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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1959-60       (May 1959 - April 1960)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-58

Election held 6 May 1959 in Ward 3.
Elected: Ward 1 - A C Newell; Ward 2 - A Inglis; Ward 3 - James G Soutar & Ralph Fyfe Smith.
Council: Ward 1: William J Smith, elected 1957; Charles Bowman, elected 1958; A C Newell, elected 1959, Junior Bailie.
Ward 2: Alex. D Forrest, elected 1957, Senior Bailie; Robert A Howieson, elected 1958; Alex. Inglis, elected 1959.
Ward 3: Thomas J Wishart, elected 1957, re-elected Provost 1957; Ralph Fyfe Smith, elected 1959; James G Soutar, elected 1959.
Death of Frank Morrison, town clerk for 37 years (1916 - 1953).
July 1959. Tayfield Road fund - to be wound up by the holders. Money to build proposed new road 'Abercraig Street' to run south from High Road. Money contributed by original feuars of St Serfs (Westwood), Kinbrae & Balmore.
November 1959. Discovered serious dry rot in vacant houses at The Terrace belonging to the Council - demolished immediately.
House at The Terrace (VR no. 1124) - ? fit for habitation?
Turnbull's Buildings - inspect.
Turnbull's Buildings - movement in west wall, affecting houses of D. Leighton, D. Henderson, G. Motion & R. Rhodes.
House at The Terrace (VR no 1124) - owned by Mrs Mackie, Abercraig, tenant - W. Fearn : house unfit.
£350 to demolish 5 houses at The Terrace.
January 1960. Lease of Scout Sheds (Woodhaven Pier) - on behalf of boat owners using the pier - not safe - refused. Offered instead lease of old picquet post (west approach) and old ammunition store (at east approach). ? demolish Scout Sheds?
February 1960. Scout Sheds should be demolished, including premises let to G. Pattie.
Boat owners charged for use of pier.
The Terrace - offer to sell some property to the Council.
Retiring: Provost Wishart, Smith & Bailie Forrest.
Rubble etc. from Kinbrae demolition to be dumped at Woodhaven to widen the roadway.
26 April 1960. Boats at Pier - recent photo in Courier and complaints - not founded.

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