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Plot 250:   Maryton  -  whole area

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This plot:

Plot IDAreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesProperties
250Marytonwhole area


Sub-plots created from this plot :   

Plot IDAreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesProperties
94Marytonlot (0)34 falls + 10 fallspossessed lately as an inn by Thomas Honeyman12-14 Tay St; 1-7 Union St
95Marytonlots 1 & 22 roods 4 falls 34 ells(Farquharson, Croom) 1 rood 7 falls 8 ells + 37 falls 26 ells18-22 Tay St; 9-23 Union St
97Marytonlot 342 falls 17 ellsin N most street of Maryton(Gibb) 53 poles 17.05 yd (with 40 falls 4 ells)24-26 Tay St
100Marytonlot 1435 falls(Raitt)1-3 King St, 2 Union St
102Marytonlot 442 falls 17 ells (1 rood 13 pol 12 yd)(Campbell, Fleming, Russell) 1rood 13 poles 12yds28-30 Tay St
112Marytonlot 741 falls 31 ells(R Berry, Ramsay)56 Tay St
113Marytonlots 8 & 91 rood 30 falls 34 ells2 pieces of ground (Meldrum)58 Tay St
117Marytonlot 1229 falls 22 ells(McGrigor, Bruce, Carmichael, Allardice)66 Tay St
146Marytonlot 1335 falls (original has 37 falls)on S side of Union Street(Milln)Free Church & School, William St
147Marytonlot 552 falls 10 ells(Low, Croom, Geddes, Turnbull)Royal Buildings
148Marytonlot 652 falls 10 ells(G Just, Walker, McGregor)52-54 Tay St, 1-13 Robert St
149Marytonlots 22, 23, 24, 25, 2640 falls 4 ells each (lots 22-25) and 49 falls 14 ells (lot 26)5 pieces of ground(John Murray, Rhind, Brown)Seacraig House site (King St, James St)
150Marytonlot 1840 falls 4 ells(Hay, Sinclair)11-13 King St
151Marytonlot 1740 falls 4 ellsin the middle street of Maryton(Gibb)8-20 Union St
152Marytonlot 2049 falls 14 ells(Wilson)15-19 and 25-33 Robert St, 19-25 King St, 24 Union St
153Marytonlot 1540 falls 4 ells(Forman, Arklay)5 King St, 4-6 Union St
157Marytonlot 10 & 1180 falls 29 ells2 pieces of ground(Philp)60-64 Tay St
165Marytonlot 1935 fallson S side of Robert Street(Kidd, Black, Adamson, Guthrie, Borrie)36-38 Robert St
167Marytonlot 29 (different numbering)29 falls 30 ellson S side of Robert Street(Wilson, Sharp)28 King St; 40-42 Robert St
168Marytonlot 30 (different numbering)28 falls 15 ellson S side of Robert Street(Wilson)24-26 King St; 19 Queen St
169Marytonlot 31 (different numbering)26 falls 33 ellson S side of Robert Street(Wilson)St Fillans RC Church; 20-22 King St
184Marytonlot 2927 falls 9 ells(Landsman / Hampton 1)former King St laundry
185Marytonlot 3028 falls 32 ells(Landsman / Hampton 2)The Cottage, King St
192Marytonlot 2725 falls 4 ells (31 pol 20yd)(Duncan, Rhind, Brown)James Square (1-27 Gowrie St, 2 King St, 1-13 Queen St); former bakery in King St
194Marytonlot 1640 falls 4 ells(Murray / Rait)7-9 King Street
202Marytonlot 2140 falls 4 ells(Howie, Kidd)former 26-48 Union St, 21-23 Robert St, 27-29 King St
205Marytonlot 26 (different numbering)2 roodson W side of Queen Street(Charles Jackson)33-41 Queen St
239Marytonlot 28 (part)17.75 polon E side of King Street(Commiss. of Supply)Police Station (was 4-8 King St)
261Marytonlots 27 & 28 (different numbering)1 rood 23 falls 15 ells(Meldrum)Meldrum Square: 30-44 King St, 35-45 Robert St, 23-31 Queen St


Sasine Abridgements (in reverse order):

