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Forgan Kirkyard - Gravedigger's Book

This is a transcript of the gravedigger's book Record of Interments in Forgan Kirkyard from Whitsunday 1899 to . This book gives date of burial, name, lair number, place of death and fees paid.

Where I have been able to match interments with gravestones, I have added the reference number of the stone and inscription in a column at the end. I was able to draw up a tentative lair plan based on this information which showed that the lairs were numbered as follows: standing at the gate facing south, each row of lairs is lettered from A (at the west wall) to Z (in the east). Each lettered row is then numbered from 1 (at the north wall) increasing towards the south. I have added these 1885 lair letters at the bottom of the plan of the kirkyard. When I examined the gravedigger's book, it was held by Fife Council Archives in Markinch but now it is no longer listed in the Fife Archives online catalogue.

The writing in the gravedigger's book is sometimes unclear, dates are sometimes missing or incomplete, one date gave the wrong year (let's put this down to poor interpretation of bad handwriting), the spelling is interesting. I have made some editorial additions, other entries are 'as found'.

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DateNameLairDied atFees[stone]
2 Nov 1903Robert SteeleO31Kirtonbarns, Forgan7/6
14 (Nov?) 1919Jessie BlackO21New St, Tayport17/6
13 NovAnn SteelO32Kirtonbarns, Forgan12/6
Aug Isabella YoungO3Kilmany17/6
8 Jan 1900Marion H RogersP28Edinburgh15/-
1 Dec 1900Charles ToshP7Westgreen, Liff15/-[stone 199]
25 Feb 1904Cecilia BeatP29Primrose Bank, West Newport12/6[stone 129]
26 Sep 1906Jessie RonaldP24Ravenscraig, East Newport12/6
12 Oct 1907Jane Nicol RonaldP26Ravenscraig, East Newport12/6
25 Feb 1911Jane Stewart RamsayP31Primrose Bank, West Newport12/6[stone 129]
8 Dec 1921Margaret Donaldson MorrisonP1Queen St, East Newport12/6
15 Dec 1899David GillespieMountquhannie Enclosure15/-[stone 203]
15 Oct 1901Duncan CameronQ2Forgan Cottages12/6
6 Sep 1902James BruntonQ5Inverdovat12/6
19 Dec 1906Margaret G BerryQAbercraig, West Newport12/6[stone 81]
9 Dec 1908Susan GillespieQMountquhanie[stone 208]
17 Apr 1911David GillespieQClarendon Cresc.[stone 203]
Mar 1920Jane FergusonQJames Sq, East Newport12/6[stone 131]
Mrs GillespieQ Mountquhanie Enclosure
9 Mar 1903Jane Bruce ChristieR10Kirtonbarns, Forgan12/6[stone 137]
30 Jul 1914James MacGavin MelvilleR18Royal Infirmary12/6
10 Nov 1916John ChristieR18Kirtonbarns, Forgan12/6[stone 137]
4 Apr 1900Devina Watt PatonS19Pluck the Craw, West Newport10/-
16 Sep 1902Elizabeth S N KinsmanS14Rose St, Ferryport on Craig17/6
29 Jan 1904George Watt PatonS21Pluck the Craw12/6
27 Feb 1908Elizabeth KinlayS30The Newton, Wormit12/6
24 Oct 1909Mary KiddS36Springfield17/6
19 Mar 1913George Watt PatonS20Gauldry or West Newport12/6
6 Apr 1913Alexander KayS31Flass Farm, Forgan12/6[stone 144]
18 Nov 1924Elizabeth KinlayS30The Newton12/6
20 Apr 1932John KinlayS30Bogearm, St Fort
2 Apr 1902John NoakesT23St Jans, Woodhaven12/6[stone 162]
21 May 1904Peter McArthurT21Gauldry, Balmerino17/6[stone 163]
9 Jun 1908Margaret Gibson GibbT19Union St, East Newport12/6[stone 164]
31 Jul 1913Elizabeth Cisely NoakesT22Woodend, West Newport12/6[stone 162]
4 Jan 1933Kathrine McArthurT20Gauldry[stone 162]
29 Mar 1900David BaynesU25Seggie Den, Forgan10/-
7 Aug 1903James H BissetU314 Comely Bank St, Edinburgh17/6[stone 172]
30 Dec 1914Agnes BellU24230 Bredrigeburn17/6
24 Dec 1928David Arkay [Arklay]V7 [?]Newport[stone 175]
8 Jan 1901Agnes PhilipW23Egypt Muir15/-

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