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House NameOld AddressDatesCurrent address (& if demolished)
Abbotsford 39 Naughton RoadLocation
Abbotsgrange 85 Tay StreetLocation
Abercraig 2 West RoadLocation
Abertay 8 Cupar RoadLocation
Abertay 6 Scott StreetLocation
Abkari 19472 Tayview TerraceLocation
Achray 26 Hillpark TerraceLocation
Ada Bank 18857 Beechwood Tce WestLocation
Adabank 18857 Beechwood Tce WestLocation
Aerial Villa 189315 Northview TerraceLocation
Agra House 36 Robert StreetLocation
Agra House 38 Robert StreetLocation
Albany Villa 188280 Tay StreetLocation
allotments (former allotments, Albert Crescent)Location
Alma House 9 West RoadLocation
Alma House 11 West RoadLocation
Almondbank 20 Kirk RoadLocation
Almondbank 196712 Strathblair AvenueLocation
Alpine Cottage 1 Beechwood Tce EastLocation
Alpine Villa 21 Naughton RoadLocation
Alverton Villa 5 Robert StreetLocation
Alverton Villa 7 Robert StreetLocation
Alverton Villa 54 Tay StreetLocation
Anchorage Villa 188156 Tay StreetLocation
Anerley Villa 190092 Tay StreetLocation
Angle Villa 18975 Hillpark TerraceLocation
Annandale 12 St Fort RoadLocation
Annfield 19179 Mount Stewart RoadLocation
Aranco 24 Birkhill AvenueLocation
Arauco 14 William StreetLocation
Arauco Villa 192224 Birkhill AvenueLocation
Arcan 83 Tay StreetLocation
arch & ground arch & ground, 13, Naughton RoadLocation
Ard-na-Craig 8 Hillpark TerraceLocation
Ardachy 70 Riverside RoadLocation
Ardalbank 1885102 Tay StreetLocation
Ardchoille 2 Station BraeLocation
Arden 57 Bay RoadLocation
Ardgour 1 Albert CrescentLocation
Ardgour 14 Station BraeLocation
Ardlea 2 Scotswood CrescentLocation
Ardlui 194211 Albert CrescentLocation
Ardmere 196134 Riverside RoadLocation
Ardmohr 1900-19012 Hill CrescentLocation
Ardmohr 1903-19059 Hill CrescentLocation
Ardoch to 197424 NorwoodLocation
Ardoch from 1974Ardoch, Norwood LaneLocation
Ardoch Villa 4 Hillpark RoadLocation
Ardvaar 1903-19072 Crosshill TerraceLocation
Ardvaar 15 Northview TerraceLocation

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