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What's It All About?

This site brings together some of the historical information about the inhabitants and places in Newport-on-Tay, Wormit and Forgan in Fife, Scotland, which exists largely on paper and makes it searchable.

More importantly, it links these together - to show who lived where and when. So you can find out who lived in your house, the previous owners of a shop, or information about other buildings; or find out where your ancestors lived.

The blog, has articles, background information, introductions and comments on local history, leaving the main site for the records themselves.

What's Here?

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Who Lived in Your House?

You can begin to trace the history of your house, a shop or building, if it was built before 1974:

These will lead to a page of information about every property standing in 1974 plus many that had been demolished by that time. On the entries in the Directories, Census and Valuation Rolls, following the link Location will also lead on to this page about the property concerned.

Where Did My Ancestors Live?

You can search to find where your ancestors lived, if they were here before 1975:

On each of these pages, follow a Location link to find where they lived.

What's New?

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Added in June 2024:

Added in July 2024:


You can search across the whole site including the blog. It doesn't find dates or reference numbers, but will find almost anything else. Results are given as a number of 'finds', with a link to the actual entries.

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Another local site well worth visiting is Newport History Group's Website - packed with photos and information.

We hope you find this site informative.

The site was created in 2001 with a small selection of information. It was upgraded on St. Andrew's Day 2012 and has been growing ever since.

William McM. Owen & Rujirek Vanavisut