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Plot 184:   Maryton  -  27 falls 9 ells  -  lot 29    (former King St laundry)

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This plot:

Plot IDAreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesProperties
184Marytonlot 2927 falls 9 ells(Landsman / Hampton 1)former King St laundry


Larger plots from which this one is created :   

Plot IDAreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesProperties
250Marytonwhole area


Properties on this whole plot:

former King St laundry


Properties remaining on this plot outwith any sub-plots:

former laundry, King Street   


Sasine Abridgements (in reverse order):

RefIn BriefAbridgementRegisteredPlot IDs
1891.00407John Hampton to TrsTrust disp & settl by John Hampton clerk residing King St, Newport containing disp to Trs for purposes therein mentioned of 2 pces grnd lying contiguous lots & dw ho t/on, pt of Seacraig being the 2 pieces of grnd in not instr 1876.0071124 Apr 1891184, 185
1876.00711Thomas & Jenny Landsman to James Edward (1868) to John Hampton (1876)Not Instr John Hampton, clerk, East Newport of (1) 28 falls 32 ells lot 30 of Marytown, : E Queen Street, : W King Street, pt of Seacraig; (2) 3 falls 35 ells grnd at NW corner of and pt of lot 29 & dw ho on said 2 pieces of grnd, on disp 1868 by Thomas Landsman seaman & his wife Jenny Taylor / Landsman to James Edward, flaxspinner, Dundee & disp 1876 by James Edward17 Jul 1876184, 185
1874.03972Thomas & Jenny Landsman to TrsNot Instr Trs Thomas Landsman & his wife Janet / Jenny Taylor or Landsman of 27 fall 9 ell grnd & dw ho t/on lot 29 on copy plan of Marytown, : E by 20' road, : W by 24' road, pt of Seacraig23 Dec 1874184
1868.03193David Taylor loan repaidDavid Taylor grants disch to Thomas Landsman seaman of bond & disp (£50) by Isabella Landsman & said Thomas Landsman & his spouse Janet Taylor (Dec 1850) & declares 27 falls 9 ells & 28 falls 32 ells grnd & ho etc in Marytown disburdened (see 1851.00048)3 Sep 1868184, 185
1865.00527Murdoch / Rawet loan repaidJanet Rawet & spouse Peter Murdoch grant disch of bond & disp £67 by Isabella Landsman & Thomas Landsman, consent Janet / Jenny Taylor his spouse, & declare 2 pces grnd lying contiguous lots 29 & 30 of Marytown, 27 falls 9 ells & 28 falls 32 ells, disburdened (v5, 2752)29 Aug 1865184, 185
1851.00048loan by David TaylorDavid Taylor gets bond & disp £50 by Isobella Landsman & Thomas Landsman & Janet Taylor his spouse over 27 falls 9 ells & 28 falls 32 ells grnd & dw ho etc t/on in Marytown24 Jan 1851184, 185
1850.02752loan by Janet Rawet / Murdoch & Peter MurdochJanet Rawet & Peter Murdoch her husband residing Easter Newport get bond & disp in fee & liferent for £67 by Isobel Landsman & Thomas Landsman, consent of Janet Tayler his spouse, over 2 pieces grnd lying contiguous lots 29 & 30 of Seacraig in Maryton 27 falls 9 ells & 28 falls 32 ells2 May 1850184, 185
1840.05129Tayfield to Isobel Landsman, then to Landsman & Hampton familiesIsobel Landsman, Thomas Landsman, Janet (Jenny) Taylor his spouse, Janet (Jenny) Landsman spouse of John Hampton, & Andrew Hoggins & John Hampton & Isabella Hampton, children of said Jenny Landsman, seised liferent & fee 27 falls 9 ells & 28 falls 32 ells & ho etc t/on in Marytown - on feu ch by William Berry, Tayfield, consent said Thomas Landsman, to said Isobel Landsman 27 Mar 1840, & disp & assig by her, Sep 1840.12 Nov 1840184, 185, 250sasine extract

Abbreviations in the notes
t/on - thereon;   t/p - turnpike;   dw - dwelling;   ho - house;   pt - part;   pce - piece;   grnd - ground;   bldg - building;   Tr/Trs - Trustee/Trustees;   dec - deceased;   ... - words omitted;   pol - poles;   yd - square yards;   : - bounded;   rd - road;   ' - feet;   " - inches;

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Names in Sasines:

1840.05129Berry, Tayfield
1876.00711Edward, James
1840.05129Hampton, Isabella
1840.05129Hampton, Janet
1891.00407Hampton, John
1876.00711Hampton, John
1840.05129Hampton, John
1840.05129Hoggins, Andrew
1868.03193Landsman, Isabella
1865.00527Landsman, Isabella
1851.00048Landsman, Isabella
1850.02752Landsman, Isobel
1840.05129Landsman, Isobel
1874.03972Landsman, Janet
1868.03193Landsman, Janet
1865.00527Landsman, Janet
1851.00048Landsman, Janet
1850.02752Landsman, Janet
1840.05129Landsman, Janet
1876.00711Landsman, Jenny
1874.03972Landsman, Jenny
1840.05129Landsman, Jenny
1876.00711Landsman, Thomas
1874.03972Landsman, Thomas
1868.03193Landsman, Thomas
1865.00527Landsman, Thomas
1851.00048Landsman, Thomas
1850.02752Landsman, Thomas
1840.05129Landsman, Thomas
1865.00527Murdoch, Janet
1850.02752Murdoch, Janet
1865.00527Murdoch, Peter
1850.02752Murdoch, Peter
1865.00527Rawet, Janet
1850.02752Rawet, Janet
1850.02752Tayler, Janet
1868.03193Taylor, David
1851.00048Taylor, David
1874.03972Taylor, Janet
1868.03193Taylor, Janet
1865.00527Taylor, Janet
1851.00048Taylor, Janet
1840.05129Taylor, Janet
1876.00711Taylor, Jenny
1874.03972Taylor, Jenny


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