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Plot 254:   Youngsdale Field / Smithy Park  -  whole field

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This plot:

Plot IDAreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesProperties
254Youngsdale Field / Smithy Parkwhole field


Sub-plots created from this plot :   

Plot IDAreaLot NumberSizeDescriptionNotesProperties
255Youngsdale Field / Smithy Park95.67 pol(Whyte / Farquharson)39-45 Cupar Rd
294Youngsdale Field / Smithy Park13 pol 6.75 yd(Heggie)12 Victoria St
416Youngsdale Field203.214 pol(Whyte & Farquharson)47-61 Cupar Rd, 1-5 Victoria St
417Youngsdale Field3.684 acres(Mann & Myles)1-15 Youngsdale Pl, 2 Station Brae, allotments
508Youngsdale Field53.5 pol(Morton)63 Cupar Rd, 2 Victoria St


Sasine Abridgements (in reverse order):

RefIn BriefAbridgementRegisteredPlot IDs
1904.00045Tayfield to Henry David Cook Heggie & Agnes Jane Motion / HeggieFeu con & disp by Berry, Tayfield to Henry David Cook Heggie, mason West Newport & wife Agnes Jane Motion / Heggie of 13 pol 6.75 yd grnd, : N Victoria Street, & on W & E partly by said street, being part of field called Youngsdale or Smithy Park13 Jan 1904254, 294
1888.03345Tayfield to Mary Baird / Morton & James MortonFeu con & feu disp by Berry, Tayfield consent James Morton clothier Dundee to Mary Baird / Morton his wife liferent & fee of 53.5 pol grns, : N by Victoria St, : W by High Road Cupar - Newport known as Cupar Road, pt of Youngsdale Field or Smithy Park14 May 1888508, 254
1875.05305Tayfield to David Mann & Thomas Myles as Mann & MylesFeu con & disp by Berry, Tayfield to David Mann builder ... & Thomas Myles builder ... as Mann & Myles, builders Newport & Dundee of 3.684 acres grnd, : N by Causewayhead Road, : E by proposed Albert Street, : S by proposed Victoria Street, : W by Youngsdale Street, being pt of field called Youngsdale or the Smithy Park28 Dec 1875417, 254
1875.05238Tayfield to George Dunn Whyte & William FarquharsonFeu con & disp by Berry, Tayfield to George Dunn Whyte joiner Dundee & William Farquharson, hardware merchant London ... of 203.214 pol grnd, : W by a portion of the Cupar t/p called Berry Place, : S by proposed Victoria St, : E by proposed Youngsdale Street, being pt of field called Youngsdale or the Smithy Park13 Dec 1875416, 254
1870.00260Tayfield to George Dunn WhyteFeu ch by John Berry, Tayfield to George Dunn Whyte, joiner, of 95.67 pol grnd, : N the Causewayhead Road, : W Berry Place, being pt of field called Youngsdale or the Smithy Park30 Apr 1870254, 255

Abbreviations in the notes
t/on - thereon;   t/p - turnpike;   dw - dwelling;   ho - house;   pt - part;   pce - piece;   grnd - ground;   bldg - building;   Tr/Trs - Trustee/Trustees;   dec - deceased;   ... - words omitted;   pol - poles;   yd - square yards;   : - bounded;   rd - road;   ' - feet;   " - inches;

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Names in Sasines:

1888.03345Baird, Mary
1904.00045Berry, Tayfield
1888.03345Berry, Tayfield
1875.05305Berry, Tayfield
1875.05238Berry, Tayfield
1870.00260Berry, Tayfield
1875.05238Farquharson, William
1904.00045Heggie, Agnes J
1904.00045Heggie, Henry D C
1875.05305Mann, David
1888.03345Morton, James
1888.03345Morton, Mary
1904.00045Motion, Agnes J
1875.05305Myles, Thomas
1875.05238Whyte, George Dunn
1870.00260Whyte, George Dunn


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