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(any dates are approximate and are usually the latest occurence of the address)

House NameOld AddressDatesCurrent address
2 Westfield Terrace19115 Westfield TerraceLocation
3 Westfield Terrace19119 Westfield TerraceLocation
4 Westfield Terrace191113 Westfield TerraceLocation
5 Westfield Terrace191115 Westfield TerraceLocation
6 Westfield Terrace191117 Westfield TerraceLocation
7 Westfield Terrace191121 Westfield TerraceLocation
8 Westfield Terrace191123 Westfield TerraceLocation
9 Westfield Terrace191125 Westfield TerraceLocation
1 Westwood Terrace19618 Westwood TerraceLocation
2 Westwood Terrace19616 Westwood TerraceLocation
3 Westwood Terrace19614 Westwood TerraceLocation
4 Westwood Terrace19612 Westwood TerraceLocation
1 Woodbine Terrace196110 Woodbine TerraceLocation
2 Woodbine Terrace19618 Woodbine TerraceLocation
3 Woodbine Terrace19616 Woodbine TerraceLocation
4 Woodbine Terrace19614 Woodbine TerraceLocation
5 Woodbine Terrace19612 Woodbine TerraceLocation
6 Woodbine Terrace194839 Gowrie StreetLocation
1 Woodriffe Terrace2 Kerr StreetLocation
1 Woodriffe Terrace1900s9 Kerr StreetLocation
1 Woodriffe Terrace1930s1 Tay TerraceLocation
1 Woodriffe Terrace19003 Tay TerraceLocation
10 Woodriffe Terrace11 Kerr StreetLocation
2 Woodriffe Terrace3 Kerr StreetLocation
2 Woodriffe Terrace19271 Tay TerraceLocation
2 Woodriffe Terrace1880s-1890s3 Tay TerraceLocation
3 Woodriffe Terrace4 Kerr StreetLocation
3 Woodriffe Terrace19273 Tay TerraceLocation
3 Woodriffe Terrace1880s5 Tay TerraceLocation
4 Woodriffe Terrace5 Kerr StreetLocation
5 Woodriffe Terrace6 Kerr StreetLocation
5 Woodriffe Terrace1880s7 Kerr StreetLocation
6 Woodriffe Terrace7 Kerr StreetLocation
6 Woodriffe Terrace19275 Tay TerraceLocation
6 Woodriffe Terrace1880s7 Tay TerraceLocation
7 Woodriffe Terrace1880s6 Kerr StreetLocation
7 Woodriffe Terrace8 Kerr StreetLocation
7 Woodriffe Terrace19183 Tay TerraceLocation
7 Woodriffe Terrace19185 Tay TerraceLocation
7 Woodriffe Terrace19277 Tay TerraceLocation
8 Woodriffe Terrace9 Kerr StreetLocation
9 Woodriffe Terrace10 Kerr StreetLocation

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