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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1904-05       (November 1904 - November 1905)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-4

Elected: James Young, Robert Thomson Leitch, William Cowley.
Council: Ward 1: Thomas Roger, elected 1902, Provost; George Robertson Thom, elected 1903; James Young, elected 1904. Ward 2: John Petrie Robertson, elected 1902; William Carswell, elected 1903, Junior Bailie; Robert Thomson Leitch, elected 1904. Ward 3: William Robertson, elected 1902, Senior Bailie; James Ogilvy Adams, elected 1903; William Cowley, elected 1904.
Letter from Alex. Stewart re: position of Parkhill Road [sic] and Birkhill Avenue, Wormit.
Tayside Electric etc. Works - letter from ex-Provost Leitch re: proposal for sale of the company. Council to take no action.
4 cases of scarlet fever at Telephone Row, Wormit. Mr Kenn, occupier of one of the houses.
Application by Mr Henry Marvello, Dundee to erect a large stage and dressing room on the braes for open-air entertainments, June - August 1905.
Tobogganing in streets.
Repairs at wall at West Newport adjoining public well - council may meet part of the cost.
Buildings on Tayport Road - J S Jack - less than 25 feet from centre of road - building to be fixed in line with Miss Gibb's building on west.
Old Gas Works buildings - take down chimney stalk - William Young, blacksmith - £18 (he kept the bricks and the lightning conductor).
Application: John T Young - buildings at High Road / Boat Road.
Council to terminate their occupancy of yard at Union Street (Miss Ronald) and vacant ground at Albert Crescent (Miss Arthur) [on taking over old gas works site as burgh yard].
Unsatisfactory floor in dairy at Robertson Place.
May 1905. Sewers at Scroggieside area and Figtree Cottage (Harris Buildings).
Land from Mr Stewart at Wormit for swings and a maypole. 60' frontage - sub-lease from railway for 10 years.
Roadways and footpaths over tunnel, and bridges at West Newport - Council to take them over, but not immediately.
Moneys held in trust: the only one was for the Blyth fountain.
'Gas Works Lane'; Bailie Young's property in High Street.
St Mary's Lane - public street - footpath to be put on south side only - work to go ahead despite objections from David Duncan and Trustees for Edward Simpson.
? Take over management of the braes?
Fire brigade and appliances put under the control of the Burgh Surveyor.
Unfenced ground at Wormit (Wedderburn) - abuts the new street forming a continuation of Hillpark Terrace, Wormit and runs in front of Mr David Smith's feu. Horses and cattle stray into the streets and some gardens. Wedderburn to be told to fence the ground.
Certain owners in Birkhill Avenue had not agreed to contribute £2 each towards the cost of repairing the street. Therefore kerbing, channelling and metalling to be done to the rest of the street except that from Mr Sturrock's property westwards.
Wormit Electric - copy of letters from Board of Trade to Wormit Electric Co. about new model regulations; new regulations for overhead wires.
Fencing on parts of the braes. Lease of the braes from Berry.
? Take over new Wormit street from Mr Kinnes's to Mr Smith's - fencing not done, therefore not taken over.
Dairy extension at Craighead - use of former cartshed - plans etc. (James Stanford)
Retiring: Thomas Roger, John P Robertson, William Robertson.
Scarlet fever: child of Mr Stanford, Craighead Dairy - child removed to Mr Boyd's house at Tayfield Mains.

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