The Newport, Wormit & Forgan Archive

1901 Census

Commentary on the 1901 census of Forgan registration district

The Enumerator's Walks. The routes can be followed using the 'view all 1901 address records' option on the 1901 page. Present-day locations in italics.

Enumeration District 2 - Wormit. No addresses are given. The walk starts in Riverside Road at the top of Bay Road, goes east taking in both sides of the road, past the church until it gets to Woodhaven (opposite the school playing field), then east along St Fort Road to the burgh boundary at Captain Guy's house 10 St Fort Road. Back to Woodhaven Terrace, then up to Highfield, along Birkhill Avenue, Hillpark Road, Hillpark Terrace, Viewmount Road, down Mount Stewart Road then west along Naughton Road past the railway cottages (demolished), out to the Beehive works. Down under the railway line to the west end of Bay Road then back up Bay Road to the starting point.

Enumeration District 4 - West Newport: Starting at Black's Land (Granary, now demolished at top of High Street) then, staying on the north side, via Gas Lane (Granary Lane) the pier and Boat Brae west along Woodhaven Road (West Road) as far as David Lindsay's house (Annandale, 12 St Fort Road) where the burgh boundary was. The walk returns via the south side of Woodhaven Road, then along High Road, up the High Street, Cupar Road (west side) to Kilnburn and Scott Street. Then a jump to Castle Brae, Westfield Terrace, Alma Terrace and Kirk Road as far as Mr Scrymgeour's house (Cadzow, 14 Kirk Road). Then down to Wellpark Terrace West, Wellgate Street and Wellpark Terrace East. Then round the back to 5 houses in Woodmuir Terrace then to Upper Woodmuir Terrace (Beechwood Terrace West then East). Jump to Woodmuir Terrace and Shepherds Road then jump to new houses at West Station (Westwood Terrace). Jump back to finish at Lower Woodmuir (Woodmuir Crescent). The last house was omitted from Wellgate Street.

Enumeration District 5 - East Newport : The walk can be followed by using the street names. It starts at the foot of Station Brae and goes along the south side of Cupar Road before turning up Victoria Street.
St Phillans Place is the east side of Cupar Road, from Hillside down to the junction with Tay Street.
Woodriffe Terrace is Kerr Street.

Enumeration District 5A - T.S. 'Mars' : I have split this into 3 schedules: the staff, the hospital staff, and the boys. The hospital is now Rock House. The hospital staff are listed almost at the end of the book with a few boys listed after them. It is possible that these boys were being kept ashore in the hospital at the time of the census.

Conventions used in this transcription

Any material not part of the original, is enclosed in [square brackets].

Houses: Each house was terminated with a double stroke (//) and therefore started with the terminating double stroke of the previous house. Within each house, each household was separated from other occupiers by a single stroke(/). In this transcription, the strokes are shown in the Household View after the address information, where both starting and ending strokes are given for each household. In the address records listings, only the ending strokes are shown. An explanation of the combinations of / and // is given on the abbreviations page.

Married women: Some married women also gave their maiden names. To be consistent across the whole site, I have listed them by their maiden surname followed by their married surname in [square brackets]. Several women gave their surnames as 'x or y'. They have been listed here with both names, neither in brackets.

This census asked people whether they were employers (but excluding servants as employees), workers, or were working on their own account. It also asked whether they were working at home. This information, not always given and certainly not always correct, is recorded here as abbreviations at the start of the 'Notes' column. 'e' for employer, 'w' for worker, 'o' for own account, 'h' for at home.


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