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House NameOld AddressDatesCurrent address (& if demolished)
Earnbank 43 Riverside RoadLocation
Earwig Cottage 1970s12 Youngsdale PlaceLocation
East Hall East Hall, Riverside RoadLocation
East Manse 193251 Riverside RoadLocation
East Ville 9 Kerr StreetLocation
East Water (the Waterside (East Water), Old Places)Location
East Waterside (the Waterside (East Water), Old Places)Location
Eastbrook 15 Albert CrescentLocation
Eastbrook 17 Albert CrescentLocation
Easter Friarton Cottages (Easter Friarton Cottages)Location
Easter Friarton Farmhouse Easter Friarton FarmhouseLocation
Eastfield House Eastfield HouseLocation
Eastlea 10 William StreetLocation
Eastlea 12 William StreetLocation
Ebenezer Chapel 19677 KilnburnLocation
Edenbank 45 Riverside RoadLocation
Edina Villa 18 Tayview TerraceLocation
Eggerness from 19558 Prospect TerraceLocation
Eglinton 9 Victoria StreetLocation
Eifer Lodge 88 Tay StreetLocation
Eifer Lodge 90 Tay StreetLocation
Eildonvale 190017 Bay RoadLocation
Elcho 43 Kilmany RoadLocation
electric station to 1903(Electric Station)Location
electric station from 1904(Electric Station, Naughton Road)Location
Elim Cottage 195226 Tay StreetLocation
Elimbank 189010 Shepherds RoadLocation
Elimbank 18981 Woodmuir TerraceLocation
Ellenbank 191223 Naughton RoadLocation
Ellenmount 1 Castle BraeLocation
Ellenmount 3 Castle BraeLocation
Ellenmount 25 Wellgate StreetLocation
Ellerslie 1891101 Tay StreetLocation
Ellerslie 9 Woodmuir TerraceLocation
Ellerslie 192211 Woodmuir TerraceLocation
Ellesmere 19119 Mount Stewart RoadLocation
Elm Cottage [should be Elim] 191726 Tay StreetLocation
Elma Villa 1885100 Tay StreetLocation
Elmbank 14 Riverside RoadLocation
Elmbank 10 Shepherds RoadLocation
Elmbank 1 Station BraeLocation
Elmbank 3 Station BraeLocation
Elmbank 1 Woodmuir TerraceLocation
Elmbank House 3 Station BraeLocation
Elmhurst 23 Westfield TerraceLocation
Elmslea 33 Riverside RoadLocation
Elwinbank 192210 Wellpark TerraceLocation
Errolbank 193785 Tay StreetLocation
Esley 1 Beechwood Tce WestLocation
Esley 2 Beechwood Tce WestLocation

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