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House NameOld AddressDatesCurrent address (& if demolished)
Vandlebury 10 Birkhill AvenueLocation
Varenna 195116 Riverside RoadLocation
Varna Cottage 42 Riverside RoadLocation
Varrena 195116 Riverside RoadLocation
Vessel Hills (Vesselhills, Old Places)Location
Vesselhills (Vesselhills, Old Places)Location
Victoria Cottage 196127 King StreetLocation
Victoria Cottage 29 King StreetLocation
Victoria Cottage 19 Queen StreetLocation
Victoria Cottage 19075 Wellgate StreetLocation
Victoria Cottage 19077 Wellgate StreetLocation
1 Victoria Cottages 18935 Wellgate StreetLocation
1 Victoria Cottages 18937 Wellgate StreetLocation
2 Victoria Cottages 18919 Wellgate StreetLocation
2 Victoria Terrace 18859 Wellgate StreetLocation
Victoria Villa 18924 Birkhill AvenueLocation
Victoria Villa 19175 Wellgate StreetLocation
Victoria Villa 19177 Wellgate StreetLocation
Victoria Villa 18779 Wellgate StreetLocation
Victoria Villa 19521 Woodmuir CrescentLocation
Viewbank 193711 Northview TerraceLocation
Viewbank 6 Tay StreetLocation
Viewbank Cotage 1870s29 Gowrie StreetLocation
Viewfield Cotage 29 Gowrie StreetLocation
2 Viewfield Cottages 18612 Queen StreetLocation
3 Viewfield Cottages 18614 Queen StreetLocation
Viewforth Cottage 1901-1907 [possibly in error]29 Gowrie StreetLocation
Viewmount 19078 Queen StreetLocation
Viewmount 10 Queen StreetLocation
Viewmount 5 Viewmount RoadLocation
Viewpark 3 Albert CrescentLocation
Vine Bank 78 Tay StreetLocation
Vine Cottage 5 King StreetLocation
Violet Bank 34 Riverside RoadLocation
Violet Bank 36 Riverside RoadLocation
Violet Bank 38 Riverside RoadLocation
Violet Bank 40 Riverside RoadLocation
Violet Bank 189948 Riverside RoadLocation
2 Violet Bank 196138 Riverside RoadLocation
Violetbank 1930s46 Riverside RoadLocation
1 Victoria Street19104 Victoria StreetLocation
1 Viewmount Road19611 Viewmount RoadLocation
2 Viewmount Road19613 Viewmount RoadLocation
3 Viewmount Road19615 Viewmount RoadLocation
4 Viewmount Road19617 Viewmount RoadLocation

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