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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1954-55       (May 1954 - April 1955)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-53

Election: Ward 1 - Charles Bowman, 3 Union Street, 471 votes; William Paterson, 1 Craighead Road, 136 votes; Bowman elected. Ward 2: Alexander D Forrest, Arnsheen, no contest. Ward 3: George H Hepburn The Terrace, West Newport, 64 votes; Thomas J Wishart, Fernbrae, Newburgh Road, 385 votes. Wishart elected.
Council: Ward 1: Richard Lowry West, elected 1952; Alfred C Newell, elected 1953, junior bailie; Charles Bowman, elected 1954. Ward 2: John Dunn, elected 1951, Provost; Alexander S Lowson, elected 1953; Alexander D Forrest, elected 1954, senior bailie. Ward 3: John Whiteford, elected 1952; R Fyfe Smith, elected 1953; Thomas J Wishart, elected 1954.
Coronation seats: promised donation from the Curling Club, therefore purchase 3 x £9 seats for Coronation Garden, 5 x £8-3-0d. seats for Braes. Net cost to Council about £31.
Boat Road buses: meeting with Fife CC who propose holding off on the order until an alternative site is available. Kinbrae - District valuer gives value of £3000. £2300 estimate to widen the road by Fife CC.
The Terrace: Mrs Mackie has let out the larger house to James Reid without certificate from Council and before repairs are carried out. Move for a closing order.
Proposed change of name to Newport-on-Tay [? who proposed it previously?] - expensive - ask for a report.
Proposal to close Tayport - Leuchars railway line.
Closing order: The Terrace - some repairs made, therefore remove the order.
Librarian in Blyth Hall: Mrs Brunton.
Chains for gates at Blyth Hall to stop turning of vehicles.
Crossing patrol: Headmaster considers 5 sites but the one at St Mary's Lane is essential.
Boat Road property: Berry will negotiate for the Council's purchase of (a) subjects between Boat Road and High Road (Seamills site) for recreational purposes; (b) ground on south side of High Road for road widening; (c) subjects in Gas Lane. Agreed to take no action on (c) meantime.
Agreed to change the name to Newport-on-Tay.
The Terrace: closing order has been issued in respect of 2 of the houses.
Curr's Cottages: renamed Parkview and the 4 houses to be numbered.
Crossing patrol: County Council consider it unnecessary.
Shields put on 2 street lights at Wormit to aid train drivers' vision of signals.
Ground at end of Prospect Terrace owned by Gilbert Thornley, Tayview - used for turning cars.
Retiral of S P Nicoll, Burgh Chamberlain & Registrar from 15 May 1955. Miss Helen Dunn to be appointed. Registrar's post to be separated.
Retiring: West, Dunn, Whiteford.
J Brace, ground flat, Seacraig House - certificate of disrepair.
Many photos taken by Mr Harry Plenderleith for the bus enquiry.
Building in King Street, formerly old stables, has become dangerous.
Footpath forms part of right-of-way at Seamills site.
Another party wishes to buy Seamills House.

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