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By J. S. NEISH, Author of 'In the Bye-Ways of Life', &c.

Dundee: W. & D. C. THOMSON, 'Weekly News' Office.
Printed by W. & D. C. Thomson, Weekly News Office, Dundee


Part I. The Early History of the Parish, Page 1
II. Origin of Newport - The Old Boatmen of the Tay, 12
III. The Old Coaching Days - Disaster on the Tay - Tom Hood and Ballad Jock, 24
IV. The Tay Ferries Trust - Introduction of Steamboats, 39
V. Storms and Disasters on the Tay - Salmon Fishings - Rival Hotels, 58
VI. The Old Kirk of Forgan - The Parish Ministers, 68
VII. The Disruption - History of Newport Free Church, 87
VIII. Origin of Independent Church, 100
IX. Progress of Independent and other Churches, 113
X. Progress of Newport - Curling and Bowling Clubs, 125
XI. The 'Mars' Training Ship - Tay Bridges - Water Supply - Railways, 134
XII. Newport Water Supply - Fall of the Tay Bridge, 149
XIII. The Blyth Hall - School Board - Conclusion, 160
Tayport and Scotscraig, 169
Scotscraig (continued), 191
Kilmany, 204
Balmerino, 226
Leuchars, 244
Addenda, i
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v INTRODUCTION. The 'History of Newport' originally appeared in a series of papers in the Courier & Argus several years ago. These articles have been revised and extended, and, with the addition of a few historical and descriptive sketches of places of interest in the neighbourhood, are now presented in a more permanent form. The writer makes no apology for thrusting himself on the public as the historian of Newport. The task was laid to his hands, and he felt bound to complete it to the best of his ability. Materials were collected from the most authentic sources, and every care has been taken to render the work as reliable as possible. From the meagre information available to the writer, many things may have been omitted, and inaccuracies may have slipped in unconsciously, but the main facts have been well attested, and the writer trusts that the work may prove useful and interesting as a local history. The writer owes a deep debt of gratitude to the late Rev. Dr. Thomson of Forgan, who kindly supplied valuable information, and took a warm interest in the publication of the papers. Many kind friends in Dundee and Newport also lent their aid, and to these he begs to return his sincere thanks.

vi During the progress of the work through the press many events have transpired which have only been briefly alluded to. We began by calling Newport a village, but it has now been raised to the position of a burgh. That result was largely due to Mr. ALEXANDER SCOTT, banker, whose zeal on behalf of the community was rewarded by his having been elected to the position of Chief Magistrate and Chairman of the first Police Commission. His colleagues in office were - Messrs. J. H. WALKER (Senior Magistrate), J. F. MILLAR (Junior Magistrate), M. S. CARR, L. M'KENZIE, J. THOMSON, THOS. SCOTT, J. M'LAGGAN, R. HUNTER, THOS. CONGLETON, Clerk, and F. G. KEMP, Collector and Treasurer. Great improvements have been wrought out since the Police Act was adopted, which have added to the comfort of the inhabitants. The Lindsay Act has also been adopted in Tayport, and a supply of water from Dundee via Tay Bridge, has been introduced. The following gentlemen were elected as the first Police Commission : - JAMES S. YOUNG (Chief Magistrate). JAS. DONALDSON, Jun. (Senior Magistrate), WILLIAM MILN, JAMES FYFE, JAMES SCOTT, JOHN D. WHYTE, WILLIAM HENDERSON, MARSHALL DUNCAN, WILLIAM WELCH, PETER KAY WHITE, Clerk, JOHN ERSKINE, Collector and Treasurer. A new Railway Bridge has been erected on the Tay, almost on the site of the unfortunate structure which was blown down in the winter of 1879. Railway Stations have also been established at vii the north and south end of the Bridge, and the travelling public appear to have confidence in the stability of the structure. The opening of the new Bridge has given an impetus to building operations on the Fife side of the Tay, and a village is rapidly springing into existence on Wormit Bay. In the 'Rambles' the writer has combined historical notes with descriptions of the places visited, with the view of rendering the work valuable as a historical guide to Newport and district.


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