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1947-48 dir      There are 1085 records.

Clydesdale Bank Limited, Newport Office : High Street, Telephone: Newport 3169, Thomas R. Currie, Manager.Location
Clydesdale Bank, Ltd., 7 High street (Tel. No, N. 3169) ; Thomas R. Currie, manager. See Adv.Location
Clydesdale Bank, Ltd., 7 High street; manager, Thomas R. Currie. See Adv. : Banks.Location
Collie, George A., & Son, Ltd., motorhirers, Newburgh road, Wormit (Tel. No. W. 2212)Location
Collie, George A., & Son, Ltd., Newburgh road, Wormit : Motor Engineers, Hirers, And Agents.Location
Collie, George, of George A. Collie & Son, Ltd., St Leonard's, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Colville, John S., clerk, Lowood, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Combe, David C. C., of A. K. Niven & Sons, 24 Tay terrace, East NewportLocation Location (2)
Combe, George A. C., jun., of A. K. Niven & Sons, 2 Tay view terrace, East NewportLocation Location (2)
Combe, George A. C., of A. K., Niven & Sons, 24 Tay terrace, East NewportLocation Location (2)
Combe, George A., bank teller, 2 Tayview terraceLocation
Combe, Mrs George, 24 Tay terrace, East NewportLocation
Connell, John M., bootmaker, 5 St Phillan's, Cupar rd., East NewportLocation
Constable, Rev. Robert P., B. D., Balmerino Church (with Gauldry United) ; h. Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Constable, Robt. P., B.D., Balmerino; Balmerino Church (with Gauldry United), Rev. [under Places Of Worship.][not in Forgan parish]
Corsane, Mrs James, 2 Prospect terrace, East NewportLocation
Coupar, Miss, 4 Kilnburn, East NewportLocation
Courts, Mrs G., Norwood, Woodhaven, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Coutts, Miss B. M., Clifton, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Cowie, Frederick, builder, Mayfre, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Cowley, Mrs William, Riverside, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Cowley, W. Douglas (manufacturer, Dundee), Cladach, Bay rd., WormitLocation
Coyle, Andrew (wine merchant, Dundee), 3 Tayview terraceLocation
Coyle, Joseph M., 3 Tay view terraceLocation
Craig, Andrew, foreman, James square, Gowriehill, East NewportLocation Location (2)
Cram, Arthur S. (C.A., Dundee), 12 Linden avenue, NewportLocation
Cramond, Margaret, 2 Woodbine terraceLocation
Cranna, Adam B., Westcliffe, Birkhill avenue, WormitLocation
Crichton, Mrs Harriet, Waterston crook, Kirk road, West NewportLocation
Crichton, William C., manufacturer's agent, Waterston, Kirk road, West NewportLocation
Crook, John W., retired customs collector, Woodlands, Cupar roadLocation
Crook, Mrs Frederick I., 5 James square, Queen street
Cunningham, Alexander, janitor, 6 High street, East NewportLocation
Cunningham, James B. (shipping agent, Dundee), Cumbrae, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Cunningham, Kenneth, blacksmith, Forgan smithyLocation
Cunningham, Miss Jemima, dressmaker, 4 Union street, East Newport
Cunningham, William S., Runnelstone, Boat brae, West NewportLocation
Currie, Neil T., housefactor, Craigard, Birkhill avenue, WormitLocation
Cuthbert, Alexander A., journalist, 11 Newtonpark, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Cuthill, William, Victoria villa, Lower Woodmuir terrace, West NewportLocation
Dalton, Miss M., Woodside cottage, Queen streetLocation
Davidson, John, M.A., D.Phil. (retired director of studies, Training College, Dundee), Norwood, 4 Wellpark terrace, West NewportLocation
Davidson, Miss M. R. 26 Kilnburn, East NewportLocation
Davidson, Miss, L.L.A., 26 Kilnburn, East Newport; [under Junior School]Location
Davidson, Mrs D. H., Kilmaurs, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Davidson, Mrs Isabella, Tayfield cottages, High road, NewportLocation
Dawson, Mrs E., 15 Norwood, East NewportLocation
Deas, Robert, pianotuner, 2 Kerr street, East NewportLocation
Deuchar, James, driver, Meldrum square, King streetLocation
Deuchars, Miss, Wellfield, Bay road, WormitLocation

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