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1947-48 dir      There are 1085 records.

M'Donald, Miss Ina, secretary, Ellenmount, Castle braeLocation
M'Donald, R., 26 Queen street, East NewportLocation
M'Dougall, Miss Jessie, Yewtree cottage, Woodhaven, WormitLocation
M'Dougall, Mrs, Norbay, Tayport roadLocation
M'Ewan, David, engineer, 10 Kerr street, East Newport Location
M'Ewan, Misses E. and C., 3 Youngsdale place, East Newport Location
M'Gavin, David R. (merchant, Dundee), 13 Linden avenue, East NewportLocation
M'Gregor, Daniel, painter, 2 Union street
M'Hardy, William F., piermaster, Poplar place, King streetLocation Location (2)
M'Inroy, Aikman, Union terrace, East Newport
M'Intosh, Alexander, clerk, Ardlea, Scotswood crescent, WormitLocation
M'Intosh, Andrew (headmaster, Dundee), 7 Alma terrace, West NewportLocation
M'Intosh, Miss Lisbeth, Kindowrie, Bay road, WormitLocation
M'Intosh, Mrs, Osborne place, King streetLocation
M'Intyre, J. C. F., organiser, Wormit house, Bay road, WormitLocation
M'Kay, William, plumber, Kentallen, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
M'Kean, Miss, Beechwood terrace, West NewportLocation
M'Kenzie, Mrs F. J., Sylvan house, Woodside, Queen streetLocation
M'Kerrow, Miss Jean, High street : Booksellers And Newsagents,Location
M'Kerrow, Miss Jean, stationer and tobacconist, High street ; h. High streetLocation
M'Kie, Mrs L. R., Belgrano, Woodmuir terrace
M'Kinnon, Mrs D. J. Southfield, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
M'Laren, Charles, fitter, Meldrum square, Robert street, East Newport
M'Laren, David G., chauffeur, 19 Mars gardens, Woodhaven, Wormit Location
M'Laren, J. G., 9 KilnburnLocation
M'Lean, A., 15 High street : Restaurateurs.Location
M'Lean, A., restaurateur, 15 High streetLocation
M'Lean, Archibald, of Cafe Newport, Briarlea, Cupar road, East NewportLocation
M'Leod, E. W., grocer's assistant, The Castle, West NewportLocation
M'Millan, Miss Margaret, Poplar house, Robert streetLocation
M'Pherson, Mrs Marion L., 1 Tayview terrace, East NewportLocation
M'Walter, Miss, Olivet villa, Bay road, WormitLocation
Maccorquodale, Alastair M., teacher, Ravenscraig, Tay street, East NewportLocation
Macdonald, Miss M. Y., 3 Thornbank, Cupar roadLocation
Macdonald, Mrs Collina, The Castle, Newburgh road, West NewportLocation
Macdonald, Mrs Margaret, Norbay, Tayport roadLocation
Macdonald, Peter R., traveller, 2 Woodhaven avenue, Woodhaven, WormitLocation
Macdougald, Leonard D. G., salesman, Balgillo, Bay road, WormitLocation
MacDougald, Miss Rosa (teacher of singing, Dundee), Lorne, Viewmount road, WormitLocation
Macdougall, John, M.A., Forgan; Forgan Church, Rev. [under Places Of Worship.]Location
MacDougall, Mrs J. W., Greystane, Newport road, WormitLocation
MacGregor, John P., motor mechanic, Osborne place, King streetLocation
Macgregor, Miss, Whinfell, Hillpark road, WormitLocation
Macintyre, F. S., High street; S. Mary's Epis. Church, Rev. [under Places Of Worship.]Location Location (2)
Macintyre, Rev. F. S., S. Mary's Episcopal Church ; h. The Rectory, High street, East NewportLocation Location (2)
Mackay, David, police sergeant, Police Station, King street, East NewportLocation Location (2)
Mackay, Miss J. M., Rosebank, Shepherd's road, West Newport Location
Mackay, Miss Mary, 1 Hill crescent, WormitLocation
Mackay, W. (painter, Dundee), Lorneville, Tayport road Location
Mackie, D. & Son, builders, Victoria street, East NewportLocation

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