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1962 dir      There are 985 records.

Main, Andrew, signalman, 4 Station roadLocation
Mair, Leslie, Craignish, Woodmuir terrace, Tel. N. 2268Location
Malcolm, Miss R., Victoria streetLocation
Mark, George, county sanitary inspector, 15 KilnburnLocation
Marr, Robert, assistant manager, Hainin, Hillpark road, WormitLocation
Marshall, Alexander, draughtsman, 7 William streetLocation
Marshall, Arthur, butcher, 15 Kerr streetLocation
Marshall, James, patrolman, 16 Craighead roadLocation
Marshall, James, storeman, 26 Seacraig courtLocation
Martin, George B., electrician, 14 Elizabeth crescentLocation
Martin, James, engineer, Essengael, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Mason, David, electrician, The Terrace, Newburgh roadLocation
Massie, Mrs W., 6 Wellpark terraceLocation
Matheson, Neil, 7 Youngsdale placeLocation
Mathewson, Douglas, insurance manager, Daylesford, Woodmuir terraceLocation
Matthews, Mrs Isobel, Elmbank, Station roadLocation
McBurney, Roy, marine engineer, Holmsgarth, Riverside lane Location
McNicoll, Alexander, C.A., 3 Linden avenueLocation
Mechan, J. K. (jute merchant, Dundee), 6 Albert crescentLocation
Melrose, Miss Jean, Broombank, Bay road, WormitLocation
Melville, Miss Anna G., 7 Tay terrace
Menelaws, J. R. D., representative, Arnot house, Hillpark terrace, WormitLocation
Merry, Norman M., 3 Wellpark terraceLocation
Meston, George L., 7 Linden avenueLocation
Meston, George L., 7 Linden avenue; [under Justices Of The Peace Resident At Newport-On-Tay]Location
Mill, Mrs Susan, 3 Station roadLocation
Millar, Douglas, motor mechanic, The Terrace, Newburgh roadLocation
Millar, Miss C., Grenada, Tay streetLocation
Millar, Miss E. F., Rotherwood, Westfield terraceLocation
Millar, Miss Euphemia, Riverside, Newburgh road
Millar, Mrs H., Rock house, Woodhaven, Wormit
Millar, T., grocer, Newburgh road, Wormit; h. Norville, Bay roadLocation Location (2)
Millar, T., Newburgh road, Wormit : Grocers.Location
Miln, Miss Margaret, Esley, Beechwood terraceLocation
Miln, Russell L., 4 Kerr streetLocation
Milne & Lowson, fish merchants, Robertson place, Cupar roadLocation
Milne & Lowson, Robertson place, Cupar road : Fish Merchants.Location
Milne, Charles, Oakhurst, Newburgh road, WoodhavenLocation
Milne, Miss A. D., 2a Linden avenueLocation
Milne, Mrs F., The Elms, Beechwood terraceLocation
Milne, Mrs J. Fyfe, Fairview, Mount Stewart road, Wormit
Milne, Mrs W. B., Cragmount, Newburgh road, WormitLocation
Milne, Sidney (C.A., Dundee), Struiebrae, Tay streetLocation
Mitchell, Miss, 4 Hill crescent, WormitLocation
Mitchell, R. M., manager, 18 NorwoodLocation
Mitchell, Rev. W., J., Tayville, Beechwood terraceLocation
Mitchell, S. W. Kilrenny, Prospect terraceLocation
Mohr, Florence M., Clifton bank, Cupar roadLocation
Moir, David C. B., Belmont, Newtonpark, WormitLocation
Moncur, Hugh, painter, 1 Mars gardens, Woodhaven, WormitLocation

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