RefIn BriefAbridgementRegisteredPlot IDs
1879.04486Scotscraig to Trs Alexander Meldrum (1833), to Catherine Ogilvie / Meldrum to Hay MeldrumNot instr Hay Meldrum, South Dron, Dairsie, of pieces of ground extending to 1 rood 23 falls 15 ells (lots 27 & 28) of Marytown … on feu 18 Nov 1833 by Tr sequest est Robert Dalgleish, Scotscraig to Trs deceased Alexander Meldrum, tenant in Dron, … to Hay Meldrum as heir of her mother Catherine Oglivy / Meldrum, Dron, widow, the surviving trustee of Alexander Meldrum27 May 1879250, 261
1867.01822Tayfield to Commissioners of SupplyThe Commissioners of Supply for the County of Fife regist. feu ch to themselves by Berry, Tayfield of pce of grnd 17.75 poles on E side of King Street, Maryton10 Apr 1867239, 250
1849.01812Tayfield to William Howie to William Howie jun to Robert Kidd & Elizabeth Smith / KiddRobert Kidd wright Maryton & his spouse Elizabeth Smith seised fee & liferent 40 falls 4 ells pt of Seacraig in Maryton on feu ch by William Berry to William Howie Apr 1839; Gen Serv of William Howie as heir to his father William Howie Nov 1848; & disp & assig by William Howie9 Jan 1849202, 250
1846.00459Tayfield to George Murray / Margaret RaitGeorge Murray, mason, Easter Newport seised 40 falls 4 ells pt of Seacraig in Maryton on feu ch by William Berry, Tayfield, & Margaret Rait his spouse seised eod. die liferent of said subjects prop. man. George Murray10 Dec 1846194, 250sasine extract
1846.00308Tayfield to John Duncan to Alexander RhindAlexander Rhind, corn merchant, Woodhaven, seised 25 falls 4 ells of Seacraig in Maryton lot 27 on plan, on feu ch by William Berry, Tayfield to John Duncan, boatman, Newport 2 Nov 1838, & disp & assig by him, 1846.27 Aug 1846192, 250sasine extract
1843.01127Scotscraig to J Raitt to William Raitt & Elizabeth Gibb / RaittWilliam Raitt, mariner residing Newport, as heir to James Raitt, son of William Raitt boatman there, his brother seised 35 falls ground in Maryton on feu ch by Tr sequest estate Robert Dalgleish of Scotscraig to said James Raitt, 24 Apr 1832; & ret gen serv 21 Dec 1832; & Elizabeth Gibb his spouse seised eod die in liferent prop manibus William Raitt7 Jul 1843100, 250
1840.05129Tayfield to Isobel Landsman, then to Landsman & Hampton familiesIsobel Landsman, Thomas Landsman, Janet (Jenny) Taylor his spouse, Janet (Jenny) Landsman spouse of John Hampton, & Andrew Hoggins & John Hampton & Isabella Hampton, children of said Jenny Landsman, seised liferent & fee 27 falls 9 ells & 28 falls 32 ells & ho etc t/on in Marytown - on feu ch by William Berry, Tayfield, consent said Thomas Landsman, to said Isobel Landsman 27 Mar 1840, & disp & assig by her, Sep 1840.12 Nov 1840184, 185, 250sasine extract
1838.04067Scotscraig to George WilsonGeorge Wilson, feuar Maryton seised 29 falls 30 ells, 28 falls 15 ells & 26 falls 33 ells ground on S side of Robert Street in Maryton on feu ch by Tr sequest est Robert Dalgleish, Scotscraig, 14 Nov 183420 Dec 1838167, 168, 169, 250sasine extract
1836.02840Scotscraig to John Kidd (1832)John Kidd, mason, Maryton seised 35 falls ground in Maryton part of lands of Seacraig, on feu ch by Tr sequest estate Robert Dalgleish, Scotscraig, 24 Apr 18329 Nov 1836165, 250
1834.01561Scotscraig to George MillnGeorge Milln, now residing Maryton, seised 37 falls land of Seacraig on S side of Union St, Maryton, on feu ch by Tr seq. estate Robert Dalgleish of Scotscraig15 Mar 1834146, 250
1833.01381Scotscraig to George MillnGeorge Milln, stationer, Dundee, seised in a new lodging or dwelling house at Maryton with a small house attached thereto in the Area, and a piece of garden ground, in whole 34 falls; and the backcourt attached to foresaid tenement with 3 stables thereon, the 2 westmost of which have been converted into dwelling houses, measuring in whole 10 falls; parts of lands of Seacraig on feu ch by Tr sequest estate of Robert Dalgleish of Scotscraig4 Oct 183394, 250sasine extract
1830.05729Scotscraig to Thomas Farquharson to Andrew PhilpAndrew Philp, corn merchant, St Andrews now at Maryton seised 80 falls 29 ells grnd pt of Seacraig in Maryton on feu ch by Robert Dalgleish to Thomas Farquharson, merchant, Edinburgh 7 Jan 1829, & disp & assig by him 17 Jan 1829.29 Sep 1830157, 250sasine extract
1830.05318Scotscraig to William McGrigorWilliam McGrigor, tailor, Maryton seised 29 falls 22 ells land of Seacraig in Maryton on feu ch by Robert Dalgleish, Scotscraig13 Mar 1830117, 250sasine extract
1828.04539Scotscraig to Elizabeth MeldrumElizabeth Meldrum, residing Maryton, seised 2 pieces grnd pt of Seacraig in Maryton on feu disp by Robert Dalgleish, Scotscraig14 Nov 1828113, 250sasine extract
1827.03553Scotscraig to Robert FormanCaptain Robert Forman, residing Maryton, seised 40 falls 4 ells of Seacraig in Maryton on feu ch by Robert Dalgleish, Scotscraig17 Mar 1827153, 250
1827.03552Scotscraig to George WilsonGeorge Wilson, residing Maryton, seised 49 falls 14 ells of Seacraig in Maryton on feu ch by Robert Dalgleish, Scotscraig17 Mar 1827152, 250
1827.03551Scotscraig to John HayJohn Hay, farmer, Ballove near Kinross, seised 24 Feb 1827, 40 falls 4 ells lands of Seacraig in Maryton on feu ch by Robert Dalgleish, Scotscraig, 17 Nov 1826.17 Mar 1827150, 250
1826.03336Scotscraig to John CampbellJohn Campbell, innkeeper, Dundee seised 42 falls 17 ells grnd in Maryton on feu ch by Robert Dalgleish, Scotscraig4 Nov 1826102, 250sasine extract
1826.03335Scotscraig to Robert BerryRobert Berry, residing Maryton, seised 41 falls 31 ells grnd pt of Seacraig in Maryton on feu ch by Robert Dalgleish, Scotscraig4 Nov 1826112, 250sasine extract
1826.03206Scotscraig to John MurrayJohn Murray, labourer, Maryton seised 5 pieces grnd in Maryton on feu ch by Robert Dalgleish, Scotscraig7 Aug 1826149, 250sasine extract
1826.03119Scotscraig to George JustGeorge Just, mason, Tayside seised 52 falls 10 ells in Maryton on feu ch by Robert Dalgleish, Scotscraig6 Jun 1826148, 250sasine extract
1826.03118Scotscraig to David LowDavid Low, slater, Dundee seised 52 falls 10 ells in Maryton on feu ch by Robert Dalgleish, Scotscraig6 Jun 1826147, 250sasine extract
1826.03117ScotscraIg to John Cowe FarquharsonJohn Cowe Farquharson, wood merchant, Dundee seised 2 roods 4 falls 34 ells of lands of Scotscraig in Maryton on feu ch by Robert Dalgleish, Scotscraig, 29 Dec 18256 Jun 182695, 250sasine extract
1826.02901Scotscraig to David GibbDavid Gibb, presently residing at Maryton seised 42 falls 17 ells & 40 falls 4 ells grnd, pt of lands of Seacraig in village called Maryton on feu ch by Robert Dalgleish of Scotscraig, 16 Jan 1826. PR.147.141 Feb 1826151, 97, 250sasine extract

