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Notes from Newport Town Council Minutes

These are not full transcripts of the Minutes. They are my own notes.

1901-02       (November 1901 - November 1902)       Source: Newport-on-Tay Council Minutes, B79-1-1D

Elected: Alexander Robertson; George R Thom, Linden Avenue; James Young.
Council: Alexander Thomson, elected 1898, Provost; Robert T Leitch, elected 1899, Second Bailie; Thomas Roger, elected 1899; David Brand, elected 1900; William Carswell, elected 1900; John P Robertson, elected 1900; Alexander Robertson, elected 1901; James Young, elected 1901; George R Thom, elected 1901, First Bailie.
Plans: Miss Wayman - addition to gymnasium attached to her school and house, St Phillans Place. Mr Hay (next door) objected. Plans approved.
Burgh extension - opposed by County Council and others. Sheriff to hold enquiry at Wormit 25/27 January 1902.
Plans: George Johnston, joiner, Queen Street - 2-stalled stable in connection with his present stable there - withdrawn.
Pepper samples: 20 taken from grocers in the burgh - all genuine.
Extension to burgh: Wormit / Woodhaven WOULD be exempt from liability for debt for gas works.
Plans: James Young, baker and grocer, High Street - temporary shed on west of property.
King's Coronation plans: 1. get gold Provost's chain to replace ribbon. 2. procession of children and fete. 3. grand bonfire 'as would be likely to remain in the memory of our young people'.
Plans: David Latto - alterations to workshop, Union Street.
[No further plans noted here by me unless for new building.]
Wormit extension: enquiry likely to be finished on 10 March 1902.
Burgh boundary: extension to west granted; extension to east refused.
Complaint re smoke - Canon Hudson's church chimney, Mr Wood's church and the Board school.
Complaint by Mr Anderson re waiting traffic outside his post office, especially carts carrying dead horses. Police sergeant to arrange for carts waiting outside the pier to stand east of the post office buildings.
North British Railway to erect footbridge at level crossing at East Station.
Lighting at Woodhaven: ? ability of Town Council to light by gas notwithstanding the provisional order granted to the Tayside Electric & Gas Light Co. to supply electricity in the area? Had County Council given approval of wires overhead and across streets at Wormit?
Cleansing of Wormit: appoint 1 additional man.
29 April 1902. Coronation Committee (jointly Town Council, Wormit & Forgan School Board): Provost Thomson, Bailie Thom, Councillors J P Robertson, A Robertson; for Forgan Parochial Board: Rev. Dr Fraser & George Scrymgeour; for Wormit: J G Belford, William Cowley, William Robertson.
Coronation plans: gold chain for Provost (£30); medallions for children 4 years old and over, and for 'Mars' boys; bonfires at Waterstone Park and Wormit Hill; iron seats throughout the Burgh (if funds permit); procession & fete for children; for the poor of the parish (Parish Council to do this); general decoration of houses and shops; religious service if possible.
Wormit has 173 ashpits and 39 ash bins. Appoint Patrick Fay to sanitary staff.
James Dunse - Burgh Officer for 12 years - raise pay.
Burgh halberd, with Burgh arms on it - the gift of Provost Thomson.
Adoption of exemption from Gas Contingent Guarantee Rate for Woodhaven & Wormit.
Adoption of wards: Ward 1 - from low water mark along centre of Cupar Road right out to the burgh boundary, to include the old granary. Ward 2 - either (a) from river to centre of farm service road opposite Fishers Cottage to the railway underbridge, excluding Fishers Cottage or (b) line of division to be Castle Road. Ward 3 - rest of burgh. Adopted using 2a.
Adoption of 2 drainage divisions: existing Burgh (Div. 1) and Woodhaven / Wormit (Div. 2).
Wormit lighting: Town Council to take gas to Wormit for the coming winter's lighting. Gas pipes and 50 incandescent lights - £2000. Also, appoint electrical inspector for Wormit.
Smoke complaint - also from laundry in King Street.
Plans: Walter Scott, Gauldry - villas on ground adjoining Mr McKechnie's feu at Wormit.
Lighting & cleansing of common stairs: 1. 2 closes in tenements in Poplar Place (Trustees of Thomas Kidd) - very good order, no light. 2. 1 close in tenement in Union Terrace (Thomas Kidd) - fair condition, no light. 3. 1 close in tenement in Union Terrace (Mrs Catherine Sturrock) - fair condition, no light. 4. 3 closes in tenements in Robert Street (factored by John Rattray) - require whitewashing and painting and have no light; stair from Tay Street to Royal Hotel Buildings - very dirty, no light. 5. 3 closes in tenements in High Street (Mrs Ritchie, Prosen Cottage; DH Robertson, Kilnburn Place; W B Morrison, Kilnburn Terrace) - good order, no light. 6. 2 closes in tenements in James Square (James Brown, Kilnburn Place) - require whitewashing and painting, no light. 7. 12 brick houses at Wormit have not sufficient sanitary arrangements, and those that exist are defective. Write to 1. - 6. to whitewash and paint and put up brackets for lights. No. 7 - write to Railway.
