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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1956-57       (4 May 1956 - 30 April 1957)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-55

Election held 27 April 1956. No poll as only 3 nominations for 3 vacancies.
Elected: Alfred C Newell, 8 Prospect Terrace; Alexander Inglis, Morig, 4 Albert Crescent; Ralph Fyfe Smith, Laurel Mount, Birkhill Avenue.
Council: Ward 1: Charles Bowman, elected 1954, Senior Bailie; Richard Lowry West, elected 1955, Provost; Alfred C Newell, elected 1956.
Ward 2: Alex. D Forrest, elected 1954; Robert A Howieson, elected 1955; Alex. Inglis, elected 1956, Junior Bailie.
Ward 3: Thomas J Wishart, elected 1954; John Whiteford, elected 1955; Ralph Fyfe Smith, elected 1956.
4 May 1956. The Terrace: part bought from Miss Mackie £100.
Seacraig Cottages: bought from Miss Rhind £300
Proposal to purchase Seacraig House for £800 changed to £1000
June 1956. Kinbrae Lodge - closure as unfit.
House at The Terrace formerly used by David Pert - closure as unfit.
Completion of purchase of Kinbrae.
August 1956. Purchase of Seacraig House: tenant on ground floor allowed to move to one of the upper flats at the same rental.
Not to purchase The Granary, which is for sale.
Plans to develop the Seacraig site.
October 1956. Death of Provost Lowry West. Councillor Wishart elected Provost.
Path from Taygrove along the foreshore to the Gasworks is unsafe.
Demolition of Seacraig House.
13 November 1956. William J Smith co-opted for ward 1.
Path at Taygrove - Put up notice at Newport end. Ask St Andrews District Council to put up a notice at the old dump at the east end.
December 1956. Kirk Road was originally only 8 feet wide.
South of Scotland Electricity Board to purchase site for electricity transformer at Seamills and to enclose it with walls.
February 1957. Mrs Nicoll, tenant, Seacraig Cottages.
April 1957. Retiring: Bowman, William J Smith, Forrest & Wishart.
John Graham appointed Burgh Chamberlain from 15 May 1957 on resignation from that date of Miss Helen Dunn.
April 1957. Seamills Cottage - alterations to change from 2 houses to 1.

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