander Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Smith, James Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Stewart, Henry Lord Loughborough (Conservative)Location
Taylor, George Lord Loughborough (Conservative)Location
Thomson, Rev David Lord Loughborough (Conservative)Location
Tosh, Robert Lord Loughborough (Conservative)Location
Walker, Henry Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location
Wilkie, William Lord Loughborough (Conservative)Location
Williamson, Thrift Mr Wemyss (Liberal)Location

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