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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1905-06       (November 1905 - November 1906)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-5

Elected November 1905: Ward 1: Simon Forrest, Craighead, 276 votes. Ward 2: John P Robertson, Eastbrook, Albert Crescent, no poll. Ward 3: William Robertson, Struan Bank House, Wormit, no poll.
Council: Ward 1: George R Thom, elected 1903; James Young, elected 1904, Junior Bailie; Simon Forrest, elected 1905. Ward 2: William Carswell, elected 1903, Provost; Robert T Leitch, elected 1904; John P Robertson, elected 1905. Ward 3: James O Adams, elected 1903, Senior Bailie; William Cowley, elected 1904; William Robertson, elected 1905.
Bailie Carswell elected Provost, on a vote against Councillor William Robertson.
Warrant to form new streets at West Newport near Waterstone Crook, Mr Berry (a street parallel to Kirk Road and others). Attempts to secure piece of ground near bowling green at Wormit for a 5-year lease as a recreation ground.
Plans approved: villa by Mrs Jessie Millar or Leng, wife of W C Leng, newspaper proprietor, at ground south of Kirk Road, near Waterstone Crook.
Wormit recreation ground - get the ground after the hay crop.
An un-named street running east from Station Road to Gowrie Hill.
List of streets with un-feued ground.
January 1906. Take over the Braes from Mr Berry.
Hillpark Terrace: list of proprietors and lengths of frontages. North side [west to east]: F G Gilchrist 175'6''; Andrew Scott 75'; F G Gilchrist 66'; Council 8'; Napier 170'; George Duncan 61'; Worrall 175'; Strachan 47'; Prophet 47'; Spence 43'6''; Rorie 35'; Council 6'; D McKenzie 111'; D Gordon 32'; Mrs Ramsay 34'6''; King 52'6''; Gowans 52'; Aitken 218'; Gowans 46'6''; King 48'. South side [east to west]: Mr Graham 288'; Rorie 106'; Wedderburn 93'; Rorie 119'; Wedderburn 264'; Rorie 239'6''; Gilchrist 47'; Rorie 370'.
Maypole and ropes - shed put up at Wormit recreation ground.
Hill Brae (leads to Kirk Road).
[Wormit Electric] Suction gas engine: complaint from Mr D McKenzie, Wormit about noise from the engine & machinery on ground in front of his house. ?Council has no powers?
March 1906. Plans passed: alterations - Carron Cottage, Prospect Terrace (John M Easson, rtd. draper); gardener's cottage (Leng, Waterstone).
Arguments about paving footpaths at proprietors' expense.
Mr Walker dismissed as Sanitary Inspector, retained as Burgh Foreman.
Burgh manure [actually the ashes, etc.] - field west of ex-Provost Leitch's house at Netherlea - paper being blown about.
April 1906. Take over of Braes - not actually legally, but only on an understanding.
Mr A J Robertson, owner of Robertson Place (lived at Robert Street) - erection of 2 gas lamps in Cupar Road at top and bottom of Robertson Place.
Arnott, Friarton - stance for burgh refuse - not allowing any more; all tins and rubbish to be cleared away.
Proposed hospital site - east of road from St Michaels to Tayport - for scarlet fever, diphtheria, typhoid fever.
June 1906. Letter from Berry's agents - Braes. From ex-Provost Scott's wall on north to Stein's feu on south. Ditto Gowrie Hill wood. 3 pieces of ground 521, 522, 523 on OS map (new series) 2.821 acres.
Erection of piggery made of wood by Arthur Latto jun, Royal Hotel - 100 yds. east of Norwood, 70 yds. north of Causewayhead Road.
Electric lighting: request from Mr Stewart (22 Sept 1906) to run overhead wires from the present wire at Scroggieside along the back of the buildings, on private ground, until it reaches Westerton Park, crossing the public road once at Woodhaven and also once over the service road from Woodhaven to Flass Farm. A junction box will be formed at Westerton Park to receive private wires from the eastern district of the burgh. ...when Wormit District and Newport were merged ... question of lighting was brought forward ... electricity and gas ... gas now in Wormit - can company now introduce electricity to Newport? ... retrogression of burgh due to the lack of the most recent improved services ... - call a meeting.
Temporary erection of wires leading to Wormit Hall in connection with a demonstration of electric light in that hall - granted.
Letter from Tom Duncan re state of wall at watering trough, West Newport.
Retiring: 1. George R Thom; 2. R T Leitch; 3. J O Adams; (Provost's tenure of office as regards ward 2).
Nuisance at Kilgour's property - cleared up.

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