Abbreviations in the notes
t/on - thereon;   t/p - turnpike;   dw - dwelling;   ho - house;   pt - part;   pce - piece;   grnd - ground;   bldg - building;   Tr/Trs - Trustee/Trustees;   dec - deceased;   ... - words omitted;   pol - poles;   yd - square yards;   : - bounded;   rd - road;   ' - feet;   " - inches;

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Names in Sasines:

1826.03335Berry, Robert
1867.01822Berry, Tayfield
1849.01812Berry, Tayfield
1846.00459Berry, Tayfield
1846.00308Berry, Tayfield
1840.05129Berry, Tayfield
1826.03336Campbell, John
1867.01822Commiss. of Supply, Fife
1879.04486Dalgleish, Scotscraig
1843.01127Dalgleish, Scotscraig
1838.04067Dalgleish, Scotscraig
1836.02840Dalgleish, Scotscraig
1834.01561Dalgleish, Scotscraig
1833.01381Dalgleish, Scotscraig
1830.05729Dalgleish, Scotscraig
1830.05318Dalgleish, Scotscraig
1828.04539Dalgleish, Scotscraig
1827.03553Dalgleish, Scotscraig
1827.03552Dalgleish, Scotscraig
1827.03551Dalgleish, Scotscraig
1826.03336Dalgleish, Scotscraig
1826.03335Dalgleish, Scotscraig
1826.03206Dalgleish, Scotscraig
1826.03119Dalgleish, Scotscraig
1826.03118Dalgleish, Scotscraig
1826.03117Dalgleish, Scotscraig
1826.02901Dalgleish, Scotscraig
1846.00308Duncan, John
1826.03117Farquharson, John Cowe
1830.05729Farquharson, Thomas
1827.03553Forman, Robert
1826.02901Gibb, David
1843.01127Gibb, Elizabeth
1840.05129Hampton, Isabella
1840.05129Hampton, Janet
1840.05129Hampton, John
1827.03551Hay, John
1840.05129Hoggins, Andrew
1849.01812Howie, William
1826.03119Just, George
1849.01812Kidd, Elizabeth
1836.02840Kidd, John
1849.01812Kidd, Robert
1840.05129Landsman, Isobel
1840.05129Landsman, Janet
1840.05129Landsman, Jenny
1840.05129Landsman, Thomas
1826.03118Low, David
1830.05318McGrigor, William
1879.04486Meldrum, Alexander
1879.04486Meldrum, Catherine
1828.04539Meldrum, Elizabeth
1879.04486Meldrum, Hay
1834.01561Milln, George
1833.01381Milln, George
1846.00459Murray, George
1826.03206Murray, John
1846.00459Murray, Margaret
1879.04486Ogilvy, Catherine
1830.05729Philp, Andrew
1846.00459Rait, Margaret
1843.01127Raitt, Elizabeth
1843.01127Raitt, James
1843.01127Raitt, William
1846.00308Rhind, Alexander
1849.01812Smith, Elizabeth
1840.05129Taylor, Janet
1838.04067Wilson, George
1827.03552Wilson, George


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