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House NameOld AddressDatesCurrent address (& if demolished)
Walnut Cottage 1870s-1880s4 High StreetLocation
Walnut Cottage 7 King StreetLocation
Walnut Cottage 9 King StreetLocation
Walnut Cottage 60 West RoadLocation
Washer Willy's Washer Willy'sLocation
Washer Willy's (Knowehead)Location
Waterside 194274 Bay RoadLocation
Waterside 1880s(Riverside [3], Riverside Lane)Location
Waterstone 61 Kirk RoadLocation
Waterstone 63 Kirk RoadLocation
Waterstone 65 Kirk RoadLocation
Waterstone 67 Kirk RoadLocation
Waterstone House Lodge 195257 Kirk RoadLocation
Waterstone Cottage 1930s57 Kirk RoadLocation
Waterstone Crook 61 Kirk RoadLocation
Waterstone Crook 63 Kirk RoadLocation
Waterstone Crook 65 Kirk RoadLocation
Waterstone Crook 67 Kirk RoadLocation
Waterstone House 59 Kirk RoadLocation
Waterstone House 61 Kirk RoadLocation
Waterstone House 63 Kirk RoadLocation
Watery Butts (Watery Butts, Old Places)Location
Waverley Cottage 5 Scotswood CrescentLocation
Wayside 1 Myrtle TerraceLocation
Well Cottage Well Cottage, West RoadLocation
Wellbank Cottage 188113 Castle BraeLocation
Wellbank House 1850s78 West RoadLocation
Wellfield 195233 Bay RoadLocation
Wellgate House 78 West RoadLocation
Wellgate Park 17 Wellgate StreetLocation
Wellgate Park 190719 Wellgate StreetLocation
Wellpark House 191121 Wellgate StreetLocation
Welwyn 19 Wellgate StreetLocation
West Bank 2 Kilmany RoadLocation
West Bank 49 West RoadLocation
West Bay 189937 Bay RoadLocation
West Church Hall West Hall, 1, Bay RoadLocation
West Hall West Hall, 1, Bay RoadLocation
West View 29 Riverside RoadLocation
West Water (the Waterside (West Water), Old Places)Location
West Waterside (the Waterside (West Water), Old Places)Location
West Wormit 191212 Naughton RoadLocation
West Wormit 191214 Naughton RoadLocation
Westbank 49 West RoadLocation
Westbrae 18 Hillpark TerraceLocation
Westcliffe 24 Birkhill AvenueLocation
Westcroft 2 Castle BraeLocation
Westcroft 12 Kilmany RoadLocation
Wester Friarton Ccottages Wester Friarton CcottagesLocation
Wester Friarton Farmhouse Wester Friarton FarmhouseLocation

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