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Sasines - Plots

Plot IDAreaPlot No.SizeDescriptionNotesPropertiesMap
66Craigheadlots 1 & 296 polesbetween road to Ferryport & the seause of water & quarryCliffbank / Abbotsgrange/ Seabankyes
67Craigheadwhole park10 acres 32 fallswith houseswhole parkyes
68Craigheadlot 1775 poles 5 ydsSE of road to Tayport; bounded E by 30' road, S by 25' roaduse of spring etcLyndhurst / Cremona
69Craigheadlot 358 polesN side of turnpikevilla & 2 semi-detached cottagesNorbay / Myrtlebankyes
70Craigheadlots 5 & 6, west part73 poles 25 ydsbounded N by sea; S by turnpikerights to use of springThe Laurels / Craigatin
73Craigheadlot 20 east, 21-28610 poles
90Craigheadlot 20 eastpart of 610 polesAbkari / 4-6 Tayview Terrace
91Craigheadlot 22 (part)47 poles 22 ydspart of 610 polesadded to lot 22
92Craigheadlot 2676 polesbounded W partly by Prospect Terrace; partly by 25' street2 semi-detached houses & 11' path to turnpike roadTayview
93Craigheadlot 25 (26) (part)37 poles 19.1 ydsbounded W partly by25' streetTayview
101Craigheadold plot 18-20 Prospect Tce
106Craigheadlot 3244 pol 25 yd4 Prospect Tceyes
114Craigheadlot 20 east35 poles 19.75 ydsN & S of 25' streets4-6 Tayview Tce
120Craigheadlot 2148 poles 26 ydsN & S of 25' streetsDuncraggan
122Craigheadlot 140.5 polesbounded S by turnpike; N partly by sea; W by 25' roadpreservation of lights W of lot 2; footpath access to lot 3; use of water & quarriesAbbotsgrange
123Craigheadlot 221.75 polesbounded N by sea;S partly by turnpike; W by footpath to searight of preservation of lights; use of water & quarriesSeabank
124Craigheadlot (1 & 2) 333.75 polesbounded N by sea; W by 25' road; E by footpath to seaentry by footpath through lot 1; use of water & quarriesCliffbank
128Craigheadlot 1974 poles 15 ydsbounded W by 15' road; S by25' road; onS side of turnpikeliberty of water, etc.Craighead House
132Craigheadlot 22 (22/23)96 poles 22 ydsN & S of 25' streets49 poles + 47 poles 22 ydsCarron Cottage
133Craigheadlot 29 west half10 Prospect Tce
134Craigheadpart of lot 1729 polesCremona Villa
135Craigheadpart of lot 1728 poles 15-1/8 ydsLyndhurst
136Craigheadlot 16149 poles (east part-80 poles)Grenadayes
225Craigheadlot 15 westBrooklynyes
62East Newportlot 953.5 polS of Tayport turnpikeVine Bank
127East Newportlot 1365.33 polesSouth of turnpike to Ferryport; north of Kerr StreetAnerley Villa / Orwell
144East Newportlot 753 pol 18 ydpark E of Maryton
145East Newportlot 4b17 pol 14 ydpark E of Maryton
222East Newportlot 535 polespark E of Easter Newport (Robertson)
223East Newport54 poles 20 ydspark E of Easter Newport (Robertson)
228East Newportlot 4a (IVa)18 pol 22 ydon N side of road Newport - FerryportTaycliffeyes
230East Newportlot 2360.5 polesbounded N by Nairne Street, bounded S by Pilmor Street(Niven)6-8 Tay Tce, 3-5 E Queen Styes
231East Newportpart of lot 23part of 60.5 poles (upper E)bounded N by Nairne Street, bounded S by Pilmor Street; no 8(P G Niven)5 E Queen Styes
232East Newportpart of lot 23part of 60.5 poles (ground E)bounded N by Nairne Street, bounded S by Pilmor Street; no 7(Niven / Scott)8 Tay Tceyes
233East Newportpart of lot 23part of 60.5 poles (upper W)bounded N by Nairne Street, bounded S by Pilmor Street; no 6(A Niven)3 E Queen Styes
234East Newportpart of lot 23part of 60.5 poles (ground W)bounded N by Nairne Street, bounded S by Pilmor Street; no 5(E Niven)6 Tay Tceyes
252East Newportwhole areawhole areayes
172FriartonSeggiedenpendicle of ground & housesyes
186FriartonForgan Church2 roods 5 ellsyes
199FriartonPatrick Lawson's Land2 computed acres
200FriartonNether Friarton110 acres 2 roods 13 falls
197Inverdovatabout 2 acres
209InverdovatNorth Common, now Northfieldfield of landwith salmon fishings in Tay
210Inverdovatparts of Tenandrydescribed in 1806.07459
211Inverdovatwhole Tenandrylater called Tenandry of Tayfield
235Kilnburn Field54.69 polesN of Wester Bogie Place, S of Prinlaws PlaceSt Thomas' Manseyes
245Kilnburn Field65.5 polW of turnpike(St Thomas Church)St Thomas' Churchyes
253Kilnburn Fieldwhole fieldwhole fieldyes
259Kilnburn Field1.993 acreson W side of Kilnburn PlaceKilnburn, odd numbersyes
260Kilnburn Field19th south from Congregational Church(Scott)43 / 45 Kilnburnyes

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Abbreviations in the notes
t/on - thereon;   t/p - turnpike;   dw - dwelling;   ho - house;   pt - part;   pce - piece;   grnd - ground;   bldg - building;   Tr/Trs - Trustee/Trustees;   ... - words omitted;   pol - poles;   yd - square yards;   : - bounded

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