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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1919-20       (November 1919 - November 1920)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-19

Election of Parish Councillors: Ward 1 - William Forrest French, The Laurels; James Husband, Lyndhurst; William Mackay, Lorneville. Ward 2 - James Mackay Latto, Tay Street; Charles Watson Mitchell, The Firs, West Newport; James Young, High Street. Ward 3 - James Gibson Belford, Tayside, Wormit; Alexander Johnston, Rowanbank, Wormit; James Sturrock, Baymount, Wormit.
Election of Town Councillors: Ward 1 - William Forrest French, The Laurels, 316 votes; John Thomson Young, Ashbrook, 308 votes. Ward 2 - Alexander MacFarlane Anderson, Harcourt House, 180 votes. Ward 3 - Francis Ingram Oakley, The Firs, Wormit, 209 votes.
Council: Ward 1: James Young, elected 1913; John Thomson Young, elected 1919; William Forrest French, elected 1919. Ward 2: Charles William Buik, elected 1913, Senior Bailie; William Reid, elected 1914, Junior Bailie; Alexander Macfarlane Anderson, elected 1919. Ward 3: James Coutts, elected 1913, Provost; James Barry Robb, elected 1914; Francis Ingram Oakley, elected 1919.
Housing: need to build 16 houses. Burgh Surveyor William Clark appointed as architect of new housing. Have looked at several sites in East Newport (looking for about 1.33 acres).
Some cottages at Newburgh Road, Wormit had been occupied by military and were still unavailable for private occupation.
? Crossings at top and foot of High Street to be removed?
Housing sites: 1. East Newport Station Road to east of Struan Place; 2. north-east of Woodriffe Terrace between Kerr Street and Tay Terrace; 3. site north of West Newport Station; 4. Seacraig between King Street and Union Street.
Complaints about train service.
Private lamps: request from Mr J C Low, Westwood to attend to his private lamp - Council couldn't.
Crossings at High Street not to be removed.
Removal of tree at Blyth Hall gate.
Scottish Office say that either Kerr Street or East Station sites would be fine for Newport, a site at Woodhaven would be suitable for Wormit.
Flass right of way: attempts to close the right of way from Woodhaven to Flass Farm - no interference with rights of public.
Wormit electric light - Tayside Co. applying to Board of Trade to increase price of electricity to 1/- per unit. Action being taken by members for ward 3 against this.
April 1920. Closing order: buildings at the west end of the subjects known as Woodmoor, Mr Foote, unfit for habitation: defective roof, faulty ceiling joists and plaster on ceiling, want of water supply, want of sink, want of WC fittings and drainage system, window lintels too low, defective conductors on main house, want of rones / conductors leading to sewer at offices adjoining main house. Mr Foote is not going to carry out the work.
? Erect war memorial at top of Kilnburn Steps?
Special Constables: John Robertson, joiner, Newport Road, Wormit; James S Keay, butcher, Union Place; Frank Barlow, plumber, Union Place.
Housing sites: purchase of East Station site from Berry - £265 for 0.770 acres; Kerr Street site - agents (Reid, Johnstone & Glenny) are wanting feu duty of £32 per acre but district valuer says £18-14/- per acre - therefore would have to compulsorily purchase. Agree to purchase East Station site from Berry.
Resignation of Bailie Reid - he is moving from the district.
Dust from High Street road surface: have it tar sprayed.
Housing site at East Station: 'Mr Stewart's representatives, tenants of the ground, state they are entitled to exercise an option to feu the ground.' Mr Duncan & Mr Robert Tait are sub-tenants, with crop of potatoes.
Co-opted councillor: no nominations.
Councillor James Young appointed Junior Bailie.
Price of gas: 6/- per 1000 cu. ft. Price of coke: £2-3-6d. per ton.
Grenada Brae referred to as 'Reoch's Brae'.
Use of a gas engine at Netherlea: complaints from Westfield Terrace residents - Council could take no action.
Deputation re: temperance poll - Mr Pate, Mr Blackwood, Mr Scrymgeour, Mr John A Leng.
Retiring: Councillors James Young, Buik, Robb, plus a vacancy.
Alterations approved: Collie's premises at Wormit; Mrs Cunningham at Boat Road.
Purchase of East Station site: 115 poles 21 yds, £265.
Cottages at Newburgh Road, Wormit: no reply from agents (Gibb) - they were still unoccupied and in a state of disrepair.
Memorial Plate (Newport Volunteers) to be put in Blyth Hall.

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