Coronation: 1. medals and sweets for children - Newport Public School, Forgan Public School, Wormit Public School, Miss Wayman's school, Miss Montgomery's school at Wormit, 'Mars', Comerton Home. 2. Seats in burgh - 12 at 20/- each, with plate identifying the Coronation. Wormit Ping Pong Club were to present 2 more, giving 14 in total. 3. Procession & fete: Mr T Latto - an Oddfellows Club has been formed to take part in the procession leaving Blyth Hall 9.45 for Waterstone Park (order: Town Council, Parish Council & School Board; then 'Mars' Boys; then children from Newport School; then children from Miss Wayman's school; then Newport B.B.; then Oddfellows. Children from Wormit schools march from Wormit and join at Yellow Castle. Children from Forgan and Comerton march direct to Waterstone via Kirk Road.) 3. Games and sports in park. 4. Burgh workmen - get an extra day's pay and no work.
Tenders for new gas works.
Seats: Mr Berry has gifted 3 garden seats for Kirk Road.
Gas lighting: new arrangements to commence at Castle Road.
July 1902. Complaint from Tayside Electric & Gas Light Co. - have already lit all streets in Woodhaven & Wormit - and needing to double their existing plant for the coming lighting season. Community entirely satisfied. Before you change (to gas), ask the community's views - G Ireland Fairweather, Secretary. Town Council will continue to supply gas to Wormit and Woodhaven and supply lights.
Complaint from Henry D C Heggie, Pluck-the-Crow - Monday 30 June flooded by water and mud coming down Castle Road due to inadequate drainage - £3 damages sought (£1-15-0 given - see accounts).
Complaints re ashpits: D Fraser, R C Macnair, AD Crockett, tenants in upper flats at Woodriffe Terrace.
Smoke complaints: Newport School, Congregational Church, St Mary's Church - use coke instead of coal to reduce smoke. 6 wash-house chimneys of High Street properties are all equally objectionable. King Street laundry - 1 vertical boiler and 1 ironing stove - both used daily - fuel is coke and, except at lighting up time, smoke is practically nil; the proprietor Mrs Young would extend chimney by 3 or 4 feet and take care at lighting up time; if this fails, build a brick stalk to a height greater than the adjoining properties.
Wormit electric light - inspector to advise if it conforms with Board of Trade regulations, both existing and planned.
Gas supply to Wormit - £1464-19-6. (whinstone rock extra 7/6d. per cubic yard. Whinstone rock, rotten, is prevalent in Newport and is not difficult to excavate.)
Cuthbert's Road and Cuthbert's Brae.
Wormit lighting report - generating station on Wormit Hill is outside the Burgh boundary. Burgh has power to control any FUTURE overhead wires. It is very rare for an electric inspector to be appointed [but he WAS appointed].
Smoke complaint - shop in High Street, W B Morrison owner, Mrs Barclay tenant.
Cellars in Robertson Place (A J Robertson proprietor, Robert Matthewson tenant).
Complaint from James Murdoch junior, Rosendaal, stationer's assistant - was cycling in Kirk Road at 10.30 pm on Tuesday 15 June and ran into one of the seats recently laid down by the Town Council. The seats were not fixed and this one had been overturned. Bicycle rendered useless and serious personal injuries. Claim £10 bicycle, £2 injuries - refer to insurance company.
Roads: complaint Mr James Robertson, Hollybank about 'Wellbrae Road' - thought to be referring to Cuthbert's Road - already in hand. [Cuthbert's Brae East goes from Newburgh Road southwards beside the (hall) to Cuthbert's Road, which runs east to west, then turns north as Cuthbert's Brae West to rejoin Newburgh Road. Hill brae runs south from the centre of Cuthbert's Road. Robertson is referring to Hill brae.]
Kerbing of roads: list of proprietors in James Street, Station Road, Shepherds Brae, part of Kirk Road, Cuthbert's Brae East and West, Hill Brae, part of Newburgh Road at Woodhaven.
Coronation fete - hadn't been done. Do it on Saturday 13 September.
Seat sites: 3 by Berry in Kirk Road; 3 on braes at East Newport (or 2 on braes, 1 near well at Newburgh Road); 1 at Tayport Road water trough; 1 at Causewayhead Road a little above East Station; 1 on green at Causewayhead Farm; 1 on west side of service road between Causewayhead Cottages and the wicket gate, near said gate; 1 on Cupar Road near Twinkletree; 1 on Newburgh Road between the old boundary and Woodhaven Farm; 1 near Wormit School; 1 at extreme west of Wormit; 1 on Flass Road west of the railway bridge; the 2 Ping pong seats - 1 at Wormit Hill and 1 at Wormit Bay.
Wormit gas lighting - 57 lamps required.

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