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1856-57    The Dundee Directory, pub. Chalmers, published: Sep 1856,  original : Internet Archive      There are 30 records.

Begg, Arthur sen, of Arthur Begg & Son, tailors & clothiers, 20 High Street, Dundee; h. Castle, NewportLocation
Begg, Miss, Newport; committee [Ladies' Anti-Slavery Association] [?]
Bon, Mrs, toy-warehouse and fancy-repository, 98a Nethergate, Dundee; h. NewportLocation
Boyack, William, merchant & flaxspinner, Ward Street Mill, Dundee; h. Newport [?]
Boyd, Robert, writer and notary-public, 51 Reform Street, Dundee; h. Tay Cottage, NewportLocation
Clirehugh, William, Shore Dues Office, Dundee; h. NewportLocation
Copland, Robert, ship and insurance broker, and coal merchant, 7 Shore Terrace, Dundee; h. Newport [?]
Cunningham, John, wine merchant, 42 Castle Street, Dundee; h. NewportLocation
Cunningham, Mrs, Newport; committee [Ladies' Anti-Slavery Association] [?]
Dove, William, merchant, 8 Meadow Street, Dundee; h. Newport, FifeLocation
Durham, John, of Durham & Thomson, stationers, printers & booksellers, 49 High Street, Dundee; h. NewportLocation
Gibson, Kenneth, saddler, 48 High Street, Dundee; h. NewportLocation
Hinksman, John, salt-merchant, Public Weigh-House, Greenmarket, Dundee; h. NewportLocation[?]
Hislop, George, teacher, Chalmer's School, Hunter Street, Dundee; h. NewportLocation[?] [John, teacher]
Hislop, James, grocer & teadealer, 10 Wellgate, Dundee; h. NewportLocation
Holden, R G, of Blakey, Holden & Co, spinners & manufacturers, Hillbank Works, Dens Road, Dundee; h. NewportLocation
Millar, James, of Taylor & Millar, ship brokers & commission merchants, 19 Dock Street, Dundee; h. West Newport [?]
Neave, Thomas, writer, 26 Castle Street, Dundee; h. Wellgate House, NewportLocation
Paton, James M, of J & G Paton, flaxspinners & merchants, 8 St Andrew's Street, Dundee; h. Tayfield, NewportLocation
Paul, Archibald, writer, 1 Bank Street, Dundee; h. Newport [?]
Ronald, James, corn merchant, 8 Dock Street, Dundee; h. NewportLocation[? sasine dated Feb 1857]
Russell, David, of Grierson, Russell & Co, merchants & commission agents, 29 Cowgate, Dundee; h. Newport [?]
Shepherd, J, receiver of mails, Newport Post OfficeLocation
Sidey, Duncan, manager, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Dundee; h. Craighead, Newport, FifeLocation
Sinclair, Alexander, jeweller, 24 Nethergate, Dundee; h. NewportLocation
Small, David jun, teller, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Dundee; h. Newport [?]
Thomas, James M, surgeon, 23 West Port, Dundee; h. NewportLocation
Thoms, George, merchant, 29 Cowgate, Dundee; h. Sea Craig Cottage, NewportLocation
Tosh, Robert, shipowner, 17 Dock Street, Dundee; h. NewportLocation
Walker, Harry, of J & H Walker, spinners & manufacturers, Dura Mill, Dundee; h. NewportLocation[?]

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