The Newport, Wormit & Forgan Archive


Column Headings
EDEnumeration District
SchSchedule No.
Area information added [sometimes by me] to amplify ED information
Address2 columns giving address information
HeadSurname & forenames of Head of Household
Rm No. of rooms with 1 or more windows
Born (1841)Country of birth if not born in Fife
Born (1851-1901)County and place of birth
RelRelationship to Head of Family
Mar Condition as to marriage
NotesNotes; (1901 only: employment status)


Relationship to Head of Household
H Head Add Adopted daughter
W Wife Ads Adopted son
S Son Aun Aunt
D Daughter Bil Brother in law
Boa Boarder BUD(1881) Boy under detention under Industrial Schools Act
LodLodger Cou Cousin
    Dil Daughter in law
Ser Servant Fat Father
    Fil Father in law
Vis Visitor Gda Grand-daughter
   Gfa Grandfather
   Ggd Great grand-daughter
   Gmo Grandmother
   Gni Grand niece
    Gnp Grand nephew
   Gso Grandson
   Hsi Half-sister
   Inm Inmate - 'Mars'
   Mil Mother in law
   Mot Mother
    Nep Nephew
    Nie Niece
    Off Officer 'Mars'
    Rel Relation
    Sil Son in law
    Sis Sister
    Ssl Sister in law
    Std Step-daughter
    Sts Step-son
    Unc Uncle
    War Ward


Ag labAgricultural labourer
Ap (1841-1861)Apprentice
Army (1841)Members of HM land forces of whatever rank
Cl (1841-1861)Clerk
dom domestic
Dom servDomestic servant
FS (1841)Female servant
HLWHand loom weaver
HP (1841)Members of HM armed forces on half pay
Ind (1841)Independent - people living on their own means
J (1841)Journeyman
M (1841)Manufacturer
m (1841)Maker - as in 'Shoe m.'
MS (1841)Male servant
Navy (1841)Members of HM naval forces, including marines, of whatever rank
P (1841)Pensioners in HM armed forces
Rail lab (1851)Railway labourer
Sh (1841)Shopman
empl. employing


Others Marriage column
n.k.not known  
dydays M Married
momonths U Unmarried
wkweeks W Widowed
... letters undecipherable
jun junior
sen senior


1901 Employment Status at the start of the 'Notes' column
(not always filled in, and not always correct)
e an employer (excluding servants)
w a worker
o working on one's own account
h working at home


Householder and Occupier Separating Strokes
1841 only
//     in the address line the start of the household
/     after a person last person in this group of occupiers
//     after a person the last person at this address
1851 - 1901     in the Household View
//     // all occupiers at this address
//    /the first occupiers at this address
/    /intermediate occupiers at this address
/    // the last occupiers at this address
1851 - 1901     in the Address results
//the last occupiers at this address
/ there are other occupiers at this address

Houses: Apart from the 1841 census, each house was terminated with a double stroke (//) and therefore started with the terminating double stroke of the previous house. Within each house, each household is separated from other occupiers by a single stroke(/). In this transcription, the strokes are shown in the Household View after the address information, where both starting and ending strokes are given for each household. In the Address Records listings, only the ending strokes are shown.
For 1841 only, the main family is separated from servants and other occupiers by a single stroke(/). In this transcription, the strokes are shown as follows: In the Household View, after the address information, the starting // is given. The separating / and terminating // are given at the end of the line of information about the last person in the appropriate group.


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