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1908 Tayside Annual      There are 1458 records.

Adams, J.; Committee [under Wormit Rifle Club.]
Adams, James O., calenderer, Drumclog [in Wormit directory]Location
Adams, Mr; Committee [under Wormit Bowling Club.]Location (2)
Adamson, Alex., warehouseman, 8 Hill Street. [in Wormit directory]Location
Adamson, Charles, warehouseman, 8 Hill Ter. [in Wormit directory]Location
Adie, Miss Margaret, Fuchsia Cottage, W. Location
Agnew, Hilary, secretary, Norwood Ter., E. Location
Aitken, James, clerk, 2 Woodbine Ter., E. Location
Aitken, John, ironmonger, Roseneath. [in Wormit directory]Location
Aitken, Miss, Marchmont, Norwood, E. Location
Alexander, Mrs David, St Fillan's Place. Location
Alexander, Siegmund, merchant, Canisbay Lodge, E.Location
Allan, Alf.; Committee [under Newport Boating Club.]
Allan, Thomas, station-agent, West Station, h. Station House.Location Location (2)
Allen, C. B.; Hon. Vice-President, [under Newport Lawn Tennis Club.]Location (2)
Allen, Chas. B., merchant; Norwood Ter., E. Location
Allen, Chas. jun., Norwood, Newport; Hon. Secretary, [under Newport Lawn Tennis Club.]Location Location (2)
Allison, D. M.; Wormit School Headmaster, [under Forgan School Board.]Location (2)
Allison, David M. headmaster, Wormit Public School, Hill Crescent. [in Wormit directory]Location Location (2)
Allison, James, M.A., LL.B; Clerk and Treasurer, [under Forgan School Board.]
Allison, James, M.A., LL.B; Hon. Vice-President [under Newport Literary Society, Founded 1879. ]
Allison, James, sail and ropemaker, The Briars, W.Location
Allison, James, solicitor, Prospect Ter., E. Location
Allison, James; Prosecutor, [under Newport Town Council]
Allison, Jas.; Hon. Vice-President, [under Newport Lawn Tennis Club.]Location (2)
Allison, John L., bank clerk, The Briars, W. Location
Allison, John M., Woodmuir Park.[?]
Ames, Mrs; laundress, The Terrace, W. Location
Anderson, A. M.; Postmaster, [under Newport Post Office, Pierhead.]Location
Anderson, A.M., Newport Photographic Studio [advert p.36]
Anderson, Alex. M., postmaster, photographer, and fancy goods merchant, Pierhead.Location
Anderson, Alex., butcher, James Sq.
Anderson, Chas., telephone inspector, Union St.
Anderson, Duncan, clerk, Riverview. [in Wormit directory]Location
Anderson, James, builder, Riverview. [in Wormit directory]Location
Anderson, James, chemist, Dundee [advert p.14]
Anderson, L.; Burgh Officer, [under Newport Town Council]
Anderson, Lawrence, hallkeeper, Blyth Hall. Location
Anderson, Lawrence; Hallkeeper, [under Blyth Hall Trustees.]Location
Anderson, Miss Nan, Kilgask; Secretary, [under Newport Young Women's Christian Association]Location
Anderson, Mrs David, Ellenmount, W. Location
Anderson, Mrs Mary, Old Granary.
Anderson, Mrs Wm., Myrtle Bank. [in Wormit directory]Location
Anderson, Peter, baker [advert p.37]
Anderson, Peter, Pierhead. : Bakers.
Anderson, Peter. baker, Pierhead.
Anderson, Robert, manufacturer, Magask, E. Location
Anderson, Thomas, baker (of Peter Anderson), 15 Kilnburn Place.Location
Anderson, William, retired builder, Scotia Villa., W.Location
Anderson, Wm. A., H.M. Customs, Tay Ter., E. Location

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