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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1955-56       (May 1955 - April 1956)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-54

Election: Ward 1 - R Lowry West. Ward 2: Robert A Howieson. Ward 3: John Whiteford.
Council: Ward 1: Alfred C Newell, elected 1953, senior bailie; Charles Bowman, elected 1954, junior bailie; Richard Lowry West, elected 1955, Provost. Ward 2: Alexander S Lowson, elected 1953; Alexander D Forrest, elected 1954; Robert A Howieson, elected 1955. Ward 3: R Fyfe Smith, elected 1953; Thomas J Wishart, elected 1954; John Whiteford, elected 1955.
Miss Helen Dunn appointed Burgh Chamberlain from 16 May 1955 in place of S P Nicol.
July 1955. Propose to acquire Seacraig Cottages with the strip of ground at the foot of those gardens belonging to Miss Mackay; and the 7 houses in 2 blocks at The Terrace owned by Mrs C Mackie.
£450 offer for subjects at Pierhead from Dr Berry.
Road at back of Norwood a right-of-way? No. Feus at Norwood each extend 18' east from the back wall, therefore take in the whole road. Conditions not satisfied for a right-of-way: 1. there is a perfectly good public road leading through Norwood very little different in length; 2. road doesn't lead from one public place to another; 3. no evidence of such use by the public as a matter of right for such a period of 40 years as is required to give rise to a right-of-way.
? Demolish air raid shelter at Broadhaugh - refused by Scottish Home Department.
September 1955. Death of Councillor Lowson.
Waterstone House is to be officially opened as an Old People's Home on 27 September 1955.
Change of name of burgh. Discontinue postal addresses of Newport, Dundee, Angus and Wormit, Dundee, Angus and change to Newport-on-Tay, Fife and Wormit, Fife.
Dr Alex. Inglis, Albert Crescent, co-opted for Ward 2.
Refused offer to purchase subjects at Union Terrace.
Proposed closure of Tayport - Leuchars railway.
September 1955. Air raid shelter at old harbour.
? Purchase ground formerly Youngsdale Park at Albert Crescent - no.
Purchase of Kinbrae - £2250.
Bus stances: Boat Road, Boat Brae.
? Purchase Seacraig House - 2 flats now vacant.
? Purchase cottage at Woodhaven (Mrs Lillie's) and the adjoining one.
Purchase of 2 houses forming Agra House (J Barlow & S Broomfield) - £150.
January 1956. The Terrace: closing order - Mrs M Laird, c/o Gibsone, Yewbank, proposed living in the house. Agreed not to rescind the former decision (i.e. close the house).
Purchase of Parkview: (Miss Mary R Johnston) vacant - £250.
Purchase of Parkview: (Mrs Annie Taylor) - tenant's rights. Not accepted.
Purchase of The Terrace: (Mrs Christina J Mackie) - no reply.
Purchase of Seacraig Cottages: (Miss A M Rhind) - refused.
Gas Lane cottages: purchase from Dr Berry.
Make housing orders for The Terrace & Seacraig Cottages.
Retiring: Newell, Inglis, Fyfe Smith.
Pluck-the-Craw site: suitable for housing. Would Wellgate House sell any of their ground?
The Terrace: (1955/56 valuation roll nos. 1091, 1092, 1088) and also 2 houses already subject to orders - served a clearance order.
Clearance order for Seacraig Cottages (1955/56 valuation roll nos. 414-418).

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