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1947-48 dir      There are 1085 records.

Bell & Caird, hardware store, 4 Cupar roadLocation
Bell, Alexander (clothier, Dundee), Cliftonpark, Birkhill ave., WormitLocation
Bell, Edwin, engineer, 1 Struan street, East NewportLocation
Bell, John, Kirkton, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Bell, John, Woodhaven, Wormit
Bell, Miss J., Seacraig house, King street, East NewportLocation
Bell, Miss M. E., Eglinton, Victoria street, East NewportLocation
Bell, Ronald H., Cliftonpark, Birkhill avenue, Wormit; Secretary [under Wormit Boating Club]Location Location (2)
Berry, Captain Robert, Chesterhill, NewportLocation
Berry, R. A. J., Chesterhill; [under Justices Of' The Peace Resident At Newport]Location
Berry, William, of Tayfield; [under Justices Of' The Peace Resident At Newport]Location
Berry, William, Tayfield house, High road, East NewportLocation
Berwick, Miss Jean, Clunie, Crosshill terrace, WormitLocation
Betsworth & Barlow, High street : Plumbers And Tinsmiths.Location
Betsworth & Barlow, plumbers and gasfitters, High streetLocation
Betsworth, Mrs George, James square, Gowriehill, East Newport
Betsworth, Mrs H., Carseview, Tayport roadLocation
Bisset, Mrs John, 12 Mars gardens, Woodhaven, WormitLocation
Bisset, Mrs M. L., 9 Hillpark terrace, WormitLocation
Black, Miss E. C., masseuse, Mount Pleasant, Lower Woodmuir terrace, West NewportLocation
Black, Miss M. J. W., Mount pleasant, Lower Woodmuir terrace, West NewportLocation
Black, Misses, Seacraig, Tayport roadLocation
Black, Mrs B., 6 Tay terrace, East NewportLocation
Black, Rev. Walter K., 11 Kilnburn, East NewportLocation
Blackmore, Mrs William, 18 Mars gardens Woodhaven, WormitLocation
Blackstock, J., The Cliff, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Blackwood, Margaret T., confectioner, Scroggieside, Newburgh road, Wormit ; h. Seaview cottage, Beach road, WoodhavenLocation Location (2)
Blackwood, Margaret T., Scroggieside, Newburgh road, Wormit : Confectioners.Location
Blackwood, Thos. G., engineer, Seaview cottage, Beach road, WormitLocation
Bloomfield, Stewart, chauffeur, Agra house, Robert street, E. NewportLocation
Boath, Leonard, insurance inspector, Osborne place, King street Location
Borland, Mrs J. K., 18 Norwood, East NewportLocation
Bowman, Charles, 11 Robert street : Bakers,
Bowman, Charles, baker, 11 Robert street
Brass, Dennis, chauffeur, Beech cottage, Tayport roadLocation
Brodie, Mrs C. N., Moy villa, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Brown, A. K. (bank manager, Dundee), 1 Hillpark terrace, WormitLocation
Brown, A. W., The Haven, Kirkton, Balmerino[not in Forgan parish]
Brown, George, book-keeper, 7 Kilnburn, East NewportLocation
Brown, Henry, motordriver, Tayfield cottage, High road Location
Brown, Miss, 2A Tayview terrace, East NewportLocation
Brown, Miss, Bellevue terrace, Queen street Location
Brown, Misses, 8 Kerr street, East NewportLocation
Brown, Mrs A. S., 8 Albert crescent, East NewportLocation
Brown, Mrs David, Gowriebank, GowriehillLocation
Bruce, Alexander, Varna cottage, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Bruce, John G , curator, Mills Observatory, Dundee ; h, Seabank, Tayport road, East NewportLocation
Bruce, Miss W. R., Sanford, Crosshill terrace, Wormit.Location
Bruce, Miss, Priorland, Newtonpark, WormitLocation
Bruce, Thomas G., 4 East Queen street, East NewportLocation

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