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1899 Telephone dir      There are 59 records.

Alexander David, St Phillans Place, E; tel. no. 54Location
Boase Mrs H S, Fern Cottage, W; tel. no. 83Location
County Constabulary Station, Newport, Fife; tel. no. 27Location
Coyle Patrick, Newport Hotel; tel. no. 77Location
Cunningham The Misses, View Bank; tel. no. 73Location
Doig Wm & Son, 1 High Street; tel. no. 45Location
Doig Wm., & Sons, 1 High Street; tel. no. - Public call officeLocation
Duncan George & Co, The Tower, Wormit; tel. no. 70Location
Ferguson David, Linden Avenue; tel. no. 55Location
Fernie James, chemist & druggist, Pierhead Buildings; tel. no. 79Location
Forrest Simon, Craig-Ard, E; tel. no. 58Location
Guthrie John, grocer, Union Street; tel. no. 82Location
Ireland H B, Norwood, E; tel. no. 84Location
Johnston J J, Craighead, E; tel. no. 53Location
Lawson Archibald, Hillpark, E; tel. no. 63Location
Lawson Daniel, Kilnburn House; tel. no. 75Location
Lawson Robert, Brooklyn, E; tel. no. 28Location
Leitch Andrew, Netherlea, W; tel. no. 32Location
Leitch Robert T, shipowner, Newport, Fife; tel. no. 57Location
Leng Sir John, MP, Kinbrae; tel. no. 33Location
Leng W C, Cupar Road; tel. no. 34Location
Logie James jun, merchant, Montclair; tel. no. 81Location
Macintyre L G, The Briars; tel. no. 64Location
Mackay J & Son, painters & decorators, Pierhead; tel. no. 37Location
Mackay J & Son, Pierhead Buildings; tel. no. - Public call officeLocation
Malcolm Andrew, tea merchant, High Street; tel. no. 72Location
Mars Training Ship, Captain Scott's house; tel. no. 31aLocationLocation (2)
Mars Training Ship, on ship; tel. no. 31Location
Mars Training Ship, Woodhaven hospital; tel. no. 31bLocationLocation (2)
Mills J B, Bellevue, E; tel. no. 71Location
Moir Edward, Craighead Villa; tel. no. 35Location
Morrison Matthew, family butcher, 2 High Street; tel. no. 65Location
Murray George, butcher, High Street; tel. no. 61Location
National Telephone Co. Ltd. Offices, Union Street; tel. no. - Public call officeLocation
Newport Curling Club, Newport; tel. no. 47 Location (2)
Niven Mrs, butcher, Pierhead; tel. no. 46Location
Philip Dr Andrew, Abercraig; tel. no. 76Location
Ramsay Arthur James, 4 St Phillans Place, E; tel. no. 39Location
Ramsay James, Primrosebank, W; tel. no. 66Location
Reoch James, jute spinner, Newport on Tay; tel. no. 50Location
Ritchie Duncan, Prosen Cottage; tel. no. 80Location
Robertson William, engineer - Dundee, Balmore; tel. no. 69Location
Rodger T, Newport; tel. no. 48Location
Shepherd John W, merchant - Dundee, Tayview, E; tel. no. 29Location
Sievwright John L, stockbroker, Craiglea; tel. no. 49Location
Smith A B, grocer, West Newport; tel. no. 60 [?]
Smith William, Taygrove, E; tel. no. 41Location
Stewart John, medical practitioner, Lovaine Villa; tel. no. 51Location
Stiven James, mill furnisher, Rosemount, E; tel. no. 56Location
Tay Ferries, Pierhead; tel. no. 52Location

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