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House NameOld AddressDatesCurrent address (& if demolished)
Cadham [1] Cauldhame [1]Location
Cadham [2] Cauldhame [2]Location
Cadham [3] Cauldhame [3]Location
Cadzow 14 Kirk RoadLocation
Cairnhill 19477 Wellgate StreetLocation
Cairnie Cottage 190782 Riverside RoadLocation
Caldhame [1] Cauldhame [1]Location
Caldhame [2] Cauldhame [2]Location
Caldhame [3] Cauldhame [3]Location
Caldwell (Caldwell, Granary Lane)Location
Camomile Villa 187121 Wellgate StreetLocation
Camomile Villa 187123 Wellgate StreetLocation
Camperdown 2 St Fort RoadLocation
Camperdown 19674 St Fort RoadLocation
Canisbay Cottage 14 Prospect TerraceLocation
Canisbay Lodge 56 Tay StreetLocation
Canisby 14 Prospect TerraceLocation
Cannisly Cottage 186914 Prospect TerraceLocation
Cardrona 36 NorwoodLocation
Carlonan 14 Beechwood Tce WestLocation
Carlton Villa 189632 Riverside RoadLocation
Carnmhor 196727 NorwoodLocation
Carnmhor 28 NorwoodLocation
carpet beating works (formerly 23, carpet beating works, Bay Road)Location
Carron 193710 Tayview TerraceLocation
Carron Cottage 193210 Tayview TerraceLocation
Carron Villa 192251 Bay RoadLocation
Carse View 17 Naughton RoadLocation
Carseview 17 Naughton RoadLocation
Carseview 20 Tay StreetLocation
Carseview 19377 Victoria StreetLocation
Castle Cottage 52 West RoadLocation
Castle [1] 53 West RoadLocation
Castle [2] 55 West RoadLocation
Castle [3] 57 West RoadLocation
Castle [4] 59 West RoadLocation
Catholic Mission Hall 1889-1893(Royal Hotel, part [4], Tay Street)Location
Cauldhame [1] Cauldhame [1]Location
Cauldhame [2] Cauldhame [2]Location
Cauldhame [3] Cauldhame [3]Location
Causewayhead Farm Cottages Causewayhead Farm CottagesLocation
Causewayhead Farmhouse Causewayhead FarmhouseLocation
Ceres 7 Victoria StreetLocation
Chapel House [1] (Chapel House [1], High Road)Location
Chapel House [2] (part of Chapel House [2], High Road)Location
Charlton Villa 189632 Riverside RoadLocation
Chesterhill up to 1906Washer Willy'sLocation
Chesterhill from 1907ChesterhillLocation
Chesterhill Lodge Chesterhill LodgeLocation
Chevin 66 Bay RoadLocation

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