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Murray, G. J., 14 KilnburnLocation
Murray, Herbert, 13 Seacraig courtLocation
Murray, Mrs W., Clifton park, Birkhill avenue, Wormit; Secretary, [under Wormit Unionist-Liberal Association]Location
Myles, John, 12 High street : Bakers.Location
Myles, John, baker, 12 High st., Tel. N. 2292; h. 5 St. Phillan's placeLocation Location (2)
Myles, John, Strathview, Queen street
Myles, Thomas, engineer, 3 Kinbrae parkLocation
Napier, Douglas (solicitor, Dundee), The TerraceLocation
Nash, Mrs E. G., Ashcliffe, Newburgh roadLocation
Nechvatal, Antony, lecturer, Ythan Bank, Woodmuir terraceLocation
Netherlea Maternity Hospital, Newburgh roadLocation
Newell, A. C.; Provost [under Newport-On-Tay Dean Of Guild Court]
Newell, A. C.; Provost, [under Magistrates And Town Councillors Of Newport-On-Tay]
Newell, Alfred C., 8 Prospect terraceLocation
Newell, Provost; [under Justices Of The Peace Resident At Newport-On-Tay]
Newport Hotel, High streetLocation
Newport Hotel, High street : Hotels.Location
Nicol, Henry, traveller, 24 Woodhaven avenue, WormitLocation
Nicol, Mrs S. P., Dunalastair, Newburgh road; Secretary, [under Newport-On-Tay Old Folks' Club]Location
Nicol, Peter, 14 Mars gardens, Woodhaven, WormitLocation
Nicol, S. P., Dunalastair, Newburgh roadLocation
Nicoll, David, 3 North terrace, WormitLocation
Nicoll, David, electrician, 8 King streetLocation
Nicoll, Frank, painter, 12 Craighead roadLocation
Nicolson, Wm. R., M.A., A.S.S.T. (headmaster, Dundee), 1 Albert crescentLocation
Niven, A. K., & Sons, 5 High street : Butchers.Location
Niven, A. K., & Sons, butchers, 5 High streetLocation
Niven, Miss, 1 Linden avenueLocation
Noakes, John K., dairyman, Newburgh road; h. Glencoe, Newburgh road, WormitLocation Location (2)
Noakes, John K., Newburgh road : Dairy Keepers And Dairy Produce Dealers.Location
Noakes, Mrs J., 11 Woodhaven avenue, WormitLocation
Noakes, W. M. C., secretary, Nacton cottage, Scotswood crescent, WormitLocation
O'Hare, Charles, plumber, 5 Seacraig courtLocation
O'Hare, Charles, plumber, Robertson place, Cupar road; h. 7 Robert streetLocation
O'Hare, Charles, Robertson place, Cupar road : Plumber And Tinsmiths.Location
Officer, James A., 8 Wellpark terraceLocation
Ogilvie, George M. (solicitor, Dundee), 4 Woodbine terraceLocation
Orwin, F. M., Sidlaw, Bay road, Wormit; Secretary, [under Wormit Boating Club]Location Location (2)
Orwin, Francis, draughtsman, Sidlaw, Bay road, WormitLocation
Orwin, Miss C., Broadhaugh, Newburgh roadLocation
Owen, David, manager, 3 Prospect terraceLocation
Pace, Mrs M., 14a NorwoodLocation
Paisley, Miss M. C., 1 Myrtle terraceLocation
Parke, Wing Commander, the Rev. Edmund G., M.A., chaplain, R.A.F., Dalgarth, Westwood terraceLocation
Paterson, George M., traveller, Kinellan, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Paterson, J., Havercroft, Woodhaven, Wormit; Secretary, [under Newport-On-Tay Curling Club]Location
Paterson, John, 27 Kilnburn; Trinity U.F. Church Rev. [under Places Of Worship.]Location Location (2)
Paterson, Joseph, F.C.I.S., Havercroft, Woodhaven, WormitLocation
Paterson, M. A., journalist, 4 Linden avenueLocation
Paterson, Mrs A. V., confectioner, Robertson place; h. Havercroft, Woodhaven, WormitLocation Location (2)

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