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1832 Voters      There are 28 records.

No.Enrol DateNameOccup.AddressQualificationPropertyatWdNotes
22 September 1832 Buist, James tenant lands of Kirkton Barns Location
21 September 1832 Bell, Alexander proprietor houses and ground Parish of Forgan [Tayside deleted]Location
21 September 1832 Bell, John Writer proprietor houses and gardens situated at Maryton [Dundee deleted]Location
F. Berry, William proprietor lands of Inner Dovat called Lightons lands Location
22 September 1832 Brown, Archibald Farmer tenant lands of Inverdovat Location
22 September 1832 Christie, John Farmer tenant lands of Cawseyhead Location
21 September 1832 Duncan, William proprietor houses and ground at Tayside Location
22 September 1832 Fleming, Thomas Farmer tenant lands of East Frierton Location
24 September 1832 Hay, John proprietor lands of Morton [St Andrews deleted]Location
21 September 1831 Just, Thomas proprietor house and lands neighbourhood of Newport Location
21 September 1831 Just, William Mason proprietor house at Newport and the feuduties of houses and lands of Broadheugh Newport & Broadheugh Location
24 September 1832 Just, George Builder feuar lands of Justfield & houses thereon of the lands of Causayhead Justfield & Causayhead [Tayfield deleted]Location
21 September 1832 Just, David Mason proprietor house, garden and land near Newport Location
21 September 1832 Just, Robert Wright joint proprietor house, garden and land near Newport Location
22 September 1832 Knox, David Farmer tenant lands of Flass Location
22 September 1832 Knox, Andrew Farmer tenant farm of Friarton Location
21 September 1832 Landale, Charles Civil Engineer proprietor houses and garden ground at Newport Location
22 September 1832 Murray, John Mason proprietor houses of Murray Place, Maryton Location
22 September 1832 Nicoll, David Farmer tenant farm of Upper Frierton Location
22 September 1832 Rogers, John Farmer feuar lands of Northfield Location
22 September 1832 Robertson, Charles tenant lands of Morton Location
21 September 1832 Rhind, Alexander Farmer tenant farm of Woodhaven Location
21 September 1832 Russell, Alexander Farmer tenant lands and farm of Newton Location
21 September 1832 Turnbull, William Millwright tenant farm and mill of Seamills Location
24 September 1832 Williamson, John Farmer tenant lands of Burnside Location
F. Stewart, Archibald Campbell proprietor lands of Saint Ford enclusive of Causewayhead Saint fort Location
F. Stewart, Henry proprietor lands of Nether St Fort and others Location
F. Stewart, William proprietor lands of Little Friarton and Woodhaven Location

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