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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1903-04       (November 1903 - November 1904)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-3

Elected: G R Thom; William Carswell; James Ogilvy Adams (after a poll)
Council: Ward 1: Thomas Roger, elected 1902, Provost; James Young, elected 1902, Bailie; George Robert Thom, elected 1903. Ward 2: Robert T Leitch, elected 1902; John Petrie Robertson, elected 1902; William Carswell, elected 1903. Ward 3: William Cowley, elected 1902; William Robertson, elected 1902, Bailie; James Ogilvy Adams, elected 1903.
[No note about changing of bailies - presume previous status continues.]
Old gasworks site: feu of 1865 - plan showing portion now proposed to be sold 7 poles 25 yards - upset price £120.
Alexander Stewart's house plans approved.
Wormit electric line will be 28 feet from the ground - approved subject to no liability to Council.
Underground bakehouses - Mr James Young's in High Street is the only one - suitable.
William Mathewson, dairyman, Craighead Farm - licence for premises at Robertson Place, Cupar Road.
Death of James Dunse, Burgh Officer. Appointed Lawrence Anderson.
Burgh Surveyor and Sanitary Inspector - posts to be amalgamated to 1 full time.
Plans: Collie - shed (shelter for horses & machinery) - addition to existing. D & W Mackie, builders, Newport - 2 semi-detached cottages in Victoria Street.
Burgh Surveyor and Sanitary Inspector: Mr Cappon would resign at any time. Mr Walker, sanitary inspector, wouldn't. Seek to remove him.
Plans: David Smith - plans for villa on ground at un-named street, Wormit. Alexander Stewart's house alterations - he must adhere to Town Council's amended plans.
March 1904. James Stanford now dairyman at Craighead, John Peebles at Scroggieside & Mr Rhind at Woodhaven - purveyors of milk.
Old gasworks site - part purchased by David Innes Young, baker - £208.
Town Council to take over public lavatories at Newport pier.
Appoint new Burgh Surveyor & Sanitary Inspector and re-allocate Walker's duties. Walker to act as Burgh Foreman - he is satisfied.
Plans: George Duncan, Wormit - addition (sitting room) at The Tower, plus stable buildings and cottage. David I Young - shops & workshops in High Street.
Forgan Parish Council wards.
Woodhaven dairy - satisfactory; Scroggieside (Peebles) - unsatisfactory.
Proposed station at Woodhaven (proposed by St Fort) - no, move West Station further west.
April / May 1904. Mr Donald, Arbroath - Burgh Surveyor (full time) & resignation of Mr Cappon.
? sale of rest of gasworks site from Gas Dept. to Town Council? - Property in sasines 23 September 1901 (to Town Council), excluding that already sold to Young (sasines 10 March 1904).
Tayside Electric Co - would sell its plant to Town Council - take no action.
Mr Walker to take his instructions from Burgh Surveyor not from Convenors as before.
Old gas holders: site filled in.
Widen the road at Buist's corner - take 190 feet x 6 feet from St Fort.
Signposts for dangerous bends at Buist's corner; top of Cupar Road; High Street / Cupar Road; Kinbrae.
Costs of erecting block of 4 houses for workmen at new gasworks.
Additional lamps for Wormit - '1 at top of steps leading off Parkhill Road'. [Hillpark Road?]
Scroggieside dairy - not up to standards. Proprietor has left the country.
Formation of street at Mr David Smith's feu, Wormit.
Extension of Norwood / Causeyhead Road.
Walker - not carrying out Burgh Surveyor's instructions - warning.
? lamp at Peter Bisset's house, Riverside, West Newport?
Retiring: James Young, Robert T Leitch, William Cowley.
New street at Wormit: respondents Birrell, Adams & Anderson, petitioner Wedderburn - whole street to be 30 feet wide not, as at present, 25 feet at the northern end. Birkhill to give Birrell additional ground and title to it.
Gas works houses - too far from Burgh - scrap the idea